Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 15: The Return of The Fiery

Chapter 15: The Return of The Fiery
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The voice was accompanied by an inauspicious influence, causing Lu Jiujun to subconsciously take a few steps back. "My friend, I am Dan Han Drug Refinery's owner Lu Jiujun..."
Lu Jiujun paused abruptly as he saw a tall, courageous man with two other men behind him. He recognised the two men as they were at Dan Han Drug Refinery’s opening day carrying a severely wounded man a few days ago.
Could it be that the wounded man died and they are now here to find trouble?
The thought of this made Lu Jiujun break out in a cold sweat. Under normal circumstances as long as there was no common problem with the drug, it should not be that much of an issue. However, if someone were to investigate them, it may become problematic. It would even more problematic if that someone was from the army.
"Owner Lu, this is our captain. We wish to purchase 300 bottles of the ordinary Nine Lives Healing Solution and we are wondering if the price is negotiable?" The man whom Lu Jiujun recognised from a few days earlier said.
"Ah..." Lu Jiujun immediately understood the situation; the Nine Lives Healing Solution must have been really exceptional to make a captain come down to purchase it personally.
Lu Jiujun instantly calmed himself down. With his many years of experience in this business, he understood the situation perfectly. From today onwards, Nine Lives Healing Solution will sell like hotcakes with no need to worry about the sales.
Lu Jiujun knew that the large army had nothing but money. "There are still some solutions remaining. However the opening sales price of 2 gold coins has now been changed to..."
The tall leader raised his hand without hesitation to stop Lu Jiujun from continuing. "Hold on, forget about the negotiation, just sell it to us at 2 gold coins per bottle and we will get 500 bottles. We come from Tie Fei Army camp and we will patronise your shop very often."
"It is a deal then," Lu Jiujun did not even think of increasing the price, Tie Fei Army camp is one of the three camps in Cheng Yu. Building a good relationship with Tie Fei Army camp will ensure good business in the future.
In the past, Cheng Ling Pill workshop was only a small workshop while Dan Han Drug Refinery's shophouses were all over the big cities in Cheng Yu state.
Presently, Cheng Ling Pill workshop is one of the best drug dealing workshops in Cheng Yu state. Almost 40% of the drugs in Cheng Yu were provided by Cheng Ling Pill workshop.
There were a few people chatting casually over tea in Cheng Ling Pill workshop's headquarters' conference hall. Cheng Ling Pill workshop had gone on the right track; therefore the meeting was just full of chatter.
"Dan Han Drug Refinery created such a huge uproar previously such that I thought they were inventing an extraordinary healing drug. Turns out the advertising were just exaggerated, ha ha," The one speaking was a 60 years old man who was in charge of Cheng Ling Pill workshop's sales. His name was Liu Wansheng.
To be honest, Dan Han Drug Refinery's advertisement of their new drug did scare him a little. However, now that he found out that Dan Han Drug Refinery was nothing but a paper tiger, he felt more at ease.
Sitting on a higher level was a lady named Mei Xiu who is Cheng Ling Pill workshop's owner. After hearing Liu Wansheng's words, she said, "Deacon Liu, no matter how exaggerated the advertisement by Dan Han Drug Refinery was, salespeople like us must still give them the attention. Furthermore, it has only been a few days, if the Nine Lives..."
Mei Xiu's words were suddenly interrupted as an energetic youth came rushing in to pass Mei Xiu a letter.
The conference hall fell silent and all eyes fell on Mei Xiu.
Mei Xiu tore open the envelope and took out the letter. The instance she finished reading the letter, she smiled and stood up saying, "Today, a few representatives from the army visited Dan Han Drug Refinery. According to the news, these army representatives bought at least 100 of the Nine Lives Healing Solution. Furthermore, there were a few businessmen who went to Dan Han Drug Refinery as well. These people are those who once bought the drug from Dan Han Drug Refinery previously..."
Everyone knew what Mei Xiu's words implied. Despite the steep prices of the Nine Lives Healing Solution, people went back for the second time to purchase it. This proved that the effects of the solution were really extraordinary, even more so than the publicity had claimed it to be.
If Dan Han Drug Refinery were to really invent such an extraordinary drug, how is Cheng Ling Pill workshop supposed to compete with them?
"Owner Mei, what do we do now?" A plump middle-aged man stood up and asked.
"Mei Qi, notify a few of the elders in the workshop to go down to Dan Han Drug Refinery to take a look immediately," Mei Xiu's expression turned serious and her tone became very modest.
