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Chapter 1445 - Secrets Buried by Time (3)

Chapter 1445: Secrets Buried by Time (3)
Huo Shaoheng looked ahead, his expression is extremely calm. His gaze was empty and he didn’t seem to be able to focus.
Intuitively, he did not want to contact He Zhichu, nor was he willing to contact He Zhichu.
It was not because of his pride, nor was it because he was afraid of He Zhichu’s ill intentions towards Gu Nianzhi. On the contrary, it was because he had an inexplicable instinct.
He Zhichu was here for Gu Nianzhi, and he knew that very well.
Huo Shaoheng still didn’t know his intentions for being here,
He Zhichu had hidden too much from them, but they couldn’t find anything on him. Hence, they were unable to get to the bottom of it.
Huo Shaoheng had always kept a respectful distance from things and people he didn’t understand.
However, this time, he had no choice but to talk openly with He Zhichu about this issue.
Huo Shaoheng did not want to believe that He Zhichu was the one who had kidnapped Gu Nianzhi.
If He Zhichu had truly intended to kidnap Gu Nianzhi, he would have had innumerable opportunities in the past to set up a trap like this.
However, He Zhichu might know more?
After all, he was no stranger to Gu Nianzhi’s unique constitution.
The Committee of State Security (KGB) had already laid out their cards. He Zhichu would not be able to stop himself from inquiring.
He Zhichu seemed to be very familiar with Gu Nianzhi’s past.
This time, He Zhichu should be honest with them, right?
Huo Shaoheng thought about it for a long time. Finally, he made up his mind and dialed He Zhichu’s number.
It was five or six o’clock in the afternoon at the imperial capital.
He Zhichu had just finished teaching his postgraduate class.
He did not feel like having dinner. He sat on the sofa in the living room with a glass of red wine in his hand and glanced out the window listlessly.
He felt his phone vibrate. He glanced at it and was surprised to find that it was Huo Shaoheng calling.
“Huo Shao, how come you are free enough to call me?”
Huo Shaoheng cut to the chase. “Professor He, Nianzhi was kidnapped yesterday. Do you know who did it?”
“What?!” He Zhichu’s heart tightened and he could barely hold the wine glass in his hand. “Say that again!”
He quickly switched to his phone’s GPS and saw the little red dot that belonged to Gu Nianzhi. It was clearly still at her house. He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief and laugh coldly. “No way? She’s at home!”
“Then give her a call and see if she’s at home!” Huo Shaoheng said and felt that something was wrong, “… how do you know she’s at home? Are you at her apartment?”
He Zhichu was at a loss for words. He couldn’t tell Huo Shaoheng that he had installed a GPS system in Gu Nianzhi’s phone.
He said vaguely, “Shouldn’t she be home from work at this hour?”
To be honest, he had spoken to Gu Nianzhi on the phone last week. He knew that Gu Nianzhi was busy building a team for her office and would only be home at 9 pm every day.
He felt sorry for her, so he tried to reduce the time he spent in contact with her. He didn’t want to waste her time and hoped that she would have more time to sleep.
Anyway, as long as he looked at the GPS on his phone before going to bed every night, he would know where Gu Nianzhi was.
He clearly remembered that Gu Nianzhi’s GPS indicated that she was at home last night.
However, Huo Shaoheng just mentioned that she had been kidnapped at around nine o’clock in the morning yesterday!
What was going on?
Was Huo Shaoheng crazy enough to spread rumors and lie, or..
He Zhichu thought of a possibility and his face instantly turned livid.
He put down his wine glass firmly and ran a virus detection app on his phone.
As expected, the location app on his phone had been tampered with!
Just like the four lines of intelligent programming language that Hong Kangquan had inserted into the central control system to hide his whereabouts, the very advanced location app on He Zhichu’s phone had also been tampered with.
Therefore, his surveillance of Gu Nianzhi’s location had completely lost its effectiveness.
He Zhichu stood up abruptly. “What’s going on? Where are your surveillance cameras? I want to see the surveillance cameras!”
He knew that Huo Shaoheng had installed a lot of surveillance cameras at Gu Nianzhi’s place.
It was not very convenient for Huo Shaoheng to make a call on the plane, and he did not want to waste any more time. He spoke in a straightforward manner, “Head to our headquarters now. Little Ze will pick you up and tell you the details.”
Huo Shaoheng didn’t want to wait another four hours since his plane would take four hours to get back to the capital.
Following this, Huo Shaoheng called Zhao Liangze again and instructed him to pick He Zhichu up at the entrance of the headquarters. He requested to see the video surveillance footage filmed at that time, especially the video surveillance footage of the four cars appearing at the intersection of Third Ring Road.
He wanted to see what He Zhichu thought of the four cars.
Even though they had proof that four cars were fakes, Huo Shaoheng felt that there was a reason those fakes existed.
If you treat something real as a counterfeit, then even the fake will appear real to you. Why would the other party use such a method as a cover? Was it used to confuse them and increase the search time?
Huo Shaoheng had a hunch that there was a trap, but with their knowledge and skill level, they could not detect where the ‘trap’ was.
They could only see if He Zhichu had a different opinion.

