I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 2187 - Rebirth from Despair

Chapter 2187: Rebirth from Despair
Am I finally going to die?
Have I finally reached this stage?
As it turns out, I’ll genuinely die after sacrificing the last fifth of my life.
My existence will genuinely be erased.
The system never lies.
However, I’m unwilling to leave! I even told Xu Xiaolan to wait for me to return.
If I don’t return, Xu Xiaolan will definitely wait for me forever. She’ll wait until the end of time, and she’ll be lonely for countless and countless years.
So, I definitely can’t go back on my word. I can’t die here… I definitely can’t die here…
At this moment, it was as if An Lin’s intense desire to live and intense belief in himself broke through some barrier.
A contorted fissure suddenly appeared in the void before him. A small and slender hand then reached out and grabbed onto his collar.
“Giant An Lin.”
This was a crisp and pleasant voice, and at this moment, it sounded like the most beautiful voice in the world.
This voice sounded next to An Lin’s ear just like that.
This was a long-absent but familiar voice.
“Little Na?” An Lin’s eyes widened in astonishment.
However, before he could even express his emotion, this little hand had already yanked him into that contorted fissure.
The four Supreme Heavenly Gods exploded in fury upon seeing this.
“No…! Why is there still another divine being!”
“Hurry! Heavenly Heaven God, hurry up and stop her!”
“We definitely can’t let An Lin escape!”
Boom, boom, boom!
The formidable attacks of the Supreme Heavenly Gods rained down at this moment.
The earth was pummeled by this wave of attacks, yet the contorted fissure in the void had already disappeared without a trace. Along with it, An Lin’s aura had also completely vanished from this heaven and earth.
“That’s impossible! What the hell happened?!” The Heavenly Life Goddess wore an expression of confusion and shock, and she continued, “Who was that female God of Creation Stage divine being?”
The Heavenly Light Goddess was also extremely confused, and she looked at the Heavenly Heaven God as she asked, “Why was she able to near us without our detection?”
One had to realize that the Heavenly Heaven God had already activated his True Form of Dao. However, the divine being had still managed to evade his detection. Just how powerful was she?
Meanwhile, the Heavenly Sea God continued to furiously thrust his golden trident at the location where An Lin had vanished.
The void within a radius of hundreds of kilometers was completely obliterated by the Heavenly Sea God’s golden trident. Currents of destruction and chaos whipped into the surroundings, yet this was still unable to extinguish the Heavenly Sea God’s blazing fury.
“Attack! What are you guys doing?! Don’t let An Lin escape!
“We’re almost there; we’re only an inch away from succeeding!
“Heavenly Heaven God, why didn’t you obstruct them from fleeing?!”
The Heavenly Sea God was almost howling as he said this.
The Heavenly Heaven God wore an extremely dark expression as he said, “I… I couldn’t stop them…”
“You at least know the rough coordinates of their Great World, right? We can follow this lead and then forcefully shatter the barrier between the two worlds. We can then enter their world and kill An Lin,” the Heavenly Light Goddess said.
“But we’ll suffer a severe backlash if we do that…” the Heavenly Life Goddess said.
“We can’t retreat. You also experienced the formidable power of An Lin, didn’t you? This is our best opportunity to kill An Lin! We’ll do what the Heavenly Light Goddess suggested!” The Heavenly Sea God was extremely resolute.
Upon deciding this, the three Supreme Heavenly Gods all turned their gaze to the Heavenly Heaven God.
However, the Heavenly Heaven God still wore a dark expression as he said, “I… I can’t detect the coordinates of her world. Not only that, but I can’t even detect the fissure that she used as the two-realm passageway…”
Heavenly Sea God: “???”
The Heavenly Light Goddess and Heavenly Life Goddess were also stunned.
They all stared at the Heavenly Heaven God in disbelief as if he were a fake Heavenly Heaven God. He was a Supreme Heavenly God who ruled over the space and sky, and he had even activated his True Form of Dao at this moment. Yet he couldn’t even detect the location of a God of Creation Stage divine being?
What an absolute joke! Were they going to allow a mysterious divine being to rescue An Lin from under their noses and then casually leave?
The Heavenly Heaven God also felt extremely awkward, so he forcefully tried to rescue the situation, saying, “M-hm… I can detect the location of Nuwa’s world. Perhaps we can go and capture the Divine Phoenix Maiden instead?”
