I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
Chapter 2251 - Sneaking to the Eastern Heavenly Gate

Chapter 2251: Sneaking to the Eastern Heavenly Gate
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It was only natural for An Lin to consider this.
After all, the Heavenly Light Goddess had suffered severe wounds due to the attacks of the restrictions. Moreover, her power had also been exhausted to an astounding level. In fact, she had even combusted some of her life essence. As for the final cracking sound when she had been wounded, that signified that she had already wounded her life force…
Theoretically speaking, the Heavenly Light Goddess definitely couldn’t recover from her wounds so quickly.
This was especially the case since she had been killed by An Lin once. That had damaged her life force, and this was something that couldn’t be healed.
“Should we head over?” There was a hint of eagerness in An Lin’s eyes.
“M-hm, why not?” Tina said with a nod.
Emperor Ziwei was stumped upon seeing An Lin and Tina’s expressions. “Head over where? What are you planning to do?”
An Lin’s expression was resolute, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a slight smile. “We’re heading over to see if we can kill the Heavenly Light Goddess.”
Emperor Ziwei was instantly given a fright. “What?! You’re going to fight the Heavenly Light Goddess now? Hasn’t she already completed her transformation? If you go just like this…”
An Lin shook his head and corrected, “Not only has she completed her transformation, but she has even forged a Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao.”
Emperor Ziwei faltered upon hearing this. “Then why are you still…?”
“However, she was severely wounded by Tina and me in the Ancient Tai Chu Realm. Thus, now is the best opportunity to attack her!” An Lin said earnestly.
Emperor Ziwei was completely stunned.
An Lin had gone to the Ancient Tai Chu Realm and even severely wounded the Heavenly Light Goddess?
What a reliable person!
He was simply a god-like ally.
In just the blink of an eye, An Lin had already performed another miraculous feat!
Emperor Ziwei could barely imagine just how much weaker the Heaven Crushing United Army would be without the help of An Lin. Just how resounding would their defeat be? Their enemies had far too many trump cards, and it was thanks to An Lin’s invincible power and limitless mysterious abilities that they were able to continuously defend against their enemies’ powerful attacks…
“Do you need my help for anything?”
Emperor Ziwei wore an expression of determination and resoluteness.
“No, we’re good. We’re sneaking over to attack her, so there’s no need for too many people. Just prepare the defenses and avoid being attacked by the other Heavenly Gods while the Kingdom of the Nine States is relatively weak,” An Lin said.
Emperor Ziwei nodded solemnly and said, “Understood. I’ll go and organize that right away.”
When night arrived, An Lin and Tina left the Heavenly Court and started to fly toward the east.
An Lin’s Heavenly Darkness Power was more powerful during the night, and its ability to conceal one’s aura would also be at its most powerful.
Back then, he and the God Slaying Team had set off during the night and escaped the Heavenly Heaven God and Heavenly Sea God’s detection and successfully sneaked into the world of the Heavenly Life Goddess.
Anyhow, God of Creation Stage divine beings could easily sense the presence of fellow God of Creation Stage divine beings.
Similarly, the Heavenly Light Goddess could more easily sense the presence of God of Creation Stage divine beings.
Thus, Tina returned to the Divine Mirror World.
However, her location was already bound to An Lin, so she could immediately arrive by his side whenever he called for her.
An Lin was at the Dao Integration Stage, so he didn’t suffer the same kind of restrictions as God of Creation Stage divine beings. In other words, his presence wouldn’t be detected so easily. This allowed him to move more freely.
An Lin flew toward the east of the Tai Chu Continent at an incredible speed.
He activated his Void Body Mantra, and Tina also used a Light Annihilating Dark Mirror to shroud him. This would further decrease the possibility of being detected by the Heavenly Light Goddess.
An Lin soared past the towering Chen Xi City, and he also soared past the vast and boundless East Sea. After a while, he finally arrived at a region that was covered in mist.
This mist possessed a powerful ability to affect one’s sense of direction.
If one didn’t possess a strong enough mind or willpower, they would become forever lost if they walked into this expanse of mist. They would be trapped inside forever.
Of course, to those with strong willpower like An Lin, this kind of detrimental effect wouldn’t affect them at all.
At the same time.
In the surroundings of the towering Eastern Heavenly Gate.
