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I Have Medicine

I Have Medicine
Chapter 269 - Ambushers

Chapter 269 - Ambushers
Gongyi Tianheng stamped his foot down to evade. His entire person arrived at an overlooked area on the left-side wall. His hands didn’t stop, and he suddenly drew a bow. At once, a reddish-gold arrow shot out. The arrow pierced the chest of that sneak attacker, and firmly nailed that fellow to the ground!
That person twitched for a moment, and quickly stilled.
As for Gu Zuo, his legs were wrapped around Tianheng’s waist. He did his best to avoid adding to the burden on Tianheng. This allowed Tianheng to draw the bow with both hands in time to kill the enemy.
However, at this time, while they had put an end to the enemy, Gu Zuo discovered that his own posture was especially similar to that of a koala. He loosened his legs in embarrassment, and prepared to jump off.
But Tianheng used a hand to hold him up: “Ah Zuo, don’t leave my side.”
Thus, Gu Zuo continued to clamp his legs, and diligently didn’t move.
The two walked in front of that corpse to examine it.
The one who fell to the ground and didn’t get up wasn’t human. Or perhaps, it ought to be said that it wasn’t a human anymore. Its figure was similar to that of humanity. However, the top of the head didn’t have any hair, and the body’s surface also had tendons and muscles that protruded like earthworms. The body was also extremely thin. It looked like… After draining out half of the water content within the body, what emerged was an emaciated appearance. But, compared to a skeleton that was only draped in a layer of skin, this was still much better.
Gu Zuo keenly discovered that this fellow’s eyes didn’t have a white sclera. Rather, it was a ball of something green. It glimmered like a will-o-wisp, but after careful scrutiny, it resembled green gemstones that had been pulverized. It was filled with this padding-like substance. Apart from this, the figure seemed to be the same as an ordinary martial artist. It possessed its own martial skills and abilities, and it could fight with others. Its intelligence also wasn’t badly damaged. For example, it knew how to hide and mount a sneak attack. When moving, it also stood up like a human. From this, it could be seen that there was more to this than what met the eye.
Tianheng said: “Ah Zuo, let’s put it away. In this ancient city, this thing definitely can’t be the only one.”
Gu Zuo understood. He purposefully waved a hand, and that corpse was collected into the region of his storage space where he put anything poisonous.
Because the two’s actions were extremely fast just now, the bedding that was spread on the ground wasn’t dirtied by the least bit of dust. They still huddled together. Both were resting and paying attention to any signs of activity around them.
Gu Zuo had never been so vigilant before. Unfortunately, for the sake of their small lives in this place, he truly didn’t dare to neglect even the smallest thing.
Not much time had passed when another figure flickered outside the doorway.
Tianheng and Gu Zuo’s reactions were incredibly fast. Whenever the other party appeared, they could detect the enemies in advance. While evading the ambushes, they would promptly and simultaneously counterattack. They never missed.
Before long, Tianheng’s true qi had been used up a lot. But as for Gu Zuo, because every time he could’ve used his psychic power, Tianheng would’ve already launched his arrow to attack from afar. Thus, Gu Zuo’s qi consumption was very small.
Hence, Gu Zuo shouldered the responsibility of stuffing Tianheng with medicine.
He didn’t bother Tianheng while he was handling matters. Once he discovered that Tianheng had shot several arrows, Gu Zuo would promptly give him a medicinal pill. When Tianheng used less strength and consumed less true qi, he could give a top grade Qi Linking Pill. And when Tianheng used lots of strength, he would give a top grade Qi Accumulating Pill. The two types of pills were given in alternating rounds. This positively guaranteed that Tianheng’s true qi would be full at all times. As such, Tianheng never had to exhaust himself by using big moves, which would’ve placed the two in danger.
Unwittingly, a night passed just like this.
From the very first kill, there were one or two at a time. But later on, those things would arrive even more frequently, and would attack from all sides. There were at least twenty corpses inside and outside the building.
Gu Zuo looked at the corpses, and his expression was odd.
When it was daytime, he didn’t notice that there were so many things within this barren, ancient city. In the end, they all came out when it was night.
— Just where were they hiding during the day?
Tianheng carried Gu Zuo, and walked out of the doorway.
It was already shining brightly outside. The entire ancient city seemed to be illuminated. Those monsters, which came to attack for a period of time at night, had once again vanished without a trace. Not even a shadow could be seen.
Gu Zuo climbed up to Tianheng’s shoulders: “Big brother, now what’ll we do?”
Tianheng said: “We’ll cross this ancient city, and search for the path onwards.”
Gu Zuo nodded his head: “In that case, I’ll send out my psychic power as a precaution.”
Tianheng gave another smile: “Ah Zuo’s working hard.”
Following this, Tianheng lifted his foot, and dashed out. His body was like a violent gust of wind that suddenly swept towards the other side of the ancient city.
The whole way there, they still didn’t see any figures on either side.
