Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 21: Looking For An Escape Route

Chapter 21: Looking For An Escape Route
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"My Lord, thank you for your kind offer. However, I know how difficult it is to be a Lord. A Lord has to continuously worry for the country. I own some shares in Dan Han Drug Refinery and the profits from these shares are enough for me to spend for the rest of my life. Since I am not a drug refiner, I cannot develop any new drugs to sell. However, after this incident, I developed a soft spot for drug refining and I just wish to settle down in a quiet environment to focus on learning how to refine drugs. Hopefully, I can contribute more to the people of this country in the future," Mo Wuji said with caution and fear.
Situ Qian was slightly surprised at Mo Wuji's reply. Previously, Mo Wuji was extremely persistent in his attempt to succeed the throne. Thus, Situ Qian did not believe that Mo Wuji would have known that Situ Qian would kill him if he agreed to accept the offer. Those who knew about Mo Wuji's past were also very curious about his decision. How could a descendant of the Mo Clan refuse to succeed the throne when it was offered to him?
"Are you really interested in drug refining? If you are, I could recommend you to Cheng Yu Drug Refining School," An elder with white hair stood forward and said.
The present Mo Wuji was not like the foolish Mo Xinghe; he immediately understood this elder's intentions. This elder merely wanted to bootlick the Lord and show his contribution to improve his position in the kingdom.
Mo Wuji did want to attend that school. However, he was sure someone was out to assassinate him. Even though he gave up the throne, he still had to be careful.
"I'm not only interested in drug refining. More than anything else, I am interested in cultivating. However, I only have mortal roots and I’m unable to cultivate," Mo Wuji said while sighing.
There was truth to his sentence as being unable to cultivate was indeed his greatest pain.
Han Chengan appeared as though he could read Mo Wuji's mind and said, "Young Brother Mo, 6 months later, Xing Han Empire will be organising the Spring Immortal’s Gate Conference. Cheng Yu State will send ten participants; the Han Clan would be sending one too. If you are willing, I can give you the opportunity to follow the Han family to participate in the Spring Immortal’s Gate Conference as an attendant. I am only afraid this would be unworthy of your presence as your ancestors were from nobility after all."
"May I ask who you are?" Mo Wuji was pleased regardless of what his status was. Staying here would be too dangerous. If he agreed to go to Xing Han Empire, he could meet real cultivators and even find new opportunities. More importantly, he could leave Cheng Yu State.
The white haired elder grunted at Mo Wuji and said, "This is Cheng Yu State's Prefecture Duke, Han Chengan. Why don't you hurry and thank him for his offer? Quit thinking you're the small Lord of Northern Qin Prefecture because you're not."
Mo Wuji did not agree with him as he knew the white haired elder was biased against him for the earlier incident.
"So you're Prefecture Duke Han. Thank you for your kind offer. I, Mo Wuji, have always looked up to your big name and I am willing to follow the Han Clan for this conference," Mo Wuji replied respectfully to Han Chengan.
After replying, Mo Wuji realised something and turned his head to the white haired elder, “And you are?"
The white haired elder saw that Mo Wuji was willing to follow the Han family and felt a little unhappy. He replied Mo Wuji coldly, “I am Minister Yao Kang."
"I’ve never heard of you," Mo Wuji said and immediately turned to Situ Qian. "My Lord, thank you for your kindness. I've decided to represent and serve the Han Clan."
He completely ignored Yao Kang, as if Yao Kang was just a passerby.
"It shall be as you wish,” Situ Qian said perfunctorily. One of the eunuchs who stood by him knew that Situ Qian was getting irritated and thus said, "Dismissed."
Han Chengan said to Mo Wuji, "You should go and pack up. You will follow me back to the Han Residence."
Mo Wuji said hurriedly, "Thank you Prefecture Duke, I will pack my things and then head over to the Duke's place tonight."
Han Chengan nodded and said, "Please go ahead first. Just register your name once you’ve reached my residence."
After finishing his words, Han Chengan did not bother about Mo Wuji anymore as he followed the rest of the ministers out.
Mo Wuji naturally sped up and followed closely behind them, leaving behind an unsatisfied Yao Kang. Yao Kang never expected a lowly personnel like Mo Wuji to be so arrogant. He embarrassed Yao Kang in front of so many ministers by saying he had not heard of him before, while he had a lot of respect for Han Chengan. In terms of authority, he held more power than Han Chengan. Han Chengan's position was only slightly higher than his.
Watching Mo Wuji's back as he hurried off, there was a trace of coldness in Yao Kang's eyes.