"Alright…" The youth who came to deliver the letter answered and then hurried back.
Lan Yu carried two huge leather bags to Dan Han Drug Refinery but was shocked as he was reaching the entrance. The once empty Dan Han Drug Refinery was now filled with many customers. Everyone was queuing in an orderly fashion despite looking very anxious. The queue stretched from the entrance of Dan Han Drug Refinery to half a street away.
Was the Nine Lives Healing Solution really that powerful? He did see it in the advertisements but he has seen way too many of such exaggerated ones in the past that he did not pay much attention to this one.
"What are you doing? Please queue from behind," Lan Yu was stopped by a man just as he was about to enter Dan Han Drug Refinery.
Lan Yu frowned and said, "I am not here to buy the drugs, I am here to look for Master Mo."
A young lady hurried out and said respectfully, "Are you brother Lan? Master Mo has ordered me to wait for you here."
Lan Yu quickly nodded his head, "Yes, I am Lan Yu. Could you please take me to see Master Mo?"
The young lady said in a hurry, "Brother Lan, call me Lu Lu. Master Mo is not around; he is currently over at the workshop. Please follow me."
The crowd was envious of Lan Yu as he was brought over by the young lady. They wished they were the ones who knew Master Mo personally.
The rumours of the powerful healing ability of Nine Lives Healing Solution soon spread across the city very quickly. Even if one were to purchase the solution, it could be very easily resold for an additional 10 silver coins.
"Master Mo, Brother Lan is here," Lu Lu shouted out respectfully as she brought Lan Yu to the entrance of the Mo Wuji laboratory in Dan Han Drug Refinery's workshop.
Every worker at Dan Han Drug Refinery knew very well the reason for this fiery situation at Dan Han Drug Refinery these few days. It was because of the arrival of a very capable drug refiner; Master Mo. Master Mo developed a revolutionary drug, the Nine Lives Healing Solution.
As long as the sales continue at Dan Han Drug Refinery, it would rise again, this time even better than before. It was a very obvious prediction evident from the number of people queuing everyday. Some would even pay more for the drugs so they could purchase it earlier than the rest.
Lu Lu, as Mo Wuji's helper, treated Mo Wuji very respectfully.
As soon as Lu Lu's voice died down, a small door opened. Mo Wuji stood at the door's entrance with messy hair, looking in excitement, "Brother Lan, you have finally arrived."
Lan Yu did not mind Mo Wuji's look or the smell of different drugs from the laboratory because he knew that a truly capable drug refiner, like Mo Wuji, would go crazy once dealing with drugs.
"Master Mo, you really did not lie to me, your drug has exceeded all expectations and has been very successful," Lan Yu said with admiration.
Even though Lan Yu promised Mo Wuji he would stay in Rao Zhou City, the fact was that he did not fully believe Mo Wuji's words. Today, having witnessed Dan Han Drug Refinery's grand occasion, he was convinced that Mo Wuji's new drug would be able to make them rise again.
"Thank you for your trust, please take a sit inside Brother Mo," Mo Wuji said while his eyes laid on Lan Yu's leather bag.
Lan Yu noticed Mo Wuji's looking and knew his intentions were not for him to sit down inside. He smiled and passed the leather bag in his left hand to Mo Wuji. "Master Mo, these are the herbs you needed. There are a total of ten, please take a look."
Mo Wuji grinned while taking the bag, "There is no need, how can I not trust you, Brother Lan?"
After saying this, he told Lu Lu, "Lu Lu, you must help me take good care of Brother Lan. There is no need to check the things he brought over, I trust him. Also, give him double the market price for the goods."
It was not that Mo Wuji did not want to entertain Brother Lan, it was just that his current research is too urgent. Mo Wuji knew Lan Yu is a decent person and if Mo Wuji decided to stay for long at Dan Han Drug Refinery, he would find ways to hire Lan Yu to work at his workshop.
Mo Wuji knew that once the price and value of the Nine Lives Healing Solution has been revealed, Dan Han Drug Refinery would not have full control over it. In the face of huge profits, he did not believe Lu Jiujun and the other drug refineries would still follow the rules of business here.
He also knew that he could not blame Lu Jiujun for this as he did not expect Nine Lives Healing Solution to be so sought after. This was just the beginning. Once the value of penicillin was revealed, even Lu Jiujun himself could not guarantee what he promised earlier.