I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Chapter 50

Chapter 50: From Now On, She’ll Be the Mistress of the Mo Residence
Wasn’t Young Master averse to women? Wasn’t he allergic to them? Didn’t he see them as toxins?
Knowing that Mo Yesi had an existing condition, Lei En instantly checked for any allergic reaction. Even after seeing that everything appeared fine, he asked in concern, “Young Master, do you need me to get Mr. Lu to come at once?”
Physician Lu had always been the one treating Young Master, and only he truly knew Young Master’s condition.
Mo Yesi swept him a slightly cold glance. “No need.”
“But Young Master, your body…”
“Is fine.”
Lei En widened his eyes one more time and kept quiet out of shock.
What did Young Master mean by “fine”?
Was he not allergic to the woman he was holding?
Gosh, if that was the case, didn’t that call for a huge celebration?
But before Lei En snapped out of his shock, Mo Yesi casually said, “This is Young Madam, she’s the mistress of the Mo Residence from now on. Relay the message to the rest: no one is to disrespect her, and everyone must view her as they view me. If anyone does not abide by this, they’ll be made to leave the Mo Residence.
With that, he carried Qiao Mianmian into the huge white building before them.
Seeing his Young Master take his leave with the new Young Madam, Lei En was left in a confusion.
The almost-60-year-old looked at Uncle Li skeptically. “Old Li, what exactly is going on? Is that really Young Madam?”
Uncle Li was having trouble expressing himself too. “Mm, she and Young Master got their marriage certificate signed at the Bureau. I drove them there.”
Lei En asked, “They’ve already got their certificate? Does Old Master and Old Madam know about this?”
Uncle Li shook his head.
Lei En’s expression became a little strange. “This doesn’t sound simple. Old Master might be fine with it, but Old Madam…”
Uncle Li and he thought of the same point, and both of them had their brows furrowed.
It wasn’t just anybody who could enter the Mo family.
Mo Yesi entered the huge living room with Qiao Mianmian in his arms.
A group of housemaids widened their eyes in utter shock when they saw their Anti-Women Young Master holding a woman!
Mo Yesi went upstairs.
The group of them began their chatter, no longer able to hold in their curiosity.
“Was I seeing things? I actually saw Young Master carrying a woman!!”
“You weren’t, I saw that too!!”
“Isn’t Young Master allergic to women? Why is he able to carry her! Who is she, he actually brought her back to the Mo Residence!”
At this point, another housemaid came running from upstairs.
She almost lost her footing.
She covered her mouth in shock. “Gosh, I just saw Young Master carrying a woman into his bedroom!”
A few of them exchanged glances and were caught in disbelief.
Their Young Master, who’d never touch a woman because of his allergy, had actually brought a woman home and into his bedroom!!
Everyone in the Mo Residence knew that Young Master’s bedroom was a restricted area.
Even Madam wasn’t allowed to enter his bedroom as and when she liked.
As for them, they didn’t even get the chance to set foot in his room. Young Master’s bedroom was always personally cleaned and tidied up by the butler Lei En.
What did it mean for Young Master to bring a woman into his bedroom?