The Heavenly Sea God chuckled coldly and said, “Heh, suffer a backlash from the Heavenly Dao of a Great World of a supreme God of Creation Stage divine being just to capture the Divine Phoenix Maiden? Have we gone crazy?”
The Supreme Heavenly Gods suddenly fell silent.
They felt a stinging burn on their faces as they stared at the empty space before them.
The longer they remained here, the more awkward they felt.
They were four Supreme Heavenly Gods, yet they had actually failed to capture their target. If news of this were to spread, they would bring utter shame to the face of the heavens!
However, there was no need for them to reveal this news themselves.
After all, everyone in the surroundings had already witnessed this battle. News of this battle was destined to spread to every corner of the continent.
Standing atop the city walls of Yue Tong City, Lan Xiaoni felt as if she had taken a rollercoaster into hell before rising back up to the heavens. She felt so relieved and overjoyed that she couldn’t help but cry, even as she announced this news to the entire city.
The Divine Phoenix Maiden had been rescued by Nuwa, while Sect Leader An Lin had been rescued by another mysterious God of Creation Stage divine being. The four Supreme Heavenly Gods had failed to kill either of them!
The entire city erupted with excitement upon hearing this news.
Countless powerful beings were red in the face as they shouted in delight.
At the same time, countless soldiers hugged those around them to release their stress and express their joy.
In fact, some even fell to their knees and burst into loud sobs. Of course, they also smiled in joy and relief as they sobbed.
Even they hadn’t known that An Lin actually had such an important place in their hearts. The life-and-death experience of An Lin was actually able to trigger such strong emotions from them.
Fortunately, the results were positive. An Lin had finally escaped from the clutches of the four Supreme Heavenly Gods.
To them, this was the best piece of news. It was comparable to if they had just won an earth-shattering battle.
The Heaven Crushing United Army was wild with joy.
After experiencing great joy for a moment, Lan Xiaoni quickly composed herself. She then ordered the entire city to enter a state of combat readiness again. After all, after losing their target in An Lin, it was very likely that the Supreme Heavenly Gods might unleash their fury upon Yue Tong City. Thus, they had to prepare for the worst.
The soldiers also composed themselves after hearing this command, and they started to prepare the city protection formation.
Lan Xiaoni was already a qualified general. Her growth hadn’t been easy, and many beings had witnessed her hard work. She had already gone from a crybaby to someone who could take on great responsibilities. She had become a leader who was trusted by countless powerful beings.
This was no easy feat.
Now, however, she was faced with another colossal challenge. However, she definitely wouldn’t hide or shirk. Big Boss An Lin hadn’t given up even when plunged into such a desperate and despairing situation, so as his underling, how could she lose face for her boss?
Elsewhere, several other powerful beings were also brimming with excitement.
They were none other than the members of the God Slaying Team who had carried out the mission with An Lin.
None of them had died, and all of them had achieved incredible feats. They couldn’t help but brim with confidence and feel a great sense of honor.
“The battle isn’t over. Let’s return to Yue Tong City first!”
“Agreed. We’ll guard Yue Tong City to the death and await An Lin’s return!”
The members of the God Slaying Team were all filled with battle intent as they quickly made their way back to Yue Tong City.
At this moment, on the battlefield where the four Supreme Heavenly Gods stood.
The four Supreme Heavenly Gods finally overcame the huge shock of An Lin escaping from their clutches.
“Since we’ve already activated our True Forms of Dao, let’s seize this opportunity to annihilate Yue Tong City!” the Heavenly Heaven God suggested. There was a ball of fury burning in his chest.
The Heavenly Light Goddess supported this proposal, saying, “Indeed! The soldiers stationed at Yue Tong City are the main force of the Heaven Crushing United Army. If we destroy them, we’ll only have An Lin to deal with in the future, should another large-scale battle ensue. That being the case, we can easily deploy the remaining Heavenly Human Tribe United Army to destroy their other forces!”
However, the Heavenly Sea God turned his meaningful gaze toward the Heavenly Light Goddess at this moment, saying, “I reckon we should force the Heavenly Light Goddess into activating her True Form of Dao first. After that, we can then attack Yue Tong City together…”
Heavenly Light Goddess: “?!!!”
The Heavenly Heaven God’s eyes lit up. Indeed, after battling side by side for a while, he had almost mistaken the Heavenly Light Goddess for a genuine ally. The Heavenly Sea God’s words had snapped him awake from his dream!