Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 18: Now I Understand

Chapter 18: Now I Understand
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Although Mei Xiu was not considered beautiful, Mo Wuji felt a great sense of affinity with her. After Mo Wuji took a seat, she grabbed the opportunity to serve Mo Wuji a cup of tea even before the waiter could.
"I'm really envious of Master Mo's ability to refine drugs; being able to develop a revolutionary product like the Nine Lives Healing Solution. I believe Master Mo understands the intention of my visit, and regardless of whether I'm successful or not, I still need to give you a toast to show my respect. This is because the Nine Lives Healing Solution has saved countless lives; Master Mo has served a great act of merit..." Finishing her words, Mei Xiu drained the cup of tea in her hands.
Mo Wuji secretly sighed in his heart. This woman really knows how to speak.
But this woman drank a cup right in front of him, so there shouldn't be a problem with the tea. Mo Wuji was very thirsty so he also quickly drained his cup.
After drinking the tea, Mo Wuji turned serious and said, "Owner Mei thinks too highly of me. I simply developed an average drug. On the other hand, cultivators who have opened their spirits can casually come up with any drug which would be far superior to my Nine Lives Healing Solution."
Mei Xiu laughed in her heart. She had already conducted a thorough investigation on Mo Wuji. She knew that Mo Wuji did not have spiritual roots, but was very keen on cultivation. From Mo Wuji's words, she could infer that Mo Wuji was trying to inquire about cultivators.
"Mo Wuji underestimates your Nine Lives Healing Solution. Although cultivators can, in fact, come up with better healing drugs, these drugs cannot be used by ordinary mortals. Furthermore, even if mortals are able to use those drugs, those drugs will never be able to be mass produced like the Nine Lives Healing Solution. That's why I am not wrong when I say that the Nine Lives Healing Solution is a revolutionary product. The reason why I'm here, is to cooperate with Dan Han Drug Refinery, to expand the production of the Nine Lives Healing Solution," Mei Xiu said seriously.
Nine Lives Healing Solution - this money making machine - even if Cheng Ling Pill Workshop offers an extravagant price, Lu Jiujun would not be willing to share it. So, he constantly gave glances at Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji acted as though he did not see Lu Jiujun's actions. He was definitely not staying at Dan Han Drug Refinery for long. He had already planned to share penicillin and leave after making a large sum of money. Now that Cheng Ling Pill Workshop had offered him such a huge deal, of course it would be for the best.
"Haha, Owner Mei is indeed correct in her words. The Nine Lives Healing Solution is definitely a revolutionary product. Master Mo has made an invaluable contribution towards the Cheng Yu State by developing this drug," Elder Wu and Tai, who were sitting by Mei Xiu's side, sounded out.
As Lu Jiujun heard these words, he could not help but nod his head with a sense of pride.
Originally, Mo Wuji wanted to leave after making a sum of money. However, after hearing those words, his heart skipped a beat. He suddenly understood the reason why he had been feeling so uneasy. It wasn't because of the assassin who poisoned his tea, but the Cheng Yu State.
Once penicillin is developed, it will definitely be controlled by the state. The reason why no one had come to find him is because penicillin only appeared in the market for the short time, and in small quantities. Many people only viewed penicillin as a pricey drug.
However, once penicillin was used by the army on a large scale, he might lose his rights to freedom. He might be asked to specialise in the development of drugs for the country, or he might be forced to give his penicillin formula before being killed. No one in power would allow this national treasure to be leaked out.
Thinking about this, Mo Wuji could no longer sit still. He suddenly stood up, and said to Mei Xiu, "I am thankful for Owner Mei's respect. Actually, I created this Nine Lives Healing Solution was simply because I wanted to do something for ordinary mortals like myself. Before, I wasn't very clear, but the words of Owner Mei and Elder Wu really opened my eyes. How about this, give me one day. After a day, Cheng Ling Pill Workshop will be able to get what it wants. First, let me prepare. Goodbye."
Finishing his words, Mo Wuji hurriedly left even before Mei Xiu and the others could say a few words of courtesy. He really wanted to make a huge sum of money from Cheng Ling Pill Workshop, but he did not dare take the risk. This danger was something he did not want to face.
Fortunately, Mei Xiu and the others were business people, and they understood the eccentricities of researches. Thus, they did not mind the actions of Mo Wuji. On the contrary, Mei Xiu was very excited when Mo Wuji said that she would be able to get what she wanted after one day.
Lu Jiujun was anxious, but he could not be like Mo Wuji and leave as and when he wanted.
Situ Qian, the lord of Cheng Yu State. Even though Cheng Yu State did not count for much in the Xing Han Empire, and was even ranked among the back, Situ Qian was still a supreme existence as the Cheng Yu State Lord.
At the moment, Situ Qian was sitting on his golden throne, his eyes hanging low, looking a bit impatient. The people on both side of the hall were infected by the atmosphere.
"Dear Officials, due to some things at play, the Lord would have to leave for now," The eunuch clearly understood Situ Qian's intentions, and quickly said.
"Official Feihu has an urgent military report for the Lord," A sturdy man stepped out the right side of the hall, bowed and said.
Urgent Military Report?
Situ Qian suddenly raised his head. His originally low hanging eyes started to have colour. Even his pale white face now seemed to radiate an oppressive and majestic aura.
Whether it was the changes in Situ Qian’s behavior, or the three words "Urgent Military Report", the officials in the hall started to act in a more dignified manner.
"General Feihu, don't tell me that there's a change in the situation in the war with Chang Yan State?" Situ Qian said in a slightly tapering voice.
General Feihu quickly said, "No, this is about an event that happened in Cheng Yu State. A great event! If used properly, not only will we exterminate Chang Yan State, even expanding our territory is not impossible."
An elder standing on the left side of the hall coarsely said, "Zhao Feihu, since when did you get so long-winded and speak in bits and pieces."
Zhao Feihu ignored the old man, and continued, "Your Majesty, the army recently discovered a healing solution. This healing solution is amazing, and it can cure all sorts of complicated infections. According to the news I heard from the Ironword Branch, out of 1000 injured soldiers who consumed the solution, only one died so far. Furthermore, his death is not due to infection but severe blood loss. So to speak, no one died after consuming the solution. On the other hand, when we were without this solution, our death rates were as high as 30 to 40%. We can say that the effects of this new solution is more than ten times better than our best drugs now..."
"What?" Situ Qian stood up agitatedly, and did not notice that the jade ruyi in his hands had already fallen to the ground.
Not only just Situ Qian, the other officials looked at General Feihu in shock, and all started to breathe heavily.
In every war that occurred, the deaths of injured soldiers due to infection were always in the millions. If this drug could prevent the deaths of the soldiers, it would be absolutely revolutionary.
What is the most precious thing in war? It is the soldier. No, it should be a combat experienced soldier. Just one soldier who survived a war is far more worthy than a few inexperienced recruits.
If the drug was as magical as he says, Zhao Feihu's words about exterminating the Chang Yan State may not be impossible. It could even help Cheng Yu State vastly expand its territories.
"General Fei Hu, are you referring to the Nine Lives Healing Solution?" The elder who previously ridiculed Zhao Feihu asked in surprise.