I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Chapter 1136 - Taking Xiao Xiao’s Resources

Chapter 1136: Taking Xiao Xiao’s Resources
The day before the signing, they told her that they couldn’t renew the contract with her.
She was very unhappy about this, but she didn’t dare to offend MC. She was afraid that they would never have the chance to work together again.
Little Xiao was still comforting herself in that small account that MC must have found a more suitable spokesperson than her.
Although she could understand what MC was doing, she still felt a little disappointed.
If they didn’t want to sign a contract with her, they shouldn’t have looked for her in the first place. After looking for her, they suddenly changed their mind and wanted to sign with someone else. This made her very uncomfortable.
Of course, Little Xiao did not directly say that the contractor was MC in her alternate account, but the netizens all guessed it.
Xiao Xiao was an A-list celebrity, just like Huang Yilin.
Among the female celebrities, her popularity was considered very high, and she had a lot of fans.
After her alternate account was dug out, her fans saw the contents of her alternate account and went to Qiao Mianmian’s Weibo to scold her.
They called her shameless and took Little Xiao’s resources.
They scolded her for not knowing her own worth. Even if she snatched away MC’s endorsement, she would not be able to drive the MC’s sales at all.
In short, Xiao Xiao had a lot of loyal fans. They knew that their idol’s endorsement had been snatched away by a newbie and that the newbie had relied on unspoken rules to do it. They were so angry that they cursed Qiao Mianmian.
Qiao Mianmian’s scandals were all over the place.
Snatching endorsements, abortion in high school, being a mistress…
The hot searches followed one by one onto the top rankings.
After #Qiao Mianmian snatched Little Xiao’s endorsement# started trending, Little Xiao’s Weibo account didn’t show any reaction.
And many netizens found that in the few minutes when the hot searches first went up, Little Xiao’s Weibo account had been logged in.
In other words, she had probably seen all of Qiao Mianmian’s trending topics.
But she did not come out to refute the rumors.
Qiao Mianmian’s silence made the netizens even more certain that that alternate account was hers.
The things mentioned in the account were Qiao Mianmian stealing her MC endorsement.
How could Little Xiao’s fans tolerate it?
More and more fans started cursing on Qiao Mianmian’s Weibo.
These fans were no weaker than Tu Yilei’s girlfriend fans and wife fans.
On the other side.
Many netizens who did not know the truth believed 70% to 80% of what they saw.
The passersby also started scolding Qiao Mianmian.
Not only was Qiao Mianmian scolded, but even the MC’s official Weibo was scolded as well.
#Boycotting Qiao Mianmian, boycotting M-C# had also gone viral.
With such a huge commotion on Weibo, Huanyu quickly sent out their PR to handle it.
First, they removed the trending topics, then they blocked the related topics.
The leading netizens’ Weibo accounts were also blocked.
But it was still useless.
A trending topic was blocked, and soon, another trending topic appeared.

Huanyu Media, CEO’s office.
Linda had just returned when Zhao Kai called her into his office.
“Tell me, what should we do?” Zhao Kai looked at her with a worried frown. “The public relations department has already removed the trending searches as fast as possible, but they still can’t suppress the new trending searches. Little Xiao’s fans have been changing the topic, saying that they want to help Little Xiao get justice.
“Now even MC has been attacked by Little Xiao’s fans. What do you think will happen if MC gets angry and wants to change the spokesperson?
“She’s just a newbie. Why is she always so busy?”
“President Zhao, don’t forget that you asked her to stay.”