Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 43: Mo Wuji’s Power

Chapter 43: Mo Wuji’s Power
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Han Ning was a main participant of the Spring Immortal's Gate so she stayed in a slightly better 2-man room. Still, her room was on the same floor as Mo Wuji's shared house.
"Bang!" The sound of a large impact on the door resounded. Mo Wuji could clearly some blood flowing out the gap below the door.
"Bi Hui, do you still have a sense of shame? You are a State Prince but you actually lowered yourself to rob me?" Han Ning said grievously.
"Aiyo... This is indeed too low for me. Ferguson, do you want to commit suicide to appease this little miss?" A shrill voice could be heard behind the door. When Mo Wuji heard the voice, he felt goose bumps all over his body. Was this guy a eunuch?
What followed was another voice, "Haha, then I will just kill myself. Look, I'm placing the knife on my neck. Aiyo, I died..."
"I'm going in first..." Ding Bu'Er said as he pushed the door open forcefully.
"Pu!" The sound of a meeting of a knife and flesh could be heard, and someone fell on the ground.
Mo Wuji could see a man slumped in a pool of blood. