History's Strongest Senior Brother
Chapter 1598 - The Almighty Yang Erlang!

Chapter 1598 : The Almighty Yang Erlang!
The group of Daoism experts was in an all-out battle against the Western Pure Lands’ Bhantes.
At that moment, the Great Demons spectating from aside finally appeared.
As the Demonic qis skyrocketed, the Heavenly River turned murky and became even more sanguinary.The Daoism Heavenly Lords’ Immortal Splendours and the Pure Lands Buddhas’ buddha lights immediately shone the instant they appeared.
As gusts of Demonic winds blew, Great Demons were unveiled.
As Yan Zhaoge raised his head, he saw that the one leading the Demons was an old man in red garb, whose appearance was considerably queer.
He was the Demon Race’s number-two figure – Dao Monarch Lu Ya!
Just like the Dipankara Archaic Buddha, Dao Monarch Lu Ya had personally left the Astro Mountains Starry Seas and arrived at the battlefield.Beside him stood a Golden-Winged Great Roc, who was naturally the mighty Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles.
The Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles’s gaze swept across Yan Zhaoge and the others. After looking at the Immortal Extermination Formation, his gaze grew increasingly colder.
In the past, his only child – Fuluo Zi, had perished because of Yan Zhaoge’s group and the Immortal Extermination Formation.
Beside Dao Monarch Lu Ya and the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles stood other Great Demons, whose presence was enough to instill fear upon others.The Yellow Wind Demon, the Nine-Headed Bug, the Drake-Headed Immortal who previously fought against Yan Zhaoge’s group were all present. Other than them, there were still other ruthless experts present.
One who stood out was a white-furred senile ape whose body was as humongous as a mountain with majestic Demonic qis wreathing around him.
His spry vigor incurred a sense of dread unto others, giving off the feeling as if his flesh alone could obliterate the void into fragments.
The gigantic ape stared at the three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage with a somewhat complex gaze, and his gaze was shifting non-stop.“Daoist Yuan Hong, you’re here as well,” said the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.
This colossal and vicious white ape was called Yuan Hong. During the Ancient Investitures of the Gods era, his name was once renowned throughout the world. Known for his mighty strength and a flesh proficient in the arts of transformation, he was the Monkey Demon with the highest fame before the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.
Then, he was embedded into the Investiture Gods Rankings. After this era’s Great Calamity, he finally regained his freedom and secluded himself within the Astro Mountains Starry Seas, eventually making his appearance in recent years.
When the Astro Mountains Starry Seas fought against the Western Pure Lands, Yuan Hong’s prowess caused deterrence against the Pure Lands’ Buddhas.
Today, he came to the battlefield along with Dao Monarch Lu Ya.“Long time no see, Southern Extremity, Earth…” Yuan Hong’s gaze swept across the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and the others and finally befell upon the Incongruence Divine Mother, “…And Daoist Incongruence.”
Dao Monarch Lu Ya’s gaze also landed onto the Immortal Ending Sword, whose jade radiances were on the verge of dissipating.
Previously, they weren’t in a rush. While observing aside, they were also waiting for the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’s mark to be erased.
And now, the moment was ripe.
While the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil held the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi back, Amitabha’s descent was delayed thanks to the Qin of Fuxi.
This was a golden opportunity for the Demon Race to take action.
Only two strands of string remained by the qin. To Daoism and the Demon Race, no time could be wasted.The group of Great Demons immediately rushed toward Yan Zhaoge and the Incongruence Divine Mother within the Immortal Extermination Formation!
On one side, Buddha lights shone ubiquitously; on the other side, Demonic winds blew across tens of thousands of miles.
While the two sides were enemies, the Immortal Extermination Formation was stuck between their attacks, making their situation seem like an imminent danger.
Yan Zhaoge’s North Ocean Clone, which harnessed the colossal ape, forced the Victorious Fighting Buddha back with his cudgel. Then, he somersaulted, intending to jump out of the circle.
At the same time, the other two Golden Bodies of the Great Sage did the same action.
Seeing this, the Victorious Fighting Buddha didn’t hinder the North Ocean Clone’s action. Instead, his figure descended. He led a group of Buddhas while rushing toward the Immortal Extermination Formation.At that moment, the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva’s muffled voice resounded in his ears.
“Yang Jian?! So it is thee!”
