I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Believe in Your Husband’s Financial Ability
After eating, her stomach was extremely full.
The man sitting opposite her wiped the corners of his lips elegantly. After the waiter had swiped the card, he held it with both hands, bent over, and handed the black card symbolizing his identity to him.
Mo Yesi took it.
He looked up and smirked as Qiao Mianmian touched her stomach. “Your appetite is good tonight. It seems like the dishes here are suited to your taste. If you like them, we can come here every day to eat.”
Qiao Mianmian was drinking water and almost choked.
She felt a little hot and embarrassed.
Did this mean that she had eaten too much?
Tonight… she did seem to have eaten a lot.
Out of the table of food, she had eaten at least two-thirds of it. In contrast, Mo Yesi, a big man, ate like a girl.
“Yes, the food here is delicious, but it’s too expensive. Eating here every day is too luxurious.”
“It’s fine if you like it.” Mo Yesi looked at her with deep eyes, and a charming smile formed on his face. “Not to mention that you have to believe in your husband’s financial abilities. Even if you come here three times a day for a lifetime, I won’t go broke.”
Qiao Mianmian went quiet.
She knew he was rich.
A meal of tens of thousands of yuan was extravagant to her. In his eyes, it was probably as normal as an ordinary person eating a meal that cost tens of yuan.
When she had called him “husband” just now, Qiao Mianmian’s heartbeat had accelerated again.
She was worried that if she had such a frequent heartbeat, she would really have a myocardial infarction.
After leaving the restaurant, Qiao Mianmian wanted to go to the hospital to see Qiao Chen. Mo Yesi didn’t have any business, so he naturally accompanied her.
Knowing that Qiao Mianmian attached great importance to Qiao Chen, he certainly had to brush up on his favor with him.
“Master, Madam.”
Uncle Li was waiting outside. He saw them coming out and greeted them politely before opening the door.
After getting into the car, Uncle Li asked the location and drove the car towards the hospital.
The luxurious Rolls-Royce had just left when Qiao Anxin and Su Ze came out of the revolving glass door and stopped at the same time.
Qiao Anxin looked at the black Rolls-Royce that was already in the flow of traffic. Her expression froze for a moment and light shone in her astonished eyes.
Qiao Mianmian was sitting in that car?
Was her sugar daddy the owner of that car?
Qiao Anxin was clear about how expensive a Rolls-Royce was. She had done deep research on various luxury brands. Whether it was bags and jewelry or luxury cars, she had a certain understanding of them.
It was a limited edition Rolls-Royce.
The starting price was at least 20 million.
But none of these were the most important.
The most important point was that the number plate of that car turned out to be four “8s”, only a handful of people could afford such a plate number in Yuncheng.
At first, she had thought that Qiao Mianmian had just gotten with a rich man.
But now…
Those four “8s” stung her eyes and evoked jealousy in her heart.
With that license plate number, Qiao Anxin knew that the identity of the person in the car was definitely not simple.
“Brother Ah Ze, is the woman sitting in that Rolls-Royce my sister?” Qiao Anxin bit her lips tightly and watched as the luxurious Rolls-Royce drove farther and farther away until it was out of sight.
Su Ze pursed his lips and his expression was dark.
The Rolls-Royce’s windows were open.
Just now, he had seen Qiao Mianmian sitting in the car with his own eyes.