His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Breakthrough For Lu Yanchen
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Zhang Shulin smiled out, “I’ve looked through your competitions. You have a good grasp of tempo, with a smooth entry into the water. Your control over the splashes is also decent, with a steady control over your frequency. Only…”
As she heard him speak, Shi Guang started getting nervous. This was the first time she had received such a professional guidance. How could she not feel emotional and focused over this?
“…the speed at which you turn is way too slow! There’s a problem with your posture as well…You are in need of proper guidance. You are a good seedling, and there’s no reason why your talents should be buried.” As Zhang Shulin continued saying, his brows furrowed, “Unless, you yourself don’t think that you’re talented enough for me to choose you?”
Shi Guang shook her head hurriedly with tears in her eyes. She was so emotional that she did not know what to do right now as she bowed again and again, “Coach! I’ll be in your care from now on!”
After acknowledging a master, the next step was naturally to test out her strength.
Shi Guang stood on the diving platform at the side of the pool. Her slender, long body stood on the diving platform with both hands placed together, facing the pool. Her body then arched back just like a bow, and thereafter, she was just like a swordfish as she dove through the waters…
Zhang Shulin was watching her intently. He could not deny that she could swim well.
Since he had already intended to take in a final disciple from the start, she would make a good choice. Furthermore, he could even return a favor toward someone.
When Shi Guang reached the 50m mark, she turned around.
Zhang Shulin’s brows were knitted. There was a big issue with her turning. While laymen would not be able to tell, anyone experienced should have been able to tell with a single glance. What was her previous coach doing? Thankfully, the foundation of this kid was well done. There was definitely a chance to rectify everything!
After finishing her 100m, Shi Guang arrived back at the starting point.
Zhang Shulin squatted down beside the pool and said, “The posture which you used to roll and turn around earlier on was not right. Because you’re slightly skinnier, your four limbs are on the thinner side. With that, you should make sure to control your strength well so that you can burst forth right away after turning around…”
He was detailed in his words while Shi Guang was attentive in her hearing. Following his instructions strictly, her entire body was filled with motivation.
Time passed really quickly; Shi Guang had to go give Lu Yanchen lessons in the afternoon. If she had to make a choice between training and Lu Yanchen, she would definitely choose the former.
Zhang Shulin headed back and was prepared to give Shi Guang a fixed training schedule when he caught her draped in a towel while seated on a chair with a troubled look on her face.
Thinking that she was troubled over the issue of her turning and was considering giving herself even more training, Zhang Shulin walked over and said, “While training is important, it doesn’t mean that the more training you have, the better you get.”
“I know, coach. I’m just resting for a moment…” Shi Guang’s speech was cut off as she started stuttering, “B-Because I have…I have a private…private coaching lesson that I have to head…over to later…”
She was a little uneasy, worrying that Zhang Shulin might scold her the same way Wu Xing did and accuse her of not focusing on training, and thinking about money instead.
But to her surprise, not only was Zhang Shulin not angry, he even encouraged her, “Teach properly.”
Astonished, Shi Guang stood up and asked carefully, “You’re not angry, coach?”
Not understanding why she would ask that, Zhang Shulin asked her in reverse, “Why should I be? Just because you’re accepting money for teaching others? A competition is a form of pursuit, and a pursuit is a form of breakthrough. It is a process in which one is searching for an answer in a never-ending path. Only by helping others to break through can you bring yourself to break through.”
After he was done with that sentence, Zhang Shulin left.
Looking at his back view, Shi Guang was frozen for quite some time.
Today, her coach had told her that her turning posture was something that was accumulated over days and months. It wasn’t something that she could just change all of a sudden. What she required was time to break through.
‘Wasn’t this issue the exact same as Lu Yanchen’s water vertigo?’
If she could help Lu Yanchen overcome his water vertigo and help him to have a personal breakthrough, wouldn’t that be a form of breakthrough for her as well?
Suddenly, it seemed as though coaching Lu Yanchen was not that terrible of an issue anymore.
Furthermore, hadn’t she promised Mrs. Lu earlier on that she would help Lu Yanchen overcome his water vertigo properly…?
All of a sudden, Shi Guang found her mood lifted entirely. It was as though she was finally finding a path through the darkness. While she might still be shrouded in the mist right now, she believed that she would eventually see the sunlight before long.