Within the dark Heavenly River, the huge plot of land which blotted the skies suddenly cracked apart.
A silhouette emerged from within. However, contrary to the previous woman in traditional clothing, that person was now a teenage-looking Daoist.
The teenage Daoist chuckled, “How can it not be me?”A long Three-Pointed Double-edged Saber appeared in his hands. He slashed forward, breaking through the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva’s fiery Buddha lights. Then, he turned around and instantly reached the front of the Victorious Fighting Buddha.
“Erlang Deity, long time no see.” The Victorious Fighting Buddha had no choice but to halt his advancement. All nine pairs of his arms started shaking, causing the treasures in his hand to fall like rain, descending toward Yang Jian.
“Long time no see indeed. Be that as it may, I miss the Great Sage Equalling Heavens more, instead of you, Traveling Monk Sun.” As Yang Jian spoke, the Three-Pointed Double-edged Saber in his hand spun around his vicinity. Among all eighteen Buddhist treasured artifacts of the Victorious Fighting Buddha, twelve were knocked away, while six were shattered!
Then, his weapon spun once more in mid-air. While slashing toward the twenty-two-headed Buddha, he also intended to hinder other Buddhist Bhantes from approaching the Immortal Extermination Formation.The Victorious Fighting Buddha stepped back, dodging Yang Jian’s attack.
Lotuses bloomed beneath his feet, allowing him to shift his location.
However, Yang Jian’s figure flickered. He transformed into a Golden-Winged Great Roc. He quickly chased after the Victorious Fighting Buddha. With a grab of his claws, he tore apart the golden mackerel clouds atop the Buddha’s head!
The Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva hurriedly rushed over and quickly unleashed the Marga of the Four Noble Truths.
Seven of the Thirty-seven Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma, the Noble Eightfold Paths, the Satipatthana, the Four Right Exertions, the Iddhipada, the Indriya, the Five Strengths, and the Seven Factors of Awakening all appeared in unison, causing vast and endless fiery radiances to encompass the heavens.Yet, the Golden-Winged Great Roc suddenly transformed into a dragon. While soaring through the Nine Heavens, it abruptly widened its mouth.
A gush of water almost comparable to the Heavenly River gushed out from his mouth. Bearing immense weight, it instantly crushed through all white fiery Buddha lights in its wake, as if several heavens existed within.
No matter how mighty everyone present was, they became flabbergasted upon seeing this sight.
In this world, how long has it been since such a strong Dragon appeared?
If the Aqua Dragon King of the Grand Heavenly Realm were present, the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva wouldn’t have his current fears.
While Yang Jian transformed this dragon, he seemed even stronger than actual Dragon Race experts. As the overwhelming torrents of water continued blasting, the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva’s Buddha lights were unable to hinder his movements.“Yang Jian!”
The Nine-Headed Bug roared in an enraged manner. Upon seeing his nemesis, rage filled up his brain. Without caring about the Immortal Extermination Formation any longer, he rushed straight toward Yang Jian.
“Today, how many heads will you lose to me?” said the dragon in a human speech.
The humongous dragon gradually turned illusory, transitioning into a projected state. However, his strengths weren’t affected at all. The torrents of waters with immense weight continued blasting, greatly extinguishing the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva’s Buddha lights.
Within the projection, Yang Jian’s true form appeared once more.
His body trembled slightly, and the pores over his entire body opened. His tenacious vigor started boiling, causing wreaths of blood mist to appear.
The blood mists manifested into a second projection and stood beside the dragon.The projected Phoenix widened his wings, blotting the skies with their sheer size.
As it flapped its wings, ruthless winds started blowing, going up against the Nine-Headed Bug in the Nine-Headed Ghost Vehicle Divine Bird form.
This bird was known as the “Great Wind,” an ancient xenorace who possessed outstanding talents. It went up against the Nine Heavens Gales of the Nine-Headed Bug by commanding the winds as it pleased.
Yang Jian’s entire vigor boiled, his blood mists forming the third projection, reenacting the form of a Golden-Winged Great Roc.
As the Great Roc flapped its wings, Yang Jian’s speed became identical to the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles. To him, the spatial distance was now nothing in his eyes!
Even when facing other Grand Heavenly Realm experts, he became a ubiquitous-like existence.
Yang Jian’s figure appeared behind the Victorious Fighting Buddha, the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, and the Nine-Headed Bug.