I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Chapter 42

Chapter 42: We Can Introduce Sister to Him
At the very least, he couldn’t accept that she’d found someone so soon after they broke up.
They’d spent so many years together, he surely had a place in her heart.
“Anxin, could you tell what the man beside Mianmian looked like?” Su Ze wanted to get to the bottom of this. He even considered going to look for Mianmian for clarification.
“No.” Qiao Anxin shook her head as she recalled the outstanding-looking man and lied. “But from his back view, I could see that he’s an older man. He was dressed pretty extravagantly, it was obvious he’s rich.”
Su Ze’s face stiffened.
“She’d rather be with an old man than come to me for help? Does she hate me this much?”
“Brother Ah Ze, you know what Sister is like.” Qiao Anxin happily painted her own narrative. “She’s always been full of pride, it’s practically impossible to get her to ask someone for help. Moreover, she hates us to the core, she wouldn’t come to us.”
“Even if you’ve the thought, she wouldn’t accept it.”
With that, Qiao Anxin let out a soft sigh as if she was full of concern. “I can’t bear to watch Sister underline herself this way. We need to think of how to stop her from sinking deeper.”
Su Ze frowned. “You just said she’d be unwilling to accept our help. What other ideas could we have?”
Qiao Anxin thought for a bit before lightly hooking her arm around Su Ze. “Brother Ah Ze, I remember there’s a high-post employee in the Su Firm who’s not married yet? We can introduce Sister to him.”
“You mean Manager Yang?” Su Ze furrowed his brows. “I don’t think he’s suitable. He’s already 40-odd years old, a full 20 years older than Mianmian.”
“He is indeed a little old for her, but older men are better at doting on women.” Qiao Anxin appeared to have Qiao Mianmian’s interests at heart. “If he’s older than her by 20-odd years, he’ll be able to love her the way he loves a daughter.
“Moreover, we’re closer to the people in your company. It’ll be better than some random strangers we can’t trust.
“Also, besides Manager Yang’s age, he’s good in all other aspects. His annual income is in the millions of yuan. With this amount, Sister can live a good life. No matter what, he’ll be a better choice than the man Sister is with now.”
Actually, Qiao Anxin had met that Manager Yang once.
Not only was he a little old, but he was also plump and balding, and only about 1.65m in height.
Besides his income, everything else about him was only average at best.
Su Ze recalled how Manager Yang looked and frowned even more. His lips were pursed tight.
“Brother Ah Ze…” Qiao Anxin tenderly said, “In terms of appearances, Manager Yang obviously isn’t good enough for Sister. But appearances are secondary, what matters is his personality. I think we should have them meet each other first.”
Su Ze kept quiet for a long while.
He also felt that Manager Yang was inferior to Qiao Mianmian.
But seeing that Qiao Anxin was doing this out of good intentions, he couldn’t bear to turn her down.
He eventually nodded. “Alright, I’ll speak to Manager Yang tomorrow.”
It was indeed different to dine at a place where the cost per pax went up to five figures.
The dinner was extremely delightful.
Not wanting to let anything go to waste, Qiao Mianmian finished practically all the food they ordered.