Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 34: Makeshift Market by the Sea

Chapter 34: Makeshift Market by the Sea
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When Mo Wuji woke up, Yuan Zhenyi and Aunt Eleven were no longer there. Only Ding Bu'Er was with him in the tent.
Despite drinking the whole night, Mo Wuji did not feel hungover. Instead, his whole body felt really relaxed. Ostensibly, Yuan Zhenyi brought out a jar of really good wine.
He seemed to have released all his long pent up pressure and grievances. Mo Wuji was very grateful to Yuan Zhenyi and Aunt Eleven. Those two were people he could befriend.
He opened his bag; the Channel Opening Solution was still there.
The completely relaxed Mo Wuji stood up, grabbed one of the glass bottles and finished it. After opening his first meridian, he did not dare open a second one due to his poor physical state. But now, his body was completely relaxed, and his current state was excellent. This was the best time to drink the Channel Opening Solution.
A line of fire appeared within his body. Mo Wuji could clearly feel a second meridian being opened.
Mo Wuji clenched his fist and completely relaxed himself. If his solution's effects could continue, wouldn't he be a cultivating genius?
Unfortunately, the efforts wore off after two hours. Like when he tried to open his first meridian, his second meridian was stuck at a point.
The experienced Mo Wuji remained calm. He was very clear that the channel opening solution alone was not enough to open a meridian. What he needed to do now, was to find a lightning lake and use the lightning to open his meridians.
This method might be a little cruel to himself, but at least it worked.
Mo Wuji did not intend to try being struck by lightning from the sky. This kind of lightning might directly strike him to death.
If only he had some cultivation manual or technique, then he would not need to put his body through such pain just to open a meridian.
"Wuji, you're awake. Hurry and go wash up. Let's visit the Makeshift Market," Ding Bu'Er excitedly ran towards him and said.
"Makeshift market?" Mo Wuji asked puzzledly.
Ding Bu'Er laughed and said, "Ha ha, you wouldn't know about this. I also only found out after Brother Zhenyi brought me there. The Makeshift Market is a market which was hastily put together, and it could disperse at any time. This time around, many people have gathered here to go to Chang Luo. Many of them want to buy things, while many of them also want to sell things, so they set up this temporary market - the Makeshift Market. When the boat to Chang Luo arrives, the market would naturally disperse."
"I definitely need to see this. Where can I go and wash up?" Mo Wuji quickly said. This Makeshift Market would surely open his eyes to this world. The people heading to the royal capital were largely cultivators. Visiting this market would help him better understand cultivation.
Ding Bu'Er pointed to the sea, "Isn't it right there?"
Mo Wuji glared at Ding Bu'Er, "Seawater is salty, you want me to wash up there?"
Ding Bu'Er laughed, "Who said that seawater must always be salty? This is a freshwater sea. Don't you see many people showering there?"
Freshwater sea? There was no freshwater sea back in Earth. At least Mo Wuji did not know of any. But the universe is vast and there were many planets. There were many things he did not know.
Half an hour later, Mo Wuji and Ding Bu'Er appeared in the Makeshift Market.
Looking around, there was an intense flow of people. Shouting and loud peddling could be heard. It was a really lively scene.
"Wuji, do you see that? Elixirs we would not usually see are actually in abundance here. Of course, the prices are outrageously high. The cheapest ones already cost hundreds of gold coins, and the mediocre ones cost at least ten thousand gold coins. I even saw a Clear Sight Fruit selling for 500 thousand gold coins... Right there, where everyone is gathering at. I think it still hasn't been sold." Ding Bu'Er pointed at a crowd not far away.
"Let's go over and see," Mo Wuji hurried over.
Mo Wuji and Ding Bu'Er joined the crowd and saw a man with an extremely hostile looking face. In front of him, was a big square stone. On that stone, was a clear, transparent glass bottle. In that glass bottle, was a fruit the size of a baby's fist.
The fruit was also crystal clear. In fact, Mo Wuji would have thought it was a crystal if not for the leaf growing on it.
