I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Chapter 1807 - Did She Give You Some Benefits?

Chapter 1807: Did She Give You Some Benefits?
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Little Xiao pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.
She saw Shen Fei borrow the washroom from Qiao Mianmian this afternoon.
She was obviously not letting them use it.
She didn’t look too good. “Although the room was given to her, it should be possible to borrow her bathroom. Anxin said just now, the other bathroom can’t be used. Then, what should we do?”
Qiao Anxin was even more anxious.
She went to the washroom because her stomach hurt.
She didn’t dare to go again, but her stomach was getting worse.
She blushed.
“I think you should get over it. This is the condition in the countryside. Do you expect it to be the same as in the city? Qiao Mianmian has a bathroom in her room, but it doesn’t mean everyone can use it. If the room is given to her, it’s hers.
“If everyone goes to her place to borrow the washroom, will she have any personal space? Since she says she’s not used to it, don’t cause trouble for her.”
Zhan Bo looked at them.
Seeing that he was speaking up for Qiao Mianmian again, Song Ke couldn’t help but say angrily, “Zhan Bo, what do you mean? Do you think we’re in the wrong? We’re all in the same team, it’s just a small matter to use the washroom. It doesn’t affect her at all.
“How did it become us giving her trouble?
“Zhan Bo, I realize that you’re always speaking up for Qiao Mianmian. Did she give you any benefits? You’re so good to her.” Song Ke was blinded by jealousy and said what she shouldn’t.
Zhan Bo’s expression darkened.
“If you were in the right, I’d help you too. The room belongs to Qiao Mianmian. If she’s willing to let you use the washroom, you can use it. If she’s unwilling, you have no right to criticize her.
“Since you’re here to participate in this show, you should have known the conditions beforehand. Now, you’re complaining about the east and the west. What are you doing? If you’re not used to life here, you might as well go back early.”
Zhan Bo wasn’t polite at all.
Song Ke’s face stiffened.
Little Xiao’s expression stiffened.
“Little Zhan is actually right. That room is Mianmian’s. You have to get her permission to use her washroom. If she’s unwilling, then forget it.” Shen Fei looked at the group of people and sighed. “If you’re afraid, I can accompany you. That pig is locked up and can’t come out. Just don’t look.”
What else could they say?
Song Ke bit her lip and looked at Qiao Mianmian’s closed door.

The next morning.
Qiao Mianmian got up an hour and a half earlier, quickly washed up, and walked out of the room.
The morning air in the village was fresh. Qiao Mianmian stood on the steps and took a deep breath before stretching her arms.
She slept well last night.
She didn’t mind the bed and slept until now.
The leopard cat saw her and jumped off the flower bed. He walked to her feet and meowed.
“Good morning, kitten.” Qiao Mianmian squatted down and patted the leopard cat’s head. “Why are you here? Are you hungry? What do you usually eat?”