I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 1682 - Formation of the God Slaying Team

Chapter 1682: Formation of the God Slaying Team
“Emperor Ziwei, thank you for gifting me this divine tool. I really like it.”
There was a look of sincerity and gratitude on An Lin’s face. He was genuinely satisfied with this divine tool.
“Battle God An Lin, I’m happy that you like it.” Emperor Ziwei was also extremely pleased that An Lin liked this divine tool.
Xu Xiaolan patted An Lin’s sturdy turtle shell and chuckled. “It’s pretty decent. An Lin, I feel like… your fate with turtles is quite strong.”
An Lin’s chest involuntarily tightened upon hearing this. “I’m already trying my best to ignore this fact,” An Lin grumbled with an aggrieved expression. “Xiaolan, why are you pouring salt onto my wounds?”
His fate with turtles was truly very strong and mysterious.
He possessed Tian Chenji’s core inheritance, Evading Turtle, and he also owned Gu Yu’s turtle shell protective treasure. Now, he was even the owner of a sparkling new turtle shell divine tool…
An Lin sighed and looked up toward the sky. He was a powerful individual who challenged heaven and earth! He wasn’t a coward who hid in turtle shells!
“That’s right, Emperor Ziwei, what’s this divine tool called? We can’t simply call it the turtle shell divine tool, right?” An Lin suddenly realized that he still didn’t know the name of his divine tool.
“It doesn’t have an official name yet.” Emperor Ziwei chuckled. “As its first owner, you can bestow it with a resounding name!”
Ordinary tool refiners would all choose to name their own products. However, Emperor Ziwei didn’t have such a hobby. He always left the naming right of the tools to their first owners.
If this weren’t the case, then how could Ye Ling’s sword have the crazy name of “Sword to Send You Safely On Your Way”?
In a rare turn of events, An Lin fell deep into thought upon learning that he had access to the naming rights.
Xu Xiaolan, Tina, and the others all rolled their eyes in exasperation. They had zero anticipation for what name An Lin would come up with.
Based on An Lin’s sh*tty naming record, they could all envision the poor fate that awaited this turtle shell divine tool. If it wasn’t named Little Turtle Divine Tool, it would be named Big Turtle Shell Divine Tool. Anyhow, the name would definitely be silly and unpleasant.
“This divine tool is low-key yet luxurious and with rich qualities. How about I name it…” An Lin paused for a moment before continuing, “Xuan Wu Heaven Sealing Shell!”
Tina, Xu Xiaolan, Dongfang Zhuangshi, Da Bai, and the other people present all sucked in a deep breath.
An Lin’s naming… wasn’t in line with his past habits!
Since when could he think of such a mighty and domineering name?
As if expressing its approval, even the turtle shell on An Lin’s body shuddered slightly.
Xiao Hong, who was still fuming in the distance, felt an urge to rush over and smack An Lin with a sun upon hearing this. Why is it that I, a supreme being of the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage, can only be called “Xiao Hong”? Yet this turtle shell can be called “Xuan Wu Heaven Sealing Shell”? This is prejudice! This is blatant discrimination!
If Little Mushroom—who was currently in Tina’s Pokeball—heard this, it would perhaps feel exactly the same way as Xiao Hong. Moreover, it would make ninety-nine furious expressions at An Lin.
However, how could they understand An Lin’s thought process?
Wearing a suit of turtle shell armor was already a very embarrassing action. Of course he had to give it a domineering and mighty name in order to alleviate the embarrassment that he felt! Even if he became a turtle, he had to become the most powerful kind. That, of course, was the Xuan Wu. In addition, An Lin had aspirations of sealing the heavens with his Xuan Wu. Thus, it was only natural that he named his divine tool the Xuan Wu Heaven Sealing Shell!
Was it domineering? Was it bad*ss?
“Big Brother An is so awesome, woof!” Da Bai praised in a timely manner.
Emperor Ziwei also expressed his satisfaction with this name. A gratified smile stretched across his face. The name that An Lin chose didn’t betray his one-hundred-year effort.
Immediately afterward, An Lin started to impatiently charge the Xuan Wu Heaven Sealing Shell with energy.
Not only was the make of this divine tool extremely sturdy, but it could also release all of its charged energy at once. It was extremely powerful and could block all kinds of different attacks.
The powers of the Heavenly Gods were indeed very strong. In fact, the Heavenly Gods who could control the Paramount Heavenly Dao Laws were basically invincible. However, the powers of the Heavenly Gods suffered extreme levels of suppression. In the Tai Chu Continent, they suffered a devastating suppression from the pan-consciousness of the Heavenly Dao. Moreover, in the Divine Mirror World, they suffered twice the amount of suppression. At this time, their Heavenly God Powers wouldn’t necessarily be able to breach An Lin’s Xuan Wu Heaven Sealing Shell!
As he charged his turtle shell, An Lin also absorbed the vital energy of heaven and earth to replenish his own energy.
Before he knew it, an entire day passed.
An Lin finally finished charging his turtle shell with energy.

Meanwhile, over one hundred thousand spectators had already gathered on the Four Nine Immortal Sect’s dao plaza.
Moreover, there were hundreds of millions of beings gathered on the Realm of the Fallen Phoenix outside the Four Nine Immortal Sect!
As the sect leader of the Four Nine Immortal Sect, and as the initiator of the Heavenly God execution event, An Lin once again ascended the stage before the gigantic dao plaza. He gazed at the sea of powerful beings below him.
These powerful beings were all at or above the Soul Formation Stage. In fact, there were hundreds of Return to Void Stage supreme beings, and there were seventeen Dao Integration Stage super-mighty beings. Most importantly, there was even a divine being of the God of Creation Stage.
An Lin remained especially calm as he stood before this sea of powerful beings. Right now, he was feeling quite elated.
“Welcome, my fellow cultivators! You’ve all come from all over the continent, and I hope everyone will enjoy the magnificent and historic execution event.” An Lin swept his gaze over the crowded dao plaza. Everyone present was influential and a force to be reckoned with. Now, however, they were all gathered at the Four Nine Immortal Sect. How difficult was it to pull off such a feat?
“I won’t bore you all with any more nonsense. Now, let me introduce to you the members of our God Slaying Team!” The powerful beings on the dao plaza all had expressions of zeal and reverence as they gazed at An Lin. An Lin chuckled and continued, “Elder of the Four Nine Immortal Sect, Dongfang Zhuangshi! The Flame Pavilion’s Divine Phoenix Maiden! The Flame Pavilion’s Phoenix, Little Huang!”
Numerous spectators were at a loss as they watched an ordinary-looking middle-aged man enter the stage. As for those who knew his identity, they were all deeply shocked. They knew that the Four Nine Immortal Sect had gained another extremely powerful member.
At this moment, a graceful figure drifted onto the stage. Regardless of whether it was her stunning beauty or her proud and holy temperament, her ethereal qualities made all the female spectators on the dao plaza appear plain and dull.
Her elegance and beauty were truly other-worldly!
A magnificent looking phoenix also attracted a large amount of attention as it trailed by the female’s side. Its body was very small, yet numerous spectating beasts fell into a prostrating position on the dao plaza. The natural might carried by the phoenix’s bloodline caused them to instinctively submit themselves!
A stir went through the crowd as the three Dao Integration Stage cultivators of the Four Nine Immortal Sect entered the stage.
An Lin didn’t stop there, and he continued, “From the Kingdom of the Nine States’ Heavenly Court, the Celestial Thearch and Emperor Ziwei!”
Two extraordinarily mighty males instantly appeared on the stage.
Countless powerful beings gazed at these two males with profound respect and reverence. Their names had already swept through the entire continent since long ago. Their reputations were well-known, and An Lin didn’t need to introduce them at all.
“Fourth Heavenly Disciple of the Heaven Crushing Sect, Ancient Dragon Empress!”
A massive stir swept through the crowd as An Lin said this.
The Heaven Crushing Sect participating in this Heavenly God execution event carried an extremely significant meaning.
A tall and slender female who was dressed in a colorful dragon empress robe stepped onto the stage.
The Heaven Crushing Sect had to keep tabs on hidden enemies; thus, sending one Heavenly Disciple over was already the most that they could do.
Even so, it was enough to demonstrate the Heaven Crushing Sect’s attitude. They fully supported this execution event, and they stood in the same camp as the Four Nine Immortal Sect!
Without a doubt, the Ancient Dragon Empress became one of the most focused on members of the God Slaying Team.
However, the grand nature of the God Slaying team didn’t stop here.
An Lin continued to introduce the team’s members, “From the Spirit Lake Realm, Empress Black Spirit Snake and Empress White Spirit Snake! From the Buddhist Kingdom of the West, the Battling Buddha! From the Sacred Temple of Martial Dao, Chaotic Element Martial Lord! From the Spring Divine Tree Realm, Patriarch Shen Teng! From the Flaming Blood Forbidden Realm, Dark Thunder Emperor…”