I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
Chapter 832 - The Awkward Situation

Chapter 832: The Awkward Situation
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

“That’s not possible!” Jewish observer Kozinkin raged. “Israel has no nuclear weapons and it’s impossible to provide nuclear weapons to other countries!”
“Your first sentence is a lie. Can I interpret the latter half of the sentence as… um, a lame excuse?” Enjoying the angry expression on his face, Jiang Chen grinned.
Israel in possession of nuclear weapons was not a secret internationally.
At this point, even if he denied further, as just an observer, he didn’t have any convictions or facts supporting other wise.
Olivier Rooney, an observer from France, stared coldly at Jiang Chen and said word-by-word.
“I’m sorry. Your interrogation is illegal, and the UN will not recognize illegal evidence. Only by ensuring that the parties are conscious can we determine the authenticity of this piece of evidence. As far as how the nuclear issue should be characterized, it must be investigated by UN observers. After all the evidence has been collected, the investigation will determine the final conclusion!”
Looking at Mr. Rooney’s cold sight, Jiang Chen only smiled indifferently and shrugged.
“Is it? Okay, you’re free to do your investigation, but I uploaded the video onto the internet already. Celestial Trade will also investigate the incident and report in real time on the official website.”
Instantly, the three observers’ expression all changed. In particular, Kozinkin, the Israeli observer’s expression was more dramatic than an Oscar winner.
Rooney’s face turned red as he pointed at Jiang Chen.
“You, you are—”
“I’m what?” Jiang Chen raised his chin and stared at Rooney coldly. “I believe that the United Nations is open, fair, and just, so please show your sincerity. Let me see that this is a fair trial, and not an unfair judgement through tinted glasses.”
Eyes shaking slightly, Rooney chose to divert the topic that was clearly unfavorable to him.
“You must immediate transfer Aquino and Marshal Stark to the United Nations Tribunal! This is a decision made by the Special Committee of the Moro-Country F War. They should be judged by the United Nations Tribunal rather than being judged alone by one of the parties to the war!”
“Before accepting the trias under international law, they should first accept the judgment of the Moro people. They must be prosecuted as the aggressors of war!” Jiang Chen stared into Rooney’s eyes and used an unyielding tone. “Also, please pay attention to your rhetoric. This war was unilaterally provoked by Country F. Its name should be self-defense against Country F and not the bullsh*t name you gave.”
Overwhelmed by Jiang Chen’s unyielding stance, the muscles on Rooney’s face stiffened, and his throat was as uncomfortable as if a piece of cotton had been stuffed inside. The other two observers’ faces were quite ugly. They did not think that Jiang Chen’s reaction would have been so strong.
After a long time, he only responded with a word.
“I will convey your message to the United Nations.”
He involuntarily dwarfed on his stance.
“I look forward to the news you bring back.” Jiang Chen reached out and made a pleased gesture. Then he pointed to the door.
Rooney fixed his eyes on Jiang Chen, fixed his collar and walked away with the group of observers.

Jiang Chen was not bluffing. After the video was played, he uploaded it to the official website of Celestial Trade. Through the media controlled by Future Group, this video without “violence” was retransmitted to various media outlets and platforms.
After the release of the interrogation video, the international community suddenly became rattled.
Instantly, Country F nation and Israel, suspected of providing nuclear weapons to Country F, stood in the cusp of public opinion.
Russia and Hua condemned Aquino IV immediately. Russian President Putin, even more bluntly, expressed his opinion before reporters. Compared to a president, Aquino IV ‘s behavior was more like a terrorist.
The UA, which had previously strongly denounced Moro, was forced into an awkward position.
UA turned deaf to Country F’s shelling of City C and then denounced the airstrikes Celestial Trade “possible” of increasing civilian casualties. After the nuclear crisis, it jumped out and demanded that Celestial Trade withdraw immediately. They then expressed shock and disbelief to the media during the massive airborne operation…
And now it seemed that their series of interferences for preheating an armed intervention was as funny as a clown’s act.
It was not just the UA Capitol, but also the protesters in City M.
In order to resist the aggressors, they spontaneously formed protest groups, large and small, and used violent or non-violent methods to throw stones, and even firecrackers at Moro soldiers occupying their capital.
However, after the release of the video, their protests immediately turned into awkwardness.
The nuclear bomb was not dropped by the aggressors as declared by Aquino IV, but it was an order from their beloved president.

In front of the media, the Capitol spokesman Jay Carney held a press release in his hands, but his expression was quite tense.
“Celestial Trade used an unusual drug interrogation method during the interrogation process, which is illegal under the International Human Rights Convention. In addition, the interrogation itself was inconsistent with the procedure as it should be inquired by the UN Tribunal. Please understand the message I’m conveying. I mean, everything has to follow the procedure. Investigate, collect evidence, open court. If we don’t follow the procedures, what’s the use of our law?”
The person who wrote the speech did not go into details on what he must say, while at the same time, the reporters’ questions were also tricky and filled with traps.
“Mr. Carney, did you mean that the interrogation video released by Celestial Trade does not count as evidence?” asked the Times reporter.
“I didn’t say that, but what I meant was… Well… the Capitol questions the legitimacy of the interrogation.”
“What we want to know is who is behind the nuclear explosion. Please answer our questions!”
“That has not yet been finalized—”
“Celestial Trade has released the interrogation video! We don’t want to know what the Capitol thinks about the interrogation process. We want to know who is behind all of this!”
“Enough! Don’t interrupt me! I want to ask your mother if she has ever taught you the etiquette of being a British gentleman. I said that it has not yet been decided. The Capitol is currently—” Jay Carney finally snapped as he pointed at the journalist who kept giving him trouble.
However, he regretted it immediately as so soon as he said it.
It was too late, and the next day the photo of him snapping at the reporter became the cover of Times, and was paired by the headline.
[When asked about whether the Tacloban nuclear explosion was related to Israel and whether the Jewish consortium had played a disgraceful role in the Moro-Country F War, the Capitol spokesperson’s response was rather unreasonable. Although the Capitol has evaded this topic, it is not difficult to see that there may be an unspoken secret behind this…]
The public opinion was shifting.
However, at the moment, the Capitol was unable to deal with the shift in opinion.
Twenty-four hours passed since Celestial Trade parachuted in M City. The president and the chief of staff did not closed their eyes for a single minute as they gathered senior officials of Ministry of National Defense for more than ten consecutive meetings.
It was not because of the situation in Country F.
It was because of the EMP that was launched from the seabed…