I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 2189 - The Strange Tina

Chapter 2189: The Strange Tina
The Furious Sand Marmots clearly looked fat and supple, yet upon taking a bite, An Lin discovered that they tasted sour and bitter. In what way were they delicious? They tasted even worse than the roasted marmots that he had eaten in the United University of Cultivation!
Tina wore a pained expression as she looked at the meat that An Lin has spit onto the ground. “What a waste to spit it out. How can you waste it like that…?” she muttered quietly.
To An Lin’s shock, she snatched the roasted Furious Sand Marmot from his hand before saying in an upset voice, “If you don’t like eating it, then I’ll eat it.”
An Lin was instantly stunned upon seeing Tina open her dainty mouth to bite down on the roasted Furious Sand Marmot. He hurriedly reached over to stop Tina’s strange and foolish action.
“Stop! Little Na, what on earth has happened to you?!
“Tell me, what happened?!”
An Lin wore a pained expression as he gazed at the fairy before him.
However, Tina was extremely confused as she blinked her bright and clear eyes. “What do you mean what happened? Giant An Lin, what are you talking about?”
An Lin pointed at the ugly Furious Sand Marmots and said emotionally, “You… you didn’t have such tastes before! Why do you want to eat this? You’re a mighty Goddess of Creation, so what immortal food can’t you eat? In fact, you even used to eat spirit fruits as if they were candy! You’ve become depraved!”
Tina cocked her head in confusion and asked, “Hmm… Immortal food? Spirit fruits? What are you talking about?”
She then pointed her slender and jade-like finger at herself and said, “You said that I’m a Goddess of Creation? What’s a Goddess of Creation?”
An Lin’s mouth gaped open as he stared at Tina in shock.
“Little Na… What… what on earth happened to you?”
Tina grinned widely and said, “Giant An Lin, I don’t even know my own name. However, I find it extremely pleasant and soothing when you call me Little Na.”
Tina’s words were like a clap of thunder exploding in An Lin’s mind.
An Lin’s eyes were wide with disbelief as countless speculations flashed through his mind. He was extremely stunned as he stared at the woman before him and asked, “Little Na… You, you even forgot your own name? Do you remember anything?!”
Tina blinked before nodding and saying, “M-hm, that seems to be the case. The earliest thing that I can remember was being on this expanse of desert and not knowing who I was or where I came from. However, some random memories would still occasionally pop into my mind. For example, memories of spell techniques and memories and language…”
An Lin shuddered upon hearing this. “You don’t know your own name, yet you know my name? And you even came over to save me?”
Tina became extremely excited, and she replied, “I suddenly felt a throb in my heart, and I detected that someone very dear to me had come across danger.
“I then followed the intangible guidance of the connected aura in my bloodline to go to your world and rescue you. As for your name, it just happened to spill out of my mouth. I was able to call your name by instinct.”
There was curiosity in her beautiful eyes as she grabbed An Lin’s hands. “I still wanted to ask you… I can feel that you’re very important to me, and there’s also a connection between our bloodlines. What’s the relationship between us? Are you my dad?”
An Lin: “???”
An Lin almost spat a mouthful of blood upon hearing this.
Holy sh*t… Even my pet beast wants me to become a father?
An Lin looked at the fairy before him. He looked at her pure and innocent eyes and said earnestly, “You’re my friend. A very, very good friend.”
“Oh… So we’re friends!” Tina came to a sudden realization. She then smiled widely and said, “That’s great! I have another new friend!”
She grabbed An Lin’s hand and said with a smile, “Let’s go! I’ll bring you to visit my other friends!”
An Lin was astonished. Tina still had other friends?
Perhaps he could learn more about the current situation from Tina’s friends?
Without waiting for a reply, Tina excitedly flew into the sky while dragging An Lin behind her. She flew toward someplace using her memory as a guide.
Gazing down from the sky, the only thing that An Lin could see was an endless expanse of desert. It stretched for as far as the eye could see, and it was impossible to determine just how unfathomably large it was.
They continued to soar through the sky, yet there was no other unique scenery to take in. All that existed beneath them was an endless expanse of drab desolation. Moreover, the fine sand that was whipped into the air by the wild winds scraped painfully against his face.
An Lin couldn’t imagine why Tina would pick such an environment to live in.
“Giant An Lin, we’re there.” Tina landed in an area that was full of fractured walls and ruins. There were numerous fallen and lopsided stone columns, and there were also numerous rooms that had been eroded and destroyed by the endless sandstorms.
There were still no signs of life.
“Oink, oink, oink!”
Several rough-appearing and sturdily-built pig-like monsters happily ran over. A thick-skinned rhino that was glowing with flames also happily ran over.
“Kreee!” A bald eagle whose feathers were like steel knives gave a harsh and grating cry as it circled above Tina’s head.
“Let me introduce them to you. This is the Furious Sand Black Pig, this is the Fiery Demon Rhino, and this is the Razor Steel Eagle. They’re all my friends.” Tina smiled happily as she introduced her friends.
“Oink, oink, oink!”
Tina’s friends happily greeted them.
An Lin: “…”
He had initially wanted to question Tina’s friends and ask them about the current situation.
Now, however, he realized just how naive he had been. Tina’s friends couldn’t even speak…
An Lin was on the verge of tears as he stared at the black pig before him. Was he going to question this pig?
What an absolute joke!
What in the world happened to Tina?!
In less than a year, Tina had already transformed from a clever and adorable fairy into a retarded and adorable fairy.
An Lin was extremely worried.
The last time he had seen Tina, he remembered that she had told him that she was going to ascend the Divine Mirror World.
The battle in the Divine Mirror World had seen the death of numerous Dao Integration Stage super-mighty beings and Heavenly Gods. This had largely accelerated the growth of the Divine Mirror World. Thus, theoretically speaking, the Divine Mirror World should have ascended to become a world that could host Dao Integration Stage super-mighty beings.
So, why had Tina become like this? Perhaps the ascension of the Divine Mirror World had failed?
“Giant An Lin, hurry up and come over! Let’s ride on this pig and have fun!” The extremely beautiful fairy rode over on a large and ugly black pig.
Just like that, An Lin sped through the desert with Tina on the back of a large and ugly black pig. They were like mortal friends who lived a relaxed and carefree life…
An Lin suddenly snapped awake.
Why was this scene so strange and peculiar?
An Lin—who was riding on the black pig—forgot about all the detrimental effects that using his power would have as he unleashed his divine sense to observe Tina’s body.
A powerful divine sense enveloped the fairy’s body. An Lin was stunned by what he discovered. In fact, he froze to the spot in shock.
“Tina, you’ve already reached the God of Creation Stage?!”
An Lin exclaimed in astonishment.
“God of Creation Stage? What’s that?” Tina asked in confusion.
An Lin was completely stunned.
Theoretically speaking, once a lifeform of the Divine Mirror World advanced to the Return to Void Stage, Tina would gain the ability to instantly advance to the Return to Void Pinnacle Stage. Now that a lifeform of the Divine Mirror World could advance to the Dao Integration Stage, Tina should have been able to directly advance to the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage.
So why was she at the God of Creation Stage?
Moreover, upon using his Heavenly God Power to observe Tina, he discovered that her God of Creation Stage already possessed an aura of ancient age. In other words, she had advanced to the God of Creation Stage a long time ago!
What in the world had happened to Tina?!