I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Chapter 828 - So She's Such a Cute Girl

Chapter 828: So She’s Such a Cute Girl
“Old Master Qiao, I have one more thing. I wonder if you can agree to it?” After a moment of silence, Gong Zeli picked up the teapot on the table and poured himself a cup of tea. Seeing that Qiao Ruhai’s cup was gone, he poured another cup for him.
Qiao Ruhai immediately held his teacup and said, “Young Master Gong, say it. I don’t know what you need, but as long as I can do it, I’ll definitely do it for you.”
“It’s nothing.”
Gong Zeli played with the small porcelain cup between his fingers and smelled the faint fragrance of the tea. He narrowed his eyes and said casually, “I wonder if Old Master Qiao can tell me some things about your daughter from when she was young.
“I want to know more about her.”
Seeing the change in Qiao Ruhai’s expression, Gong Zeli smiled. “Don’t worry, I don’t have any ulterior motives towards her. If I really have any ulterior motives, I’ll seriously pursue her and give her a proper status. I won’t hide it, and I won’t even try to insult her with money.
“To me, she’s a woman worthy of my respect.”
Qiao Ruhai was overthinking.
But after hearing what Gong Zeli said, he immediately dismissed his concerns.
Given Gong Zeli’s status, there was no need to explain so much to him.
If he could do this, it would mean that he respected his daughter.
He lowered his head and thought for a while before saying gently, “Mianmian has been a very obedient and sensible child since she was young. She doesn’t need me to worry about her. She’s also a very kind and loving child. She loved to help stray cats and dogs since she was young. We used to have a dog named Da Huang at home, and she picked it up from outside.”
Gong Zeli listened attentively.
As he listened, he felt like he’d misunderstood Qiao Mianmian too much.
Previously, he was biased against her because of Shen Rou.
He felt that she was a scheming woman.
So much so that every time he saw her, his attitude towards her was very unfriendly.
In fact, when had he ever tried to understand her?
If it wasn’t for Shen Rou, he wouldn’t hate her.
She didn’t seem like the sort of woman people detested.
Qiao Ruhai went on and on, and Gong Zeli listened to him patiently.
He didn’t feel the least bit impatient throughout the entire process.
He was even enjoying it.
Then, he thought that she was such a cute girl.
Kind and wonderful.
No wonder she jumped into the pool to save him that night.
She had always been a kind girl.
She was already so loving towards stray animals, let alone humans.
But he actually missed 10 years of such a cute and beautiful girl.
He actually… only knew now that she was the one who saved him that night.
He was upset and disappointed.
He suddenly realized that he learned the truth too late.
If… he’d known a year earlier, the outcome would’ve been different.
If he’d known a year earlier, if he’d known her before Mo Yesi, he wouldn’t have given her the chance to marry another man.
If the person she married wasn’t Mo Yesi, he could still snatch her back.