I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Chapter 617 - Big Brother's Opinions Matter a Lot to You?

Chapter 617: Big Brother’s Opinions Matter a Lot to You?
The moment he said that Mo Yesi felt the soft little hand in his tense up for a bit, and then gripped his tighter.
He looked down at her big, bright eyes and could see some excitement in them.
And also… a little nervousness.
“Your B-Big Brother is back?” Qiao Mianmian was so agitated.
Was she going to get to see Mo Shixiu, then?
The future Presidential candidate.
This was pretty exciting.
She’d seen him on television before and caught some photos of him in the press. Back then, she felt as if people like Mo Shixiu were too distant from her…
Too distant for her to ever meet in life.
But who knew…
She’d somehow become Mo Shixiu’s sister-in-law.
From someone she couldn’t possibly have met to a family member.
And now, she could finally see him in person.
Although Qiao Mianmian wasn’t as mad about him as Jiang Luoli was, she still found this meeting exciting and overwhelming.
Mo Shixiu was not her Prince Charming.
But which girl would be able to remain calm just as she knew she was going to meet the future Presidential candidate?
She couldn’t hide the expectancy from her eyes anymore.
Mo Yesi felt a pinch when he saw that.
“Mm,” he responded calmly and did not show his emotions at all.
“Mo Yesi, I’m a little nervous.”
Qiao Mianmian held his hand a little tighter.
She had no idea what Mo Shixiu was like in person.
Was he as stern and unapproachable as on television?
“What’s there to be nervous about.” Mo Yesi found it amusing. “You’ve already met Mom and Grandma, right? As for Big Brother, you don’t have to fear him at all. He looks serious, but he’s a nice person.”
“I know.” Qiao Mianmian took a deep breath. “But I’m still nervous. Does Big Brother… know that you’re married?”
“Of course.”
“Then… what did he say?”
“Mm?” Mo Yesi furrowed his brows and felt a weird pinch again. He couldn’t help but ask, “Big Brother’s opinions matter a lot to you?”
Qiao Mianmian’s lips quivered, and she swallowed her words when she saw his furrowed brows.
Was he… getting jealous again?
She had no idea what to do with this jealous man.
He was jealous of her best friend, his assistant, and now his biological brother…
She suddenly wondered whether he’d be jealous of their child when they had one in the future.
“No, I’m just asking.”
Mo Yesi looked at her for a few seconds and then continued walking in with her. “Big Brother is a bit like me, we don’t really interfere with others’ business. You’re my wife and the woman I love, what can he say about that?
“Of course he’ll be willing to accept you as his sister-in-law.”