Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 14: Sensational Nine Lives Healing Solution

Chapter 14: Sensational Nine Lives Healing Solution
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"Hey, Nine Life Healing Solution... Its effect is several times higher than other healing drugs?" On the main street of Rao Zhou City, several soldiers filled with bloodstains suddenly stopped and looked at the big billboard.
"It's from Dan Han Drug Refinery. I have heard of that workshop before. Duan Hu, immediately carry Qiu Fang and the rest of our brothers to Dan Han Drug Refinery. We will wait for you at the store entrance," The sturdy man leading the group instructed.
"Captain, it says that the sale of the drug will only start on 10 September."
"Today is already the 9th. We will talk while we're waiting. If this is false advertising, I will immediately demolish this shop."
In Rao Zhou City, there were many of such soldiers covered with blood. Coupled with the recent war, there are more heavily wounded soldiers who return to Rao Zhou. The higher number of injured soldiers also made people aware of the bad situation at the war frontlines, causing a tense atmosphere to fall upon Rao Zhou.
As Dan Han Drug Refinery's advertisement was too good, coupled with the high death rates of wounded soldiers, it was not uncommon to see injured soldiers being carried to Dan Han Drug Refinery.
In just a few days time, besides a few onlookers, there were many bloodied soldiers who came back from the battlefield.
As there were too many soldiers, Rao Zhou City had to send guards to instil some order. The location of Dan Han Drug Refinery's store was fairly good. With the gathering of the soldiers, almost the entire street got occupied.
Xing Han Calendar: 10 September 2930.
There seemed to be a whole sea of people in front of Dan Han Drug Refinery's store entrance. Some were there to enjoy the bustling scene, some were suspicious, but most were there to try a bottle of the drug.
"Open the door…" Following the calls of the crowd, Dan Han Drug Refinery's store door slowly opened.
Being surrounded for a few days, Lu Jiujun was no longer surprised. With a loudspeaker in his hands, facing the crowd, he said, "Dear friends, all those here to buy the Nine Lives Healing Solution, please form an orderly queue. I guarantee that everyone will get a bottle. This new drug of ours is simply the panacea of all injured patients. There are no false ingredients whatsoever. With every bottle purchased, we will also give a set of white gauze bandages, a bag of Dan Han Injury Powder..."
Due to the inconvenience of injections, Mo Wuji developed oral penicillin. Naturally, the gauze bandages and powder were to be used together with penicillin.
For those allergic to penicillin, there was a small reminder on the instructions. Every day, there were so many soldiers who die from their injuries. Once the efficacy of penicillin is seen, who would care about those with allergies? What's more, oral penicillin was less effective on those with allergies.
"How much is a bottle?" Many voices called out at the same time, interrupting Lu Jiujun's words. With exception, everyone was only concerned about one thing: the price of a bottle of Nine Lives Healing Solution.
Lu Jiujun slightly clenched his fist, with a face full of smiles, he said, "As our new drug uses the highest grades of herbs, the price is slightly higher. Each bottle costs 2 gold coins..."
Countless sighs of shock were heard before many people started shouting abuse. 2 gold coins for a bottle of healing drugs? Why not just rob them? Other healing drugs cost only a few silver coins. Some even cost a few dozen bronze coins.
After hearing the price, more than half of the queue immediately left. 2 gold coins for a bottle of healing drug was indeed too expensive. An ordinary family may not even earn 2 gold coins in a year.
Seeing the queue becoming shorter, Lu Jiujun's mouth started twitching. His intention was to price the drug at 10 silver coins, but Mo Wuji wanted it to be 5 gold coins. The final price of 2 gold coins was a mutual compromise. But he also had to agree with Mo Wuji that the price of the penicillin of higher purity, which also had a more deluxe glass packaging, should be 10 gold coins.
Perhaps Dan Han Drug Refinery's advertisement was too effective, despite the high price; there were still people who bought the drug. Some gathered money to buy a bottle, while there were even some who bought more than two bottles. As for the deluxe version, not even one bottle was sold.
Dan Han Drug Refinery which was crowded for days became deserted again after a short hour.
"Brother Mo, this time... Aiii..." Lu Jiujun sighed. If he did not want to wait for a few days to see the efficacy of the drug, he would have advised Mo Wuji to slash the price.
This time, they produced nearly 50,000 bottles. They even hired 20 people to work overtime to get the drug out for sale. Furthermore, after completing the first batch, Mo Wuji did not stop and started the production of the second batch, which was even more than the first batch.
They advertised for nearly a month, but they did not even sell 200 bottles. Even the advertising cost would not be covered.
"Don't worry, we'll see in a few days. I'll go and take a walk," Mo Wuji waved his hand, indicating that Lu Jiujun should not worry.
Mo Wuji was not worried about whether penicillin will sell. He was more concerned about the production of his solution. Mo Wuji could predict that penicillin would not continue to earn profits in the future. He might as well set the price high and earn money for now.
After a few days, Lan Yu will deliver a few of the herbs which he needs. In addition that to the few that he's buying, he would be ready to start.
For some unusual things, he needed to go and find them on his own. With the exception of Lan Yu's herbs, he only lacked one thing. Even knowing that others will not be able to develop the solution which can open spirit channels with the drug formula, Mo Wuji still wanted to be careful.
Lu Jiujun could only nod. Things had already come so far, what else could he do?
The thing that Mo Wuji was looking for could not even be considered a herb as this thing was too common. Mo Wuji was looking for lotus silk, the fresher, the better. From Mo Wuji's experiments, he discovered that if lotus silk was not added, the effects of the solution would be significantly reduced. Once lotus silk is added, there would be an entirely different effect.
However, the lotus root must be specially selected. It must be the second silk thread from the root.
He had personally tested this. The moment he drank the solution, he could clearly feel the spirit channels in his body getting clearer, and his physical strength increasing greatly. Take note, although he learnt martial arts, he was not a master who learnt some special arts.
Unfortunately, before his meridians were completely expanded, he was murdered by his lover.
In the first day, Dan Han Drug Refinery was still able to sell one to two hundred bottles of Nine Lives Healing Solution. By the second and third day, not even a bottle was sold.
Lu Jiujun became as agitated as an ant on a hot pan. On the other hand, Mo Wuji was hiding in his laboratory, not even feeling a bit of anxiety. Besides eating and using the toilet, no one saw him come out of his laboratory. Even his food had to be delivered to him.
"This won't do. We are just simply waiting for death. Lulu, help me call Brother Mo. I would like to discuss with him," Lu Jiujun could not stand the emptiness of the store.
"Shop owner, Master Mo told me not to disturb him unless it’s something important.." The shop clerk, Lulu, said timidly.
"Never mind. I will go..."
Lu Jiujun waved his hand and started to head upstairs. At the time, a tall and big figure blocked the whole door of the store, "Who is the treasurer here?"