Zhao Liangze received a call from Huo Shaoheng and immediately contacted He Zhichu. He realized that he had moved quickly and was already on his way to the headquarter of the special operation forces’ encampment ground.
Ten minutes later, Zhao Liangze picked up He Zhichu at the gate of the headquarter.
Zhao Liangze greeted the guard and led He Zhichu into the headquarter.
They went straight to Huo Shaoheng’s office building.
Along the way, Zhao Liangze told He Zhichu how Gu Nianzhi had been kidnapped in detail.
He Zhichu’s expression was clear and cold. He was obviously in a rage, but since he was a well-mannered person, so he did not show it. However, the coldness he exuded was even more dreadful than before.
Although it was midsummer in August, the people standing beside him felt a chill run down their spines.
This man was really angry…
This thought flashed through Zhao Liangze’s mind.
However, he could also understand since Huo Shaoheng was in the same state when he found out that Gu Nianzhi had been kidnapped.
The only difference was that Huo Shaoheng was more shrewd and he could hide his emotions better. He was not as cold as He Zhichu, who had the ability to freeze people to death.
He Zhichu followed Zhao Liangze into Huo Shaoheng’s office with a cold expression.
“Professor He, please have a seat.”
Zhao Liangze called Yin Shixiong over as well, and the two of them received He Zhichu together.
He Zhichu had no intention of greeting them. He asked coldly, “Where’s your surveillance footage? Huo Shaoheng asked me to come over and take a look at it.”
He Zhichu’s tone was polite, but there was a hint of arrogance in it. He continued to mock them, “Aren’t you guys pretty good? I thought Nianzhi would be safe with Huo Shaoheng!”
Zhao Liangze and Yin Shixiong did not refute him. They silently switched on the big screen in Huo Shaoheng’s office and played the surveillance footage.
He Zhichu glared at them and shifted his gaze to the big screen hanging on the wall of the office.
The surveillance footage at Gu Nianzhi’s apartment was missing ten minutes of content, so the surveillance footage screen ten minutes before and after the ten-minute mark.
He Zhichu’s hands were stuffed in his pockets, and his bright, almond-shaped eyes were silent as he stared in the direction of the big screen.
Zhao Liangze, on the other hand, appeared to be staring at the computer screen. However, he was merely adjusting the surveillance footage in Huo Shaoheng’s office, aiming it at He Zhichu to capture his expression and actions.
He Zhichu was a very powerful lawyer, and they had to be careful not to let Huo Shaoheng get picked on by him.
Yin Shixiong accompanied He Zhichu and watched the big screen on the wall.
When the surveillance video showed the 18-wheeler truck suddenly barging out and blocking the surveillance cameras at the intersection, and the four Black SUVs suddenly driving in four directions, He Zhichu’s eyes flashed. However, his expression did not change. He watched quietly as Zhao Liangze finished playing the surveillance video.
After watching it all over again, He Zhichu frowned and asked calmly, “This is your lead? Where’s Nianzhi? Where’s the person in the car? Do you have a portrait?”
Yin Shixiong rolled his eyes. “If we had a portrait, would we still be running around like headless chickens?”
“What do you mean?” He Zhichu’s expression was rather stern. “Aren’t you going to look for these four cars? Or are you just stay in the office and wait for them to walk right into our trap?!”
Zhao Liangze glanced at Yin Shixiong, he said calmly, “Professor He, in truth, we’ve already found three of these four cars. They’re now in the parking lot outside. Huo Shao had just made a visit to Siberia in Russia, but he did not find anything. There was no one in the car that we were looking for. “Professor Je, what do you think?”
He Zhichu’s expression became even more serious. He looked at Zhao Liangze. “What do you think? After what happened, why aren’t you guys scrambling to find Nianzhi instead of searching for clues from me? Are you guys out of your minds?”
Zhao Liangze: “…”
Yin Shixiong: “…”
“Professor He, don’t hide it anymore. We all know how capable you are. Can’t you give us some ideas?” Yin Shixiong decided to befFrank.
He Zhichu sneered. “In your country, I’m just an ordinary professor. How capable do you think I am?”
That was the truth.
Yin Shixiong scratched his head.
He Zhichu’s people and connections were all in the United States. His position and power in the United States were much greater than in the Huaxia Empire.
However, he was willing to stay in the Huaxia Empire and become an ordinary university professor for Gu Nianzhi’s sake.
Gu Nianzhi was not even with him.
Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze felt even more sympathetic toward him now that they thought about it.
Zhao Liangze pondered over it for a moment and tactfully said, “There’s nothing we can do. Look, the clues left behind by the four cars are dead ends. Huo Shao and the rest of us are counting on you to help us. Besides, this isn’t for anyone else, it’s for Miss Gu.”
“So you know it’s for Nianzhi’s sake after all?!” He Zhichu couldn’t take it anymore. He kicked the small coffee table in front of him and said hatefully, “What are you all doing?! Watching these four cars run away like this?! Where’s Nianzhi’s security?! Where are your people?! isn’t Huo Shaoheng very capable?! Is that all he’s capable of?!”
“Professor He, let’s not talk about the fact that our men were almost maimed by the kidnappers and are still unconscious. We were only ten minutes away when we found out about Nianzhi’s accident.”