Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 12: Causing An Uproar In The Drug Industry

Chapter 12: Causing An Uproar In The Drug Industry
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Seeing how Lan Yu gave him a puzzled look, Mo Wuji laughed while saying, "Brother Lan, you are about to sell this medicinal herb to our refinery for a price even higher than the battlefield nearby, so why go the extra mile?"
The thought of penicillin made Mo Wuji felt great. No matter the quality of any drug, is there one better than penicillin in preventing bacterial infection? Most importantly, penicillin is a drug he could use Dan Han Drug Refinery's equipment to produce.
Lan Yu looked at Mo Wuji suspiciously. In fact, from the moment Mo Wuji mentioned he is the drug refiner of Dan Han Drug Refinery; Lan Yu had his doubts about him already.
"Drug refiner Mo, I've heard that things have been difficult at Dan Han Drug Refinery recently..." Lan Yu's tone was a little tactful, but his intention was very obvious. He meant to say that Mo Wuji was not capable.
If it was before he thought of penicillin, Mo Wuji would not dare to boast, however he said without any hesitation, "Brother Lan, you will soon realise that Dan Han Drug Refinery will cause an uproar in Cheng Yu because there is a successful businessman who has directly invested millions of gold coins into Dan Han Drug Refinery."
Lan Yu did not bother to find out whether this is real because even if it is fake, he could just sell the drug to someone else, "Alright, it’s a deal then.”
"In addition to the general herbs, I would need some special herbs too. I will write it on a piece of paper for you shortly and I would need to trouble you to find it for me. Two months later, no matter how many herbs you have, you can bring them to Dan Han Drug Refinery and I will offer you a price higher than any refinery at the cities at the warfront can offer,” Mo Wuji said while getting pen and paper from the table.
The production of penicillin did not require many herbs. The herbs he had were either used for medical research or given to Dan Han Drug Refinery as additional products, he cannot possibly just sell penicillin. Of course, his main goal was to continue refining the solution which can open up the meridians.
Lan Yu frowned slightly,"Hold on, two months is way too long, I cannot wait till then."
Mo Wuji laughed while saying, "Brother Lan, are you in urgent need of money? If you're not, why can't you wait? It is not as if the war will end anytime soon."
LanYu gave it a little thought and realised what Mo Wuji said was right. Even though he would be able to fetch a slightly higher price at the warfront cities, it was indeed more dangerous. It was after all only two months.
"We will do as you wish, just write down the herbs you need," Lan Yu was a very simple and straightforward person. Since he agreed to it, he would not hesitate. Lan Yu felt Mo Wuji's extreme self-confidence as he spoke.
Mo Wuji knew from the start Lan Yu would agree because unless he did not have a choice, why would anyone enter the battlefield? After Lan Yu agree, Mo Wuji wrote on paper a list of ten herbs for Lan Yu.
"LongYan Grass, BaiHua Fruit, Vine of Artemisia, Millettia, Dark Yellow Ginseng, Vein of Thousand Year Pine Tree, Fire Essence Stone..."
Lan Yu frowned at the moment he saw the list that Mo Wuji was writing because he had never heard of most of these herbs.
"Drug refiner Mo, maybe the herbs you wrote down are of the top grade because I do not recognise most of them like the BaiHua fruit, Vine of Artemisia, Dusk Needle Flower..." After reading it twice, Lan Yu was finally so annoyed that he returned the paper back to Mo Wuji.
Mo Wuji immediately understood what the problem was. The names of these herbs should be different here and on earth.
At the thought of this, Mo Wuji hurried to grab another piece of paper, started drawing and at the same time explain the growth characteristics. For example, Fire Essence Stones were normally found below dry volcanic rocks, Vine of Artemisia grew in wetter regions and purple flowers would only bloom from Dusk Needle Flower at midnight..."
"So the BaiHua Fruit you mentioned is Cai Fruit, Dusk Needle Fruit is Night-Purple ah..." Lan Yu finally understood but was still suspicious of Mo Wuji.
Mo Wuji was a drug refiner, how could he possibly not recognise a herb? Unless he really made a mistake? That’s not possible, all these years he has not heard anyone recognise Cai Fruit as BaiHua Fruit before.
"Ah ah…I was wrong. What I've learnt are ancient drugs and I've forgotten that all their names were changed. There are many drugs today which I am still unfamiliar with; I might have to go buy a book about herbs to memorise," Mo Wuji said with a straight face.
"Oh, no wonder..." Lan Yu did not suspect Mo Wuji anymore. Mo Wuji did explain the characteristics of the different herbs and even drew out some pictures, he should not be lying.
"Alright, I will take my leave now and come back to Dan Han Drug Refinery two months later."
Lan Yu nodded his head, took the paper from Mo Wuji and bid farewell to Mo Wuji.
Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief and slowly left the hotel. A day of testing the market was finally not for nothing.
He was not worried that Lan Yu might obtain the formula he was researching on, not to mention the few important herbs he had on his hands that Lan Yu did not. Even if he were to give these herbs to Lan Yu, this solution could not be developed by any normal person.