Tens of millions of soldiers from the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army were diligently standing guard as they maintained the circulation of an astonishing formation.
Meanwhile, five powerful Heavenly Gods stood around an orb of light, their powerful senses spread into the surroundings as they vigilantly stood guard.
The Heavenly Brightness God was still exuding a pure Heavenly Light Power and pretending to be the Heavenly Light Goddess.
Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan couldn’t help but glance at the orb of light behind her from time to time.
She felt extremely flustered and panicked at this moment. This was because she had seen the Heavenly Light Goddess returning with severe wounds. She had initially thought that An Lin had succeeded. After all, the Heavenly Light Goddess had been severely wounded. However, upon seeing the sword in the Heavenly Light Goddess’ hand, she knew that An Lin had most likely failed…
This was a terrifying realization.
Her situation had become incredibly precarious!
Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan couldn’t forget the expression in the Heavenly Light Goddess’ eyes when she peered at the five Heavenly Gods upon her return. That had been a piercing and ice-cold expression. If it hadn’t been for her severe wounds that required immediate attention, she would have most likely started to interrogate them right away.
After all, only the five Heavenly Gods knew about her trip to the Ancient Tai Chu Realm. Yet, An Lin had coincidentally appeared in the Ancient Tai Chu Realm… Even Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan wouldn’t believe in such kind of coincidence. It was clear that a traitor had appeared among their ranks…
What if the Heavenly Light Goddess discovered her actions? What should she do?
Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan was extremely anxious.
She wanted to immediately flee from this place.
However, fleeing from here would be equivalent to admitting her guilt.
Doing so would leave her with no path of retreat.
She wasn’t prepared to make such a decision yet, nor did she have the ability to make such a decision. If she fled, what would she do if the other Heavenly Gods gave pursuit? Even if she wanted to flee, she would need to come up with a sound plan first. She couldn’t act blindly.
Upon thinking of this, Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan’s pretty eyebrows scrunched up into a frown.
Stupid An Lin, stinky An Lin, I already gave you such important intel, yet you still managed to stuff up? What am I going to do now? To think that I placed so much trust in you…
Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan continued to grumble in her mind.
“Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan, you look extremely troubled. Are you worried about the Heavenly Light Goddess’ injuries?” Heavenly Goddess Ling Hua[Note to editor: Heavenly Goddess Ling Hua was mistaken as a male in previous tl’ed chapters. This character is actually a young woman. (this note can be left as a footnote to readers)] asked with a smile as she sat on her pink folding fan.
“That’s right, I’m incredibly worried about her. Will she die from these wounds?” Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan said with an anxious expression.
If she doesn’t die, then what will happen to me? she added in her mind.
“Don’t worry, how can the Heavenly Light Goddess die from these wounds? She’s the mightiest and most powerful being. As long as light exists in this world, she’ll be eternally undying. Even if all of the other Supreme Heavenly Gods team up, they’ll still be no match for the Heavenly Light Goddess!” Heavenly Goddess Ling Hua appeared extremely obsequious as she loudly praised the Heavenly Light Goddess. Her beautiful face was filled with reverence and admiration.
“You’re right! The Heavenly Light Goddess is eternally undefeatable! After obtaining the Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao, her power will definitely rise by another level! She’ll definitely guide us to victory!”
Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan also started to obsequiously praise the Heavenly Light Goddess. Although she didn’t know whether the Heavenly Light Goddess could hear them or not, being obsequious at this moment was definitely the politically correct choice.
As she said this, she turned her gaze toward the sky. There was a melancholy expression on her face.
The Heavenly Light Goddess had become stronger…
By the looks of it, she had stuffed up.
I’ve chosen the wrong side…
I could have easily been on the winning side without doing anything extra.
Yet I somehow chose to play with hell-level difficulty…
Heavenly Goddess Wu Lan was feeling extremely dejected and heavy-hearted.
My dear and respectable Heavenly Darkness God…
My future happiness all depends on you now…
When are you going to make me proud…?
You weren’t killed by the Heavenly Light Goddess in the Ancient Tai Chu Realm, right?
At this moment, a dark figure suddenly started to inch closer from the mists in the surroundings.
A pair of eyes then appeared on this dark figure, and it stealthily observed the five Heavenly Gods…