Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 35: The Female Slave

Chapter 35: The Female Slave
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As the crowd dispersed, Ding Bu'Er sighed to Mo Wuji, "Ai, I finally understand why the little miss wanted us to find the Two-leaved Fire Grass. She definitely wanted to use it as a gift for an immortal. If only you kept a strain for yourself, then maybe you might be able to use it to exchange it for a service disciple position in a big sect."
Mo Wuji laughed and whispered, "I really did keep a strain for myself. But the value of the Two-leaved Fire Grass cannot be compared to the Clear Sight Fruit. If casually coming out with a low grade spiritual ingredient can make you a service disciple, then there will be far too many service disciples."
Ding Bu'Er nodded his head, "That's true."
"I want Number 17. I bid 20 gold coins."
"Number 17, 23 gold coins."
The loud sound of an auction travelled into Mo Wuji's ears. He curiously looked over and subconsciously asked, "There's an auction? I wonder what are they auctioning?"
Ding Bu'Er said, "I've seen it already, they are actually selling female slaves. I heard that each female slave that is sold is more beautiful than the last, and they are all virgins! This company specially shipped them over to sell to the geniuses participating in the Spring Immortal's Gate."
Mo Wuji asked puzzledly, "Aren't the participants only allowed to bring four house attendants? How will they bring the female slaves up the ship?"
"Here's where you don't understand. We still have some time before the ship departs. Naturally, these rich children would need some fun and company for these few days. Do you want to see?" Ding Bu'Er laughed.
"Forget about it," Mo Wuji shook his head. He was extremely triggered by the sale of women but he was far too powerless to stop it. There's no point going over only to make himself feel more unhappy.
"Congratulations to this friend who bought number 17 at the price of 25 gold coins. We will now be selling number 26. Everyone, please take note. Number 26 is not worse than number 17. In fact, she is even more delicate and prettier than number 17. There's even an additional selling point: she was actually born from nobility; I heard that she is a descendant from the Northern Qin's Mo Clan..."
Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks and looked towards the auction; both his hands were clenched tightly into fists.
Even though his soul was not from the Northern Qin Mo Clan, his blood was. Furthermore, he also had the surname Mo.
Before Ding Bu'Er could say anything, Mo Wuji had already hastily rushed over to the auction site.
Ding Bu'Er was clear about Mo Wuji's past. Seeing Mo Wuji's angry face, he was worried that Mo Wuji might do something rash so he quickly rushed over.
"Wuji, this is not a place where you can fool around. Here, we can be easily crushed like ants," Ding Bu'Er grabbed Mo Wuji's arms and said.
Mo Wuji calmly said, "I know what to do."
"I bid 35 gold coins..." A man, who looked like a little dwarf, shouted.
"Oh, the taste of nobility... It must be delicious, I bid 40 gold coins," an obscene voice sounded out.
Mo Wuji had seen the female slave. There was a trace of anger and despair in her eyes as her ankle was cruelly tied by an iron chain. The obese salesman was right; this was a very beautiful girl. Her green dress was neat and clean, this was clearly to sell her for some extra gold.
"100 gold coins," Mo Wuji said coolly.
His heart was burning in anger. He desperately wanted to pull out a knife to the fatty.
But his rationality told him that rashness is a demon. He could only use gold to solve this problem. If not, he would die a worse death than that fatty. The girl he wanted to save might even have it worse.
The noisy crowd suddenly calmed down. Since the start of the auction, the highest price offered had never entered the hundreds. The previous offers of 35 gold coins and 40 gold coins were already very high. Ah, this guy must be a prodigal to pay 100 gold coins for a female slave. He could have bought many slaves at that price.
Due to Mo Wuji's bid of 100 gold coins, the crowd became quiet. But all of a sudden, someone abruptly bid 101 gold coins, "This girl's not bad, I bid 101 gold coins.”
This new bid was like throwing firecrackers into the crowd; the crowd instantly became enlivened and people started to bid higher prices.
Mo Wuji looked at the guy who bid 101 gold coins. He was holding a paper fan, his hair was gelled to the point where he can see his own reflection. Mo Wuji did not even know him and why he wanted to compete with him.
"1000 gold coins," Mo Wuji was in no mood to haggle and he directly raised his bid by 10 times.
When the obese salesman heard the 1000 gold coin bid, he was so excited, even his fats were trembling. Even 10 slaves would not sell for this price; how could he not be excited? But he still looked at the man holding the paper fan. He wanted to two of them to start a bidding war so that he could earn more gold coins.
The crowd became even more excited. It was really incredible to see a female slave being sold for 1000 gold coins.
"This brat has some guts to try and steal my woman. 1001 gold coins! Let's see if you dare bid again," The man folded his fan and stared fiercely at Mo Wuji.
Mo Wuji acted as though he did not hear the man's threats and directly called out, "1001 gold coins... and 1 copper coin."
"You..." The man pointed his fan towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's current bid an obvious slap to his face.
Not only did Mo Wuji not shut up under his threat, he directly added 1 copper coin.
This wasn't simply slapping him in the face; it was slapping him in the face multiple times with a studded glove on.
Hearing Mo Wuji add a copper coin, the obese salesman's fat face twitched a few times and his gaze landed on the man with the paper fan. He hoped that the man would be angered and raise the price in rage.
Unfortunately, his anger ended at pointing his fan at Mo Wuji and he did not continue bidding. As the obese salesman counted to 3, the man with the paper fan did not respond and only fiercely stared at Mo Wuji.
"Congratulations my friend, you have purchased this Northern Qin female slave for 1001 gold coins and 1 copper coin."
"Who said I'm not bidding? Your father here bids 2000 gold coins," the man with the paper fan stared at the obese salesman and shouted.