In such a large city, it seemed as if all that remained were the sounds of Tianheng’s running steps — No, even the continuous sound of footsteps was indistinct due to Tianheng’s peak control over his strength — Yet, nothing unexpected happened.
It didn’t take long for the two of them to traverse the city.
After that, Gu Zuo was shocked to discover that a forest had strangely appeared on this side of the ancient city!
The position of this forest…was right outside the city. They hadn’t even reached the suburbs.
However, Gu Zuo and Tianheng’s expressions were quite solemn.
Gu Zuo swallowed a mouthful of saliva: “Big brother, are we going to go straight through?”
Tianheng pondered slightly: “Ah Zuo, this time around, you need to be even more careful.”
Gu Zuo took a deep breath: “I’ll do my very best.”
Afterwards, the two didn’t hesitate in the least. They immediately entered this forest!
Gu Zuo’s psychic power was like a giant net as it enveloped a range of around a hundred meters from his body. So long as there was a bit of an abnormality, everything that entered this distance would be discovered by him, and he would swiftly make a judgment.
Tianheng’s senses were also very sharp. However, because Gu Zuo was present, what he paid attention to weren’t the things that interfered with him. Rather, as a seasoned veteran, he could perceive any dangers coming from all directions and those things that emitted malice towards him.
If Gu Zuo found anything amiss and his experience wasn’t enough to distinguish it, Tianheng would resolve it. They would collaborate and make a determination — Either avoid it or fight. Just like this, two people divided the labor and worked together. While not much time had gone by, they had walked a large distance through this forest.
After walking so much, it would easily make a person feel like their surroundings were nothing but trees. There would be no end to the walking. What if…they took a wrong turn and got lost?
Suddenly, Gu Zuo happily said: “Big brother, there’s a path here!”
Tianheng heard what was said, and looked in the direction that Gu Zuo pointed at.
Sure enough, although there were overgrown weeds and brambles in the direction they travelled, burying many traces, when Tianheng seriously searched, he discovered that long, long ago — Perhaps, three hundred years ago or longer — This place once had many people traveling through here before. Even if the interval between each time took years, this path remained in the end.
In other words, this path was the correct road! They hadn’t gone the wrong way!
As a result, this kind of Gu Zuo, who would doubt himself no matter how much went on, understood the situation. The certainty of the path undoubtedly provided a soothing balm to his heart, allowing him to feel even more at ease going forward.
After studying it, Tianheng slightly nodded: “Ah Zuo, since it’s like this, we’ll go along this path.”
Gu Zuo said: “Big brother, you need to take care.”
Tianheng smiled, and his footsteps were more assured.
It was just that, whether it was Gu Zuo or Tianheng, neither anticipated that they would spend two days in this forest. During these two days, the same race of plant that Gu Zuo previously “corpse collected” had once more shown themselves. Their stems and roots were like human legs, and they ran no slower than martial artists who comprehended body techniques. However, their scents were even more frightening. Gu Zuo was forced to continuously give himself and Tianheng medicinal pills that cleared their minds so that they wouldn’t be assailed by these bewildering smells.
Besides this type of plant, the vines within the forest were like pythons, and the trees that reached high into the sky were like gigantic octopi. Any kind of animal inside the forest had changed into strange appearances. They were still wild beasts, but compared to those wild beasts that congregated outside, not only were their temperaments more brutal, their strengths were much higher. At the same time, their vicious natures were amplified. They were completely controlled by their instincts!
With Gu Zuo, this cheat-like existence, Tianheng shot these wild beasts dead from far away. As for the lively plants nearby, they were skewered one by one by Gu Zuo’s discharged psychic power, and were nailed onto various trees — Sometimes, this could be regarded as killing two birds with one stone!
Gu Zuo was only regretful that the ones killed by Tianheng, the wild beasts that lived here, were basically inedible. Not only was the quality of the meats bitter and astringent, but the power that should’ve existed inside the meat essence had long disappeared. It could only be uselessly thrown away.
Apart from that, this place had animals and plants attacking during the day — But when it was night, those monsters that they had previously encountered were added to the mix, which increased the pressure somewhat.
Fortunately, the two cooperated with a tacit understanding, and they took supplemental medicines in a timely manner. They maintained abundant energies and the corresponding levels of safety from beginning to end.
After killing everything that should’ve been killed, Tianheng simply cut his own path through the thistles and thorns. Both sides had been practically swept flat. The path that remained of their predecessors allowed Tianheng to establish it once more. After three hundred years, the path would presumably be buried again. Those who arrived later would come here, and they would be able to rediscover it.
Here was the place where the first generation pioneered the path forward…

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