I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
Chapter 1597: Earth Reborn

Chapter 1597: Earth Reborn
"What's going on?"
Lin Lin stared blankly at the portal in front of her.
The neutrino tunnel that was originally in stable operation, at this moment, was like a shattered mirror, flickering restlessly.
Ayesha took two steps forward, stared at the unstable portal, then frowned.
"What happened..."
"I don't know, but in theory, it shouldn't be like this..." Lin Lin stammered as she was unable to understand what had happened.
At this moment, the flat mirror surface suddenly shattered and neutrinos began to radiate out randomly.
The girls were all taken aback by this sudden unexpected situation; they all subconsciously took a half step back while they put their hands in front of them.
When the scattered light particles stabilized again, the neutrino tunnel only connected from front to back. As the portal lost the synchronization with the portal in the other world, it was now just an ordinary star gate, and it could only interfere with the time of this world.
"...How could this happen?!" Lin Lin frantically grabbed the touchpad next to the port as her fingers typed furiously on it, "Solar flares? Impossible, even with solar flares, it's impossible to interfere with the trajectory of neutrinos..."
All of a sudden, she froze.
"What is going on?" Xia Shiyu walked behind her and asked with concern in her voice.
"The coordinate parameters have changed..." Lin Lin muttered quietly.
"In other words... We can't go back?" Sun Xiaorou said thoughtfully as she touched her lower lip with her index finger.
The room was silent.
The girls all looked at each other.
For a while, no one thought of a solution.
If even Lin Lin could not think of a solution, then there was unlikely another way.
Anyway, the neutrino tunnel was closed...
Just then, a phone call arrived on Xia Shiyu's watch.
"Hello?" she asked when she pressed the on button.
"This is Celestial Trade Space Department..."
"What happened?"
When she asked this sentence, the expression on Xia Shiyu's face was quite calm. She had already considered the worst case scenario.
However, this calmness did not last for long.
The moment she heard the shocking news, the expression on her face completely changed in the next second...
Mars exploded.
Like doomsday, the fiery red planet just suddenly blew up.
Whether it was the Svetovid, or the bugs chasing behind it, or the space colonization ship a million kilometers away, they were all swallowed by the fragments that scattered out in that instant.
Especially the space colonization ship whose size was comparable to the Moon.
Under the gravitational pull, the fragments of the explosion seemed to be capable of pinpointing the targets, as they smashed toward the space colonization ship. The ship that was once invincible in front of the Earth Fleet was torn into pieces by the explosive fragments that accelerated to nearly the speed of light...
Because the Earth and Mars were at the furthest distance from each other, with the Sun in between, it was naturally impossible to directly observe how spectacular the explosion was.
But from the overflowing gravitational parameters and gamma rays that were several times more terrifying than solar flares, the Space Command Center finally confirmed the fact that Mars exploded.
At the same time, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods... all sorts of omens like doomsday emerged. Just as people on Earth anxiously waited for the end to come, the official website of Celestial Trade published a piece of news.
[The space colonization ship of Harmony Civilization was involved in the Mars explosion, and it is confirmed to have been destroyed...]
If it weren't for the major media that also published this news and the fact that NASA, ESA, and other space agencies that were half-paralyzed and half-operating confirmed this fact, almost everyone would think this was just a ridiculous joke.
Even if it was confirmed.
Most people still did not change their mind, as they thought of this as a self-deprecating joke.
A joke that belonged to the "abandoned".
Mars exploded?
And destroyed the space colonization ship as well?
Stop making jokes.
Days passed, and the last day became the last weekend and the expected end still did not arrive. It seemed that space colonization ship disappeared into thin air.
Until then, those who had already lost hope started to raise their defeated heads and cast suspicious gazes toward the sky. At the same time, they walked to the mirror, re-examined themselves, and found that they could not recognize themselves at all...
At this moment worth celebrating, not many people cheered.
Many people squatted on the ground regretfully, hugged their heads, and moaned in pain—
"Oh, God, Buddha, Virgin Mary, what have I done in the past few days!"
Of course, no matter how they complained while they hid in their home, no matter what those self-rejected people had done before the night arrived, no matter how regretful they were in front of the mirror, at the moment before dawn, everyone all rushed onto the streets, and welcomed the new day with cheers and excitement.
Only by experiencing "death" did people understand the preciousness of being alive.
Celestial Trade, Space Command Center. Almost all the employees sat here.
Many people had worked for 72 hours without any complaint. All of them showed 120% enthusiasm for their work and worked hard in their posts.
The assistant helped Kelvin bring a cup of coffee, and after the latter's weary thank you, he sat in a seat next to him.
"Have you confirmed the cause of the explosion?"
"Two theories. Both are artificial detonations." Kelvin rubbed his sour eyebrows and said in a relaxed tone. "One is that the Svetovid launched some kind of star-detonating weapon to Mars, which used the explosion of Mars to destroy Harmony's space colonization ship. Another theory is Jiang Chen."
"The President?" The assistant looked at Kelvin in surprise.
"Well, this is mainly because of a video." Kelvin raised his hand, clicked on the holographic screen, and opened a video.
The video was taken four days ago.
Jiang Chen stood in front of the station, in front of the rioting crowd, and said the sentence "I'm not going anywhere."
Kelvin leaned back against the chair, rested his head against it, and looked to the ceiling.
"Which one do you prefer to believe?"
"I would rather believe the latter," the assistant said firmly.
"If the Svetovid really has a star-destroying weapon..." the assistant smiled bitterly, "Why did it not just shoot at the space colonization ship directly? Instead, it somehow got dragged into the aftermath."
Kelvin took a moment to think, then laughed.
"That's true, it seems to make sense just after thinking about it."
He just couldn't figure out what exactly Jiang Chen used to blow up Mars.
After all, it could not be the bugs that did it, which blew themselves up.
After all, it could not really be a miracle of the gods.
The truth did not matter
As long as Celestial Trade could justify itself, then the truth was what they dictated.
"About how Mars exploded... Let's just use that theory. I need you to go to the space institute in Coro University and rush the report on 'The impact of Mars' explosion on the Earth's environment'. "
"I'm going now." The assistant immediately got up.
The door not far away closed. Kelvin looked at the holographic screen as his finger tapped lightly on the table.
He had already thought of a script.
Just now, the only loophole in this script was filled in.
"From tomorrow on, you shall be worshipped as a new god..."
The way he gazed out into the universe was mixed with a hint of complicated emotion as Kelvin muttered to himself, in a somewhat lonesome voice.