Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 38: The Rescue

Chapter 38: The Rescue
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Room number 17 was indeed next to a patio. It was located in a relatively remote area on the second level.
Mo Wuji reached into his thigh pocket to feel for his knife. He wanted to stun Tuo Baqi by attacking first to make him unconscious before sneaking Jing Lengbei out of there. He believed that as long as he did not murder Tuo Baqi, the immortal masters would never conduct a thorough investigation for a missing female slave. As Tuo Baqi was about to board the ship, he probably wouldn't investigate or send people to search for her due to the lack of time.
Mo Wuji had already made backup plans for instances such as the encounter with Hu Fei previously. In the event that Tuo Baqi was very powerful and Mo Wuji could not knock him unconscious, he would kill him and quickly escape. Whether he killed Tuo Baqi or not would have led to two very different outcomes. If he really did kill Tuo Baqi, Mo Wuji would have to leave immediately.
"Young Prince, the fellow is ready to leave. When we were competing with that b*stard, all the other slaves he brought became so popular and were all sold out very quickly. When I went over, he was already packing his belongings. My guess is that he will be leaving very soon," Mo Wuji heard the conversation very clearly as he hid below a window in the corner.
Mo Wuji did not expect somebody else to be in Tuo Baqi's room. His initial guess was that an arrogant, domineering prince like Tuo Baqi would have his own room. If there really was two people in the room, there would be problems with his plan.
Tuo Baqi sneered and said," Does he really think he can get away safely having taken my money? Jia Jing, bring the two others with you to get the gold coins back and finish him off. Do it when he's further away from here. Do it cleanly and don't leave any evidence behind."
Mo Wuji did not expect Tuo Baqi to think the same way as himself. He was planning to kill the obese salesman after he left this place. If Mo Wuji did not sneak in here, he would not have realised that the obese salesman planned to leave so quickly.
"Young master, I will take my leave then. Do not worry, I will get the gold coins back,” the man called Jia Jing sounded off and then Mo Wuji heard the squeaking sound of the door.
Mo Wuji knocked on the door when the sound of the footsteps disappeared completely.
"Who is it?" Tuo Baqi asked.
Mo Wuji imitated Jia Jing's voice and said softly," Young master, I thought of a better idea. Shall I come in and discuss it with you?"
Mo Wuji originally planned to enter through the window but after hearing Jia Jing's voice, he changed his plan.
"Squeak..." The door opened again.
Mo Wuji entered the room as fast as he could and hit Tuo Baqi in the temple with a punch.
Tuo Baqi would have never expected Jia Jing to knock him out and before he recognised that it was Mo Wuji, he heard a humming sound from the back of his head and was knocked unconscious.
Mo Wuji felt relieved as he locked the door. He then retrieved a bottle of solution and poured it into Tuo Baqi's mouth. He was sure the solution would leave Tuo Baqi unconscious for an entire day.
Finishing what he needed to do, Mo Wuji finally took a good look at the girl sitting by the side. He realised that the obese salesman really did not exaggerate her beauty.
This girl was indeed prettier than Mo Xiangtong. She had shoulder length hair, a goose egg face and skin that looked as smooth as cream. Although she looked stunned, she looked more surprised at Mo Wuji as she did not understand how Mo Wuji was so daring.
"Are you Jing Lengbei?" Mo Wuji asked as he took out a black scarf from his pocket.
The girl stood up immediately and looked even more surprisingly at Mo Wuji," How do you know my name? I have not told anyone my name even though i was being trafficked. No one even bothered to know my name. All I was given was a number."
"Let's not waste time. I was entrusted by Mo Xiangtong to save you. Put on this scarf and come with me now. I will distract the doorman downstairs and block his line of sight while you leave the inn. Then wait for me outside," Mo Wuji said while handing her the black scarf.
"Ah, Xiangtong..." Jing Lengbei understood the situation very quickly. Maybe she clicked well with people from the Mo Clan. She did not enquire anymore as she quickly put on the scarf Mo Wuji handed her.
It was not difficult working with her as Mo Wuji said in a low voice," Follow me but remember to stay a distance away from me. When you see me talking to the doorman, that’s your cue."
"Understood," Jing Lengbei nodded as her voice trembled. She did not know whether she was anxious or afraid.
Mo Wuji closed Tuo Baqi's door on the way out. If it was not for the immortal masters, he would have sliced Tuo Baqi's throat. If he were to kill him here, the immortal masters would investigate and find him in no time.
Jing Lengbei followed behind Mo Wuji from a distance. She saw Mo Wuji as he patted the shoulders of the doorman at the lobby and had a great time laughing with him.
She did not know how Mo Wuji managed to do it. But she lowered her head and hurried out of the inn’s lobby.
"I did not expect little miss to be sleeping causing you not being able to meet her. No worries, you can go up directly next time you're here," the inn’s doorman felt embarrassed that he accepted Mo Wuji's gold coin but yet Mo Wuji did not manage to meet with little miss.
Mo Wuji smiled and thanked him as he saw Jing Lengbei leaving," All right, I will take my leave first. I am not very welcomed here by a certain someone anyway."
The doorman was very entertained by Mo Wuji's humour and even walked him out to the exit.
Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief after they both left the inn. Fortunately, he did not have to resort to killing Tuo Baqi. Mo Wuji saw Jing Lengbei waiting far away for him therefore he hurried over to her side and said to her, "Follow me."
There were a lot of people around this area, therefore no one would suspect anything as they walked past.
After half a quarter of an hour, Mo Wuji brought Jing Lengbei back to the tent. Ding Bu'Er was still setting up the new tent as he was ordered.
"Xiangtong, is that really you?" Jing Lengbei felt relieved the moment she saw Mo Xiangtong as she knew that Mo Wuji had not lied to her.
"Sister Bei, you are okay, I am so glad..." Mo Xiangtong's eyes were still reddish. It looked as though she cried again after Mo Wuji left.
She then recalled and wondered how Mo Wuji rescued Jing Lengbei, "Wuji, how did you manage to rescue Sister Bei? You did not kill anyone right?"
Even she knew it was very hard to get away with murder in this place and therefore she knew they needed to leave immediately if he really did kill him.
"We will leave now. We can discuss the details later," Mo Wuji said in a hurry.
He did not have the means nor the ability to bring both Mo Xiangtong and Jing Lengbei to the royal capital, as even he did not get his own slot easily.
"Brother Mo, after hearing from Bu'Er, I knew what you were up to. How dare you commit such a crime. Did you really kill Tuo Baqi?" Yuan Zhenyi asked as he, Aunt Eleven and Ding Bu'Er appeared at the entrance of the tent.