Mo Wuji just returned to Dan Han Drug Refinery when Lu Jiujun hurried over, "Brother Mo, when are you going to start researching on the new drug? I do have a few half completed drug formulae..."
Mo Wuji shook his hand, "I already have a new formula, and let us just forget about these half completed ones. I do want to take a look at Dan Han Drug Refinery's pharmaceutical classics, though. Oh yes, I'm still short of some gold coins to purchase some herbs for my research.”
"All these are not a problem; I will first bring you to Dan Han's only drug record room," Lu Jiujun said without any hesitation, he was also very anxious about the development of this new drug.

Although DanHan Drug Refinery failed previously, they had quite a few rare pharmaceutical classics, some which could no longer be found in the market.
Mo Wuji took a look at these pharmaceutical books and he knew he did not need to buy any additional books to memorise the herbs' names. He casually told Lu Jiujun, "Old Lu, I need you to help me find a few reliable workers. Once the new drug is developed, it will be produced in our backyard. Remember, I want the development of our new drug to be confidential therefore the workers must be reliable and trustworthy. Two days later, we start work. Two months from now, that will be when Dan Han Drug Refinery will rise again. No, I mean will cause an uproar in the drug industry."
After Lu Jiujun's Dan Han Drug Refinery’s decline, it did not leave much behind and this backyard alone was already spacious enough.
In fact, Mo Wuji knew very clearly that no matter how secretive he was, the penicillin fermentation process cannot be kept a secret for too long because it was way too simple. The only thing that can be kept secret was the method of producing the nutrient solution. However, the process to produce nutrient solution was also too simple. Once it is leaked, it can be imitated easily. However Mo Wuji did not care less, as long as he was able to make his first bucket of gold coins, he would find ways to increase it. Regarding the fact that penicillin will cause an uproar in the drug industry, he was not lying at all because penicillin was after all a drug that did not belong to this particular period.
This sentence acted almost like an elixir of life to Lu Jiujun as he seemed to be revived immediately, hitting his chest and said, "Brother Mo, do not worry, I will personally make sure no one leaks any secrets of my Dan Han Drug Refinery.
"Hold up..." Without waiting for Lu Jiujun to leave, Mo Wuji found a piece of paper and wrote a list of equipment and passed it to Lu Jiujun,"I would need these pieces of equipment too, to prepare for the production of the new drug."
Lu Jiujun gave Mo Wuji a puzzled look, "What do you need all these different types of glass bottles and test tubes for?"
Mo Wuji shook his hand, "You do not have to bother with all these, and just listen to what I say. In two months, Dan Han Drug Refinery will rise from the dead."
These were not meant for the penicillin, but for the development of his of Channel Opening Solution.