Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 32: Different Principles

Chapter 32: Different Principles
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By Wen Manzhu's side, was a very handsome man. As they stood beside one another, they definitely gave off the impression of a golden couple. From his temperament, he's clearly not one of Wen Manzhu's attendants.
Wen Manzhu calmly said, "This is the Ninth Prince of the Cheng Yu State, Situ Po. We are in the same group."
So it's the son of that old fella, Situ Qian. Because of his relationship with Situ Qian, Mo Wuji did not have a good impression of Situ Po.
Situ Po gracefully cupped his fists and greeted Mo Wuji, "I've long heard about Drug Refiner Mo’s illustrious name. Now that I get to see you in person, I can tell that you are indeed a dragon or a phoenix among men."
Mo Wuji laughed, "Ninth Prince, I don't think you're using these words properly.
Situ Po was slightly startled. According to a normal script, when a prince like him respectfully greets Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji should have been rushing to return the courtesy. At the very least, Mo Wuji shouldn't have spoken in such a manner, right?
"Oh, may I ask Drug Refiner Mo to shed some light on my mistake?" Situ Po maintained his grace as he spoke to Mo Wuji with a gentle smile.
Wen Manzhu was also surprised at Mo Wuji's words. She did not understand why Mo Wuji would offend the Ninth Prince for no apparent reason.
Mo Wuji laughed in his heart. Other people may kowtow to the Situ Clan, but in Mo Wuji's eyes, the SItu Clan was an enemy he would eventually deal with. Mo Wuji was sure that the Situ Qian definitely had a part to play in the fall of the Mo Clan.
Since they're enemies, why was there a need to feign civilities? Furthermore, seeing Wen Manzhu and Situ Po standing beside one another, just like Romeo and Juliet, had put Mo Wuji in a bad mood. This was especially so when Mo Wuji saw the girl acting skittishly around this guy from the Situ Clan.
"Ninth Prince... Firstly, I am not a drug refiner. Everyone knows that the Nine Lives Healing Solution was passed down by my ancestors. You act like you're flattering me but you're simply mocking me. Secondly, I'm a man, so you shouldn't have called me a phoenix. Thirdly, only lords and kings can be called dragons. If I was a dragon, then I will be the Cheng Yu State Lord. Aren't your words rather outrageous? I do not believe that the Ninth Prince actually wants me to be the Cheng Yu State Lord."
Mo Wuji simply said what he wanted and he completely forgot that the phoenix was actually male.
Wen Manzhu pouted her lips but did not speak. She did not refute the flaws in Mo Wuji's logic. Situ Po's face turned ugly as he wondered why his father did not kill this wretch. Unfortunately, he could only think about it in his head as he was not in the position to actually kill Mo Wuji.
"Oh right... Ninth Prince, you're actually very similar to this person I know," When Mo Wuji saw Situ Po's previously graceful face turn ugly, he felt really happy in his heart and he said smilingly.
Situ Po frowned and he did not think Mo Wuji would have anything nice to say. Wen Manzhu also frowned. Mo Wuji seemed to be more and more foreign to her.
Mo Wuji laughed and said, "He goes by the nickname: "The Sly Gentleman", earning this name by behaving like a gentleman while being very good at cheap tricks. [1] He is actually a faction head in a sect which practises the ancient Zixia secret arts."
The Ninth Prince intended to walk away but Mo Wuji's words stopped him. He asked curiously, "Drug Refiner Mo, you actually know of such an expert? Also, what kind of immortal law is the Zixia secret arts? Is it a peerless sword art? [1]"
The Ninth Prince was a participant in the Spring Immortal's Gate. Naturally, he got really excited when he heard that Mo Wuji was acquainted with such a martial expert and he forgot about his previous unhappiness. He did not doubt Mo Wuji's words as Mo Wuji's grandfather, Mo Tiancheng, was also a powerful cultivator. It was very natural for Mo Wuji to meet such powerful figures.
Mo Wuji sighed and said, " 'The Sly Gentleman' is actually called Yue Buqun. The moment I saw the Ninth Prince, I felt that there was an uncanny resemblance between you two. I don't really know much about the Zixia secret arts. But I do know that the gentleman was a very powerful cultivator. After having great successes in the Zixia secret arts, he bravely burned his foundations in it to develop a new cheap trick. Unfortunately, I'm not as brave and persistent as him.”
Situ Po humbled himself and bowed to Mo Wuji, "May I ask what's the name of this precious law?"
Mo Wuji looked at Situ Po with a look of ‘shock’, "The Ninth Prince is really amazing. I did not say anything but you could deduce that the gentleman developed a precious law. Yes, it's called the Sunflower Law. What a pity, the gentleman is no longer here. If he was still alive, he would definitely impart the Sunflower Law to the Ninth Prince because..."
At this point, Mo Wuji paused.
It wasn't just the Ninth Prince, but even Wen Manzhu held her breath and looked expectantly at Mo Wuji, curious to know what he wanted to say next.
After a few seconds, Mo Wuji continued, "Because you two are the same class of people. Ai... What a pity. Unfortunately, I'm not that interested in learning such laws. There were eight words on his manual, but I could only remember six. However, I do not have any regrets because I'm simply a mortal with mortal roots. This precious law is not suitable for a mortal like me. I have many emotions and desires. How can I be a cultivator and detach myself from the mortal life..."
"What are the six words..." Situ Po blurted out.
Mo Wuji looked at Situ Po seriously and said, "While pursuing cultivation, one must first... I only remember these six words. That's all, I'm leaving."
Mo Wuji turned to Wen Manzhu and said, "Miss Wen, I suddenly lost all interest in talking to you. I have too much pressure standing around you. Goodbye."
Seeing Mo Wuji's disappearing back, Situ Po's face displayed various emotions. After a while, he said to Wen Manzhu, "Manzhu, this Brother Mo sure is carefree. He doesn't get dejected despite having mortal roots. When I first found out that my spiritual roots weren't at a high grade, I felt extremely upset. Perhaps you should continue talking with him. After all, you two are old friends. I will go to the inn first."
"Wuji, why did you come back so fast?" Seeing Mo Wuji return, Ding Bu'Er smiled and asked.
"There is little common ground for understanding between persons of differing principles," Mo Wuji faintly replied and he began to help build the tent.
There were too many people heading to Chang Luo. Many other attendants were also staying in tents by the beach.
"Brother! I like your words!" A hearty voice sounded. It belonged to a big, grizzly man who had a huge beard which covered his face. Behind him, was a charming, young woman.
If Wen Manzhu was an unripe green apple, this young woman was an attractive ripe, red apple. If not for the dust around her clothes, she would have appeared to be from nobility.
The bearded man cupped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "My name is Yuan Zhenyi. This is my companion, Aunt Eleven. Your words just now, were really deep. I have some good wine with me, if you do not mind, how about we each have a cup?"
Mo Wuji laughed, "Of course I won't mind. My name is Mo Wuji and my companion here is Ding Bu'Er. We have finished building our tent, please come in."
[1] The Hanyu Pinyin for cheap tricks is Jian Fa, which is also pronounced in the same way as sword arts.