Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 11: You’re The One

Chapter 11: You’re The One
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After signing a contract with Lu Jiujun, Mo Wuji did not stay in the laboratory for long. He simply took a look at the machines, and had a general understanding of how they worked.
Not only are there quite a few machines, they have also been preserved well. However, these machines are far from those he had on Earth. In his previous laboratory, he could directly extract and combine his ingredients in precise amounts. Obviously, that would not be possible here.
Mo Wuji did not care. In his past life, concocting a solution which could expand the meridians was not by accident. Even without the machines, with his proficiency built on thousands of experiments, he would be able to recreate the solution. Now, with these machines, he was even more confident of doing so.
No matter the reason why that woman plotted against him, she would not get his ingredient extraction technique and concoct the solution. This was because his method was not focused on the exact genetic combination, but the refining. Furthermore, he did not record down several critical data, as well as some important plant extracts. All of these were remembered in his mind.
In the absence of these plant extracts, the solution acts normally. After adding these extracts, the entire molecular structure changes, and even the DNA tests get disorganised. The results of each test were always different.
But the solution was still able to achieve the effect of opening the meridians. Even Mo Wuji did not understand the logic behind that. This made Mo Wuji believed that science was really mysterious. There were still many things in the world which could not be explained by science.
Mo Wuji was very clear. Whether it is being plotted by his lover, or Yan'Er being taken away, without strength, he will never be able to find the answer. If he was doomed in this new life to not be able to cultivate, he would just accept his fate.
However, until he was fully sure that he could not cultivate, he would not let go of even the smallest of chances.

After signing the contract, Mo Wuji began to wonder around Rao Zhou City. Before deciding his research direction, he must first do market research. Which drugs could earn money, and which couldn’t? This was what he needed to know the most.
Wandering from morning to the evening, Mo Wuji's initial enthusiasm slowly died down. He knew that this world's technological level was beneath Earth's, coupled with his skills in biology, it should be easy to develop one or two money-making products.
But the results of the survey made one thing clear to Mo Wuji, though the technology here was beneath Earth, the pharmaceutical level were not. The variety of cosmetics and fitness products was even more than on Earth. Mo Wuji did not test the efficacy of these drugs, but the fact that people could openly sell them showed that these products would not be bad.
Without a product, even if he is good at marketing, Mo Wuji cannot save Dan Han Drug Refinery. If he could not save Dan Han Drug Refinery, the research that he needed to produce drugs which can allow him to cultivate, was but a dream.
Seeing such results, Mo Wuji went into a daze. He did not even notice when a thin youth bumped into him.
"You want to leave after stealing?" A cold voice woke Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji looked up and saw a young man grabbing the wrist of the thin youth. This young man carried a large package. He had a sharp face and a fierce aura.
"Nonsense…Quickly let’s go..." The thin youth called out. Only then did Mo Wuji check his pockets and discovered that his coin purse was missing.
Mo Wuji did not even know when this youth stole his coin purse. Without hesitation, he rushed forward, grabbed the other hand of the youth, and extended his hands to search the youth's chest.
The youth did not have pockets, so his stolen purse must be on her chest.
Mo Wuji felt a small, soft bun, and by the side, he grabbed his purse.
The youth's face turned rose red, and did not dare to struggle.
"Friend, thank you for helping. If not for you, I am afraid I won't even have money to eat." Mo Wuji kept his purse and thanked the young man.
The young man saw Mo Wuji retrieve his wallet, nodded and let go of the thin youth. The thief was slightly shocked to be released, and quickly disappeared into the crowd in just a few seconds.
The process was very short and many of the passers-by did not see what happened.
The young man did not respond to Mo Wuji's gratitude, but looked at Mo Wuji and asked, "Why did you let the thief go?"
Just now, he released his hands. If Mo Wuji wanted the thief to stay, he could have continued grabbing the thief.
Mo Wuji laughed, "That thief was so thin, and obviously she was very hungry. If I kept her, besides beating her, what can I do?"
The thin thief was a girl, and was starving desperately. Just now, when Mo Wuji was holding the thief, he saw the image of Yan'Er in her, and felt pity for the little girl. But he had always disliked thieves. Even if he sympathised with her, he would not purposely offer her some money. At the same time, he also could not bear to teach the little girl a hard lesson.
"If you do not mind, how about we go to the nearby tavern and I’ll play host," Mo Wuji casually said this sentence to change the topic.
The young man said lightly, "I only put in a little effort, you don't have to do this much."
Mo Wuji said again, "I am a drug refiner. I wonder if this friend here has medicinal herbs to be sold. If so, I am in need of them."
As a biologist who regularly dealt with botanical herbs and medicinal ingredients, Mo Wuji could easily identify the smell of herbs on the young man.
"How did you know?" The young man gave Mo Wuji a puzzled look.
Mo Wuji smiled, "You have the smell of herbs. Also, the herbs are very fresh."
The young man nodded, "The tavern in front, Rao Jiang Xian Tavern, is not bad. Let's go there."
Rao Jiang Xian Tavern was not bad. When the waiter brought up the wine, Mo Wuji could smell a chilly fragrance without even drinking it.
"My name is Mo Wuji, may I know what I call you, friend?" Mo Wuji poured a cup and asked.
"Lan Yu," The young man did not say much. After saying his name, he drained his glass of wine.
"I'm Dan Han Drug Refinery's drug refiner. If Brother Lan has any medicinal herbs in the future, you can send them directly to DanHan Drug Refinery. If you find some special herbs that I need, the price can also..."
Mo Wuji suddenly paused. He has not found a suitable product for Dan Han Drug Refinery, where will he find the money to buy the herbs he needs?
Lan Yu saw that Mo Wuji did not continue, and thought that Mo Wuji was insinuating that the price will rise, then said, "Of course, But I will be leaving Rao Zhou soon. Cheng Yu State and Chang Yan State have already started warring. There is an urgent need for healing herbs. I will be going somewhere close to the battlefield."
War? Healing herbs? Mo Wuji felt like his mind was struck by lightning, and everything suddenly became clear.
He saw a lot of healing drugs in the pharmacies and pill rooms. No matter how good the drugs are at healing physical injuries, how could they be as good as penicillin?
In fact, Lu Jiujun mentioned healing drugs in the morning. Before, he was confident and did not care. Now that he could not find suitable products, hearing about the war and healing drugs, he immediately thought of penicillin.
It can be said that the war situation in World War II was reversed, largely due to penicillin. It saved millions of lives during World War II.
Mo Wuji clapped. Penicillin, you're the one.