Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 25: Forced into the Thunder Fog Forest

Chapter 25: Forced into the Thunder Fog Forest
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Mo Wuji frowned, "Bu'Er, why is it that it is prohibited to enter the Thunder Fog Forest? Do you know anything about this?"
Ding Bu'Er sighed and said, "I do know a little. I heard that there are some extremely strong demonic beasts deep within the Thunder Fog Forest. Demonic beasts! They are comparable to cultivators. The Cheng Yu State Protector once delved deep in the Thunder Fog Forest and he barely escaped with his life. Our little miss also told us the story of how the 11th Prince, Situ Yue, entered the forest and was never seen again."
At this moment, Ding Bu'Er lowered his voice, "Prince Yue was our Cheng Yu State's genius. After he disappeared in the Thunder Fog forest, the State Lord got the State Protector to search for him. Ultimately, the State Protector could only escape the forest with severe injuries, and he did not manage to save Prince Yue."
Mo Wuji turned silent. The Thunder Fog Forest was dangerous even for someone as strong as the State Protector. He could not even win Hu Fei. If he were to enter the Thunder Fog Forest, he might not even leave with his bones.
Seeing Mo Wuji turn silent, Ding Bu'Er continued, "Besides the wickedly strong demonic beasts, there are countless of lightning lakes in the Thunder Fog Forest. Within those lakes, are thousands to millions of lightning bolts. If you get caught in a lightning lake, you would instantly be struck to death."
Finishing his words, Bu'Er patted Mo Wuji's shoulder, "Sleep early. We will reach the outskirts of the Thunder Fog Forest by tomorrow afternoon."

No one knew whether it's because Mo Wuji was specially picked by the little miss, or that everyone felt that he was useless, but he did not get allocated any duties for the whole night.
The next morning, when the sky was still dim but Mo Wuji was pulled awake by Ding Bu'Er. He quickly washed up and continued on the journey.
Ding Bu'Er was right. They really arrived at the outskirts of the Thunder Fog Forest by the afternoon. Even if no one told him, Mo Wuji could guess that they had reached the Thunder Fog Forest.
Although the forest was covered by fog, Mo Wuji could still see some occasional flashes of lightning. He even heard some unknown roars which induced fear.
Everyone gathered in an area full of low bushes. Among the bushes, some foot paths could be seen. From time to time, some poisonous snakes and huge rats would rush across the bushes.
"Chief Guard Peng, find someone to tend to the horses. At the same time, get him to clear this piece of land and build a temporary place to rest. The rest will follow me to find the Two-leaved Fire Grass," Han Ning instructed Peng Maohua.
After hearing Han Ning's words, Peng Maohua asked in shock, "Little miss, the Two-leaved Fire Grass is a spiritual plant ah..."
Han Ning gently replied, "If it wasn't for a spiritual plant, do I need to personally come to the Thunder Fog Forest?"
"But... But..." Peng Maohua said hesitantly. The outskirts of the Thunder Fog Forest did have some spiritual plants, but they had long been picked. To find some spiritual plants at the outskirts of the Thunder Fog Forest was extremely difficult. To find the extremely rare Two-leaved Fire Grass was simply as difficult as ascending the heavens.
The little miss must have wanted them to enter the Thunder Fog Forest. He wanted to follow the little miss to the royal capital to participate in the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference. But if it was at the cost of entering the Thunder Fog Forest, he would rather not go to the royal capital at all.
"What do you think?" Han Ning said cooly.
Peng Maohua took in a breath and said respectfully, "Even the State Protector barely escaped after entering the Thunder Fog Forest. If we were to go..."
The expression of concern is palpable.
Han Ning smiled, "Chief Guard Peng, you think too much. How could I dare enter the depths of the Thunder Fog Forest? At most, we would enter 10 metres into the forest. If we are still unable to find the grass, then I will give up. Your life is valuable. Mine is not worthless either."
Hearing Han Ning's words, Peng Maohua let out a sigh of relief. The little miss was right. She would not put herself into danger. If it's just 10 metres, there shouldn't be any problems.
Thinking about this, Peng Maohua said to a slightly thin youth, "Chai Jiu, you will stay here to take care of the horses. At the same time, clear this area."
Seeing that Peng Maohua had no objections, Han Ning nodded, "The rest of you, follow me in."
Peng Maohua brought Mo Wuji and co. forward to clear the road. Han Ning and her personal maid Shao Lan followed behind closely.
Two hours later, Mo Wuji discovered the trees in front getting taller and taller. The paths made by previous travellers could no longer be seen. However, there was also less grass, so there was no need to specially cut out a path.
"Little miss, in a few more feet, we will enter the Thunder Fog Forest," Peng Maohua said nervously.
Han Ning coughed, "The sky's getting dark. We will not go in today, but we will search these few feet. Everyone form a human wall. Take note, although the Two-leaved Fire Grass is rare, not many people want it. This grass is best found in the evening because at this time, you can see the red glow of the grass."
"Yes," Peng Maohua replied. Mo Wuji could feel the obvious change in Peng Maohua's mood.
Mo Wuji was familiar with the Two-leaved Fire Grass. When he was in Dan Han Drug Refinery, he saw it in the books. Two leaves grew from the roots. In between these two leaves, was a short grass core. The grass core was slightly red and shaped like a flame.
"Ah.." Just as Peng Maohua got everyone to disperse, a cry broke the silence.
"Chang Hongcai, what happened?" Peng Maohua said seriously.
"I've been bitten by a Heart Drilling Snake...." Chang Hongcai stammered, ostensibly in pain.
Han Ning pulled out a pill and gave it to Chang Hongcai, "Hurry swallow this. After the Heart Drilling Snake bites you, it's poison will drill its way to your heart. If you do not take an antidote, you will die."
"Thank..." Chang Hongcai only said one word before Mo Wuji heard Ding Bu'Er shouting, "So.. so many..."
"Cha cha..." The grass rustled. It wasn't just Ding Bu'Er. Everyone could see what was going on.
More than 100 Heart Drilling Snakes came from behind Chang Hongcai. In the distance, there were even more sounds. Obviously, there were even more snakes behind these 100 Heart Drilling Snakes.
"Everyone, run away..." Han Ning grabbed her maid and quickly retreated.
Everyone immediately escaped. Naturally, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to run away as well.
Behind him, Mo Wuji could see Chang Hongcai being surrounded by more than ten Heart Drilling Snakes. He could no longer be saved.
Mo Wuji felt his scalp tingling and ran faster. At the same time, he took out his knife. This kind of snake was too terrifying. If you were surrounded, you would end up just like Chang Hongcai.
After running 10 meters, Mo Wuji felt that something was wrong. If he continued to run forward, he would enter the Thunder Fog Forest. He looked around to see if the rest were running in the same direction. At this moment, he saw a black line flying by. Without thinking, Mo Wuji thrusted his knife towards the black line.
The smell of blood almost made him vomit. Mo Wuji immediately knew what was going on. The Heart Drilling Snake could actually fly!
Hearing the rustling sound behind him, Mo Wuji can no longer cared about the Thunder Fog Forest in front him. Every step he didn't take was a step closer to death. Picking up his pace, Mo Wuji rushed into the Thunder Fog Forest without hesitation.