His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
Chapter 44

Chapter 44: A Kiss So Sudden It Could Not Have Been Prevented
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Shi Guang’s petite hand slid all the way down and ended up touching something she should absolutely have never touched…
Freezing up, a troubled expression flashed through her eyes. However, she snapped back to her senses almost immediately…This was a huge shock! One that was so great that she stumbled back subconsciously.
It was extremely easy to slip and fall in water. Losing her balance, she stumbled as her body fell back, ready to fall and land sitting into the water.
But out of instinct, Shi Guang’s body pushed forward instead…and just like that, her entire body was flung toward Lu Yanchen. By the time she had even recovered to her senses, she had already landed on Lu Yanchen’s body and was sinking down into the waters, pushing him along with it.
In a fluster right now, Shi Guang got up hurriedly. And at the very next moment, she pulled Lu Yanchen up as well.
She did not suffer much. However, Lu Yanchen on the other hand, was choked by the water, and his eyes started turning red.
“I’m so sorry! I just lost my balance for a bit there…!” Shi Guang hesitated awkwardly for a few moments before continuing uneasily, “… I-it’s really different in the water compared to on land. It’s very easy to slip and fall in the water…”
Lu Yanchen turned around and sprawled out onto the poolside. His face was somewhat pale right now as he bit down on his lips tightly.
Shi Guang was struggling right now to maintain her composure as she continued, “…Erm, for swimming, this is really normal. It’s something unavoidable. Things like slipping and bodily contact…”
Sh*t! She really wanted to bite her tongue off right now. She could have just said slipping! Why did she have to say bodily contact or whatnot?
There was a funny feeling of her trying her best to deny what had happened earlier with that blatant ‘fact’.
Lu Yanchen’s eyes squinted down dangerously. The next moment, his lips let out an extremely devilish smile as he twisted his head around to look at her, “…Is that so?”
Shi Guang, “…”
Yes! That should be the case! Couldn’t he keep that toying smile to himself? Clearly, all he had to do was to reply with a single ‘Hmm’ and that should have been the end to this entire affair!
She cleared her throat and tried her best to not sound too awkward as she said with a straight face, “Well, let’s continue. Let’s try once more…”
She wanted to change the topic so that she could cover up for the entire incident by just conveniently moving over it. However, Lu Yanchen ignored her as he walked along the side of the pool and wanted to climb up.
“You’re done practicing just like that? How long has it been…?” He was way too petty, wasn’t he?
She reached out and tugged at Lu Yanchen. While she did not use much strength, unexpectedly, Lu Yanchen’s entire body slumped back lifelessly!
Shi Guang was completely shocked, “Lu Yanchen…!”
Immediately, she dragged Lu Yanchen out of the waters and helped him onto the ground as she asked him in a fluster, her heart feeling as though it was on hot coals right now, “What’s wrong with you?”
Back in the water, he was already having an unendurable giddiness. Even though he was using his greatest grit to force himself from losing consciousness, the current Lu Yanchen was in a misty haze. Peering through his flitting eyelids, he could only catch sight of a slender figure supporting him up with both hands. Her face was panicked right now, with nothing but worry in her eyes.
This same figure melded together with another image he had in his memories.
He was disoriented, unable to differentiate between them clearly right now.
Using every single last bit of strength he had, he pushed himself into a sitting position.
Shi Guang looked at him anxiously, feeling somewhat guilty.
Everything was all pretty fine at the start. But, it was all thanks to that fall of hers that had seemingly invoked his deep-rooted fears toward water.
Lu Yanchen did not reply. He reached out and held onto Shi Guang’s jaws, looking at her in an extremely dazed state. He stared at that face of hers that was messy with dripping water.
And then…he leaned in.
Their noses touched.
Tilting his head slightly, he kissed her on the lips.
Shi Guang’s eyes jerked wide open. She snapped to her senses right away. Pushing out, she wanted to stop him! To say no!
But, her hands were pressed down by him. As her lips spread slightly apart from wanting to say something, it was even more convenient for Lu Yanchen.
He tried going deeper as their tongues touched slightly.
Suddenly, he jerked himself away and pulled out slightly. However, that action of pulling out didn’t even last for a single second.
Like a drowning man who had just found fresh air, Lu Yanchen sucked furiously…