"My friend, your price of 500 thousand gold coins is too outrageous. I am willing to offer you 200 thousand gold coins. That's the highest I can offer you," A hunch backed man said.
The owner of the Clear Sight Fruit did not say anything, as though he did not hear the offer.
"Why don't you say something," The hunched back man said in a heavier tone.
The hostile looking man's eyes fell on the hunched back man, "You took nearly an hour to raise your offer from 150 thousand gold coins to 200 thousand gold coins. You can slowly take more time to increase your offer. Don't ask me to say anything because I will not accept anything less than 500 thousand."
Back in Dan Han Drug Refinery, Mo Wuji read a lot of books and could be considered rather knowledgeable. However, he had never seen the Clear Sight Fruit before.
The hunched back man sneered, "The Clear Sight Fruit can be refined into the Clear Sight Pill, and even the Clear Sight Pill itself might only be worth 500 thousand. Eating the fruit alone can also enhance your eyesight, but the effects are a lot lower than the pill. Friend, you need to learn when to be content."
"I heard that consuming this fruit can allow one to see anything within 100m clearly even on a dark, moonless night," Ding Bu'Er whispered into Mo Wuji's ear.
Mo Wuji took in a deep breath; the effects of this fruit were so strong? Then this fruit is definitely worth more than 500 thousand gold coins. If he had 500 thousand gold coins, he would not bargain and directly purchase the fruit.
Mo Wuji suddenly remembered that he also had a spiritual ingredient on him - the Two-leaved Fire Grass. Previously, he only gave two to Han Ning, so he had one strain for himself.
However, he did not know the purpose of the Two-leaved Fire Grass and whether it was worth as much as the Clear Sight Fruit.
Something's not right... This fruit was so valuable, why would this hostile looking man be willing to sell it? He's even selling it before reaching the royal capital even though it could be sold for a much higher price there. Most of the people here were simply house attendants, it would be really hard for him to find someone with enough money to buy his fruit.
"I definitely want this fruit, but I don't have that much gold coins on me..." A voice came from afar.
An invisible, powerful force pushed Mo Wuji and Ding Bu'Er directly to the side. A clear path appeared within the crowd and along came a man carrying a sword on his back.
There was a small sword embroidered in gold by the corner of his clothes.
"Sir Immortal, are you from the Ancient Sword Gate?" The hostile looking man suddenly asked in an excited tone.
The man carrying the sword on his back nodded, "That's right, I'm Fei Kaichang from the Ancient Sword Gate."
After hearing that sentence, the hostile looking man hurriedly passed the glass bottle over to the man. His voice trembled as he said, "Junior's name is Yan An. I have long admired the Ancient Sword Gate and I would really like to present Senior Fei with this Clear Sight Fruit. I just hope that..."
Fei Kaichang raised his hand and interrupted Yan An'd words, "When we reach Chang Luo, I can pass you the gold coins. I don't have that much clout to get you into the Ancient Sword Gate."
Obviously, he knew what Yan An's intentions were and stopped him in advance.
Yan An hurriedly said, "Junior doesn't need to be an official disciple. I will be satisfied if I can be an outer disciple or even a service disciple in the Ancient Sword Gate."
Mo Wuji finally understood. This guy wasn't intending on selling the Clear Sight Fruit. He just wanted to use it as an opportunity to enter a sect. Perhaps he knew that his spiritual roots might not be good enough to get him into a sect during the Spring Immortal's Gate.
What an opportunistic man. Even if it wasn't a disciple from the Ancient Sword Gate but a disciple from another sect, he would say the same thing.
That's not right, what if someone directly offered him the 500 thousand gold coins to buy his fruit?
Fei Kaichang nodded and casually took out a wooden plaque and passed it to Yan An, "This is my personal plaque. When you reach Chang An, you can directly report to the Ancient Sword Gate service department."
"Yes, Sir Immortal!' Under the envying gaze of the crowd, Yan An put the wooden plaque away.