If Mo Wuji did not have important things to settle, he would have immediately followed Han Chengan back to the Han Residence.
He still had eight more bottles of the channel opening solution which he had to bring along with him. Whether they work or not, he refused to discard them. Who knows, maybe if he added more ingredients, it could become a solution that can successfully open a channel.
More importantly, he still has over 10000 gold coins at Dan Han Drug Refinery. He could not afford to leave these gold coins behind as they were his life insurance. Furthermore, he had not been home since he started work at Dan Han Drug Refinery. Nobody knew how long he would be staying at the Han Residence. He wanted to use this opportunity to return home to see if Yan'Er left anything important behind.
After he arrived in this world, Yan'Er was the only one he really cared about.

Mo Wuji's return to Dan Han Drug Refinery was greeted by a depressed Lu Jiujun.
When he saw Mo Wuji walking over, Lu Jiujun stood up as if his butt was on fire. He grabbed Mo Wuji and asked, “Brother Mo, what is the meaning of this? Just when we were about to make it big, you gave the formula away for free?"
Mo Wuji said in a serious tone, “Old Lu, after hearing Cheng Ling Pill workshop's Owner Mei's words, I realised one very important thing. This revolutionary drug must be able to benefit even the poor commoners in order to save the lives of many. Otherwise, this would only be a drug for the rich. Dan Han Drug Refinery would never be capable of producing for so many commoners; therefore giving this formula away would invite more suppliers of this drug. This way, the Nine Lives Healing solution's price will be lowered.”
Mo Wuji would never reveal the true reason why he gave away the formula: to protect his own life. Lu Jiujun might be able to guess it but Mo Wuji would never reveal it to him.
"All right, Brother Mo, then are you able to help Dan Han Drug Refinery develop a new drug?" Lu Jiujun was experienced as he knew when to back off when the situation could no longer be salvaged.
Mo Wuji patted Lu Jiujun's shoulder and said, "Old Lu, listen to me. Continue selling the Nine Lives Healing solution at a lower price. Remember, sometimes people pay more for the branding. When Nine Lives Healing solution becomes very popular throughout Cheng Yu State, the richer people will only buy from the refinery that first developed it. This is part of branding, it is fully dependent on you whether you can pull this off well. Giving away this formula may not be a bad thing for Dan Han Drug Refinery after all."
Lu Jiujun trusted Mo Wuji the most. After Mo Wuji finished his piece, Lu Jiujun immediately understood what he meant. His spirits were immediately lifted and he asked, "So Brother Mo, what should we do now?"
Mo Wuji laughed and replied, "It will no longer be what we should do now but rather, what you should do now. I have decided to accept Prefecture Duke Han's invitation to be a guard at the Han Residence. I came back just to retrieve my belongings and collect the portion of profits that belongs to me."
Mo Wuji was visiting the Han Residence as a guest yet he made himself sound very important.
"Ahh..." Lu Jiujun was shocked and then sighed, "Aii, Dan Han Drug Refinery is indeed too small for Brother Mo. My heartiest congratulations to you and your bright future. Don’t worry, as long as Dan Han Drug Refinery continues to earn, you will continue to have profits."
Mo Wuji would no longer be refining drugs at Dan Han Drug Refinery. To be still able to say these words must not be easy for Lu Jiujun.