I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 1921 - Vermilion Bird Heart Essence

Chapter 1921: Vermilion Bird Heart Essence
“The four Holy Beasts—the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Xuan Wu—are the most supreme beings of the universe. They’re undying, eternal, and known by all living beings in the universe.
“I represent singularity, and I’m the only being in the entire universe who can hold the title of Vermilion Bird.”
The Great Empress Vermilion Bird gazed at Xu Xiaolan and continued, “Truth be told, however, I can’t entirely represent singularity. In reality, the object that represents singularity is not me, but rather this…”
The Great Empress Vermilion Bird opened her dainty mouth and exhaled out a crimson-colored bead.
The entire heaven and earth changed color when the bead appeared.
The radiance from the bead was even more dazzling and more mighty than the sun. An extremely pure flame power slowly circulated within the bead, and an aura of eternal existence gradually proliferated outward. It was as if this bead had existed since the beginning of time, and it was as if this bead had brewed countless magnificent events in the times long past.
An Lin felt like he was standing before a paramount and undying god.
It was mighty, and it was singular.
Xu Xiaolan experienced an even stronger feeling. Her bloodline had started to palpitate in nervousness.
“This is the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence,” the Great Empress Vermilion Bird said. “If one fuses with it, then they’ll attain the Holy Berth. This is something that all the powerful beings in the Realm of Stars lust after.
“In my Vermilion Bird Tribe, the object that is truly eternal and truly singular is not me. Rather, it’s this Vermilion Bird Heart Essence.
“Whoever owns this Heart Essence can succeed the Holy Berth and become the one and only Vermilion Bird.
“Xiaolan, you can also become the Vermilion Bird, one of the four great Holy Beasts!”
The Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s words caused ripples to surge through Xu Xiaolan’s mind.
One of the four Holy Beasts… She could also become one of the four Holy Beasts?
“But I… I’m not even at the God of Creation Stage…” Xu Xiaolan pursed her lips and said.
“Your growth and potential are far beyond my imagination. In a mere one hundred years, you’ve already managed to reach the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage. With the help of the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence, I trust that you can easily surmount that final barrier and successfully succeed the Holy Berth!” There was an appreciative and confident look in the Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s eyes as she gazed at Xu Xiaolan.
An Lin had already become numb with shock.
Wow, she’s already at the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage, yet she’s still not satisfied! Right now, she actually wants to break through two major ranks at once… First, break through to the God of Creation Stage, then immediately succeed the Holy Berth…
She’s taking such large strides… So ballsy!
Huh? No… Xiaolan doesn’t have balls…
An Lin suddenly recalled what Xu Xiaolan had said to him earlier.
She was worried that she was pulling too far ahead in her dao-seeking journey, resulting in An Lin being unable to keep up with her. She was worried that An Lin wouldn’t be able to accompany her in the future. At the time, An Lin had felt insulted. Now, however, he felt a sense of danger…
What if I genuinely can’t keep up with Xiaolan’s footsteps?
Will I go from ‘F*ck the Heavens’ An to ‘Sponger’ An?
Will I become the most powerful person to sponge off his wife?
Aiyah! So mortifying!
However, it doesn’t seem all that bad…
All kinds of wild thoughts ran through An Lin’s mind.
Xu Xiaolan once again expressed her bewilderment. “One final question. Why are you passing your Holy Berth to me, and what are you going to do after abdicating from this position?”
An expression of melancholy finally appeared on the Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s smiling face. “This is a long story… Long story short, this Holy Berth is a burden to me.
“Not only was I severely wounded when Pangu sealed me away, but he even cast some restrictions on the Holy Berth. This restriction suppresses my power, and as long as I’m still the Vermilion Bird, then the suppression that I suffer due to the Holy Berth will never disappear.
“Thus, this Holy Berth is nothing more than a cage to me. The only way for me to remove this restriction is if I pass the Holy Berth down to a successor.
“However, I’m sure you can imagine how extremely difficult it is to find a suitable successor… Even the Six Vermilion Bird Sages don’t have the right to succeed this position. It was not until I met you…”
The Great Empress Vermilion Bird gazed at Xu Xiaolan tenderly. Then, she extended her slender arms and grabbed Xu Xiaolan’s hands. “Perhaps the heavens sent you here to rescue me!”
Xu Xiaolan stared at the Great Empress Vermilion Bird with a dazed expression.
As though he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, An Lin was rigidly transfixed to the spot.
Mo Hai was absolutely dumbstruck. Meanwhile, the Six Vermilion Bird Sages felt as if their hearts had been run through by a sword.
How is this even possible?!
“Come, listen to my instructions and try to contact the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence. We’ll see if you can receive its acknowledgment…” The Great Empress Vermilion Bird placed the crimson-colored bead before Xu Xiaolan.
“Activate the power of your bloodline and try to initiate contact with the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence. The Vermilion Bird Heart Essence will emit a corresponding color of light, with each different color representing a different level of affinity. In total, there are seven colors—crimson, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, and purple. Crimson represents the highest level of affinity, while purple represents the lowest level of affinity.
“If your affinity with the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence reaches the yellow level, then you’ll be able to attempt refining it. Go on, have a try.” The Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s eyes were full of anticipation and encouragement as she looked at the azure-clothed female.
Xu Xiaolan gazed at the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence intently.
She could feel an extremely mighty power within the crimson-colored bead. This was a power that she desperately yearned to obtain. It was the absolute light, it was the absolute heat, and it was the absolute embodiment of nobility and holiness. It was unique, and it was singular…
“So beautiful…”
Xu Xiaolan extended her hand and lightly touched the crimson-colored bead.
Blinding rays of light suddenly erupted from the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence.
The initial color was purple, then it instantly changed to yellow. This was the lowest level required for refining the bead.
Just as a smile spread across Xu Xiaolan’s face, the beams of light gradually changed from yellow to orange.
“Such an amazing aptitude…” The Great Empress Vermilion Bird was extremely startled as she looked at Xu Xiaolan.
Xu Xiaolan immediately felt much more self-assured. Orange is probably a relatively outstanding level, right? After all, obtaining a yellow color is already enough to refine the Heart Essence.
However, little did she know that, in the Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s estimations, even the pure-blooded Six Vermilion Bird Sages could only attain a green-colored level of affinity. What the orange color represented was already an extremely freakish level of affinity.
The Great Empress Vermilion Bird chuckled and was just about to speak.
However, the True Dragon bloodline in Xu Xiaolan’s body suddenly pushed at her Vermilion Bird bloodline.
The beams of light radiating from the Vermilion Bird Heart Essence started to become richer and more intense. Then, they gradually changed from an orange color to a deep crimson-red color. The crimson light was so rich that it looked like a liquid that was proliferating through the surroundings.
Upon seeing this sight, the emotions finally got the better of the Great Empress Vermilion Bird. Her breathing immediately quickened, and the look in her eyes suddenly became increasingly fervent.
“This… did I achieve the highest level of affinity?” Xu Xiaolan was extremely delighted.
“It’s merely a crimson color. What’s there to be proud of?”
“Exactly… Lowly human bumpkins…”
“Our Great Empress Vermilion Bird also attained this crimson-colored level of affinity. However, that’s only because the highest level of affinity is capped at the crimson color! Otherwise, our Great Empress Vermilion Bird definitely would’ve exceeded this color and reached the highest level!”
The Six Vermilion Bird Sages had a case of sour grapes as they continually criticized and devalued Xu Xiaolan’s achievements.
“Enough! From now on, I forbid you six from speaking!” the Great Empress Vermilion Bird shouted.
The Six Vermilion Bird Sages instantly shut their mouths in fear.
However, even though they had been forbidden from speaking, they still tilted their chins in arrogance as they gazed down at Xiaolan. It was a mystery where they got their confidence from.
“Xiaolan, let’s go! I’ll officially pass the Holy Berth on to you now!” The Great Empress Vermilion Bird spoke kindly as she tugged at Xu Xiaolan’s hands.
“Huh? This soon?” Xu Xiaolan was astounded.
She still hadn’t prepared herself mentally yet.
“It’s not soon at all. I’ve already prepared everything, and all we’re waiting on now is for you to set foot on your journey to reach the Supreme Dao! This is a win-win situation. Come, follow me!” As she said this, the Great Empress Vermilion Bird led Xu Xiaolan toward someplace in the distance.
An Lin had a nagging sense of déjà vu when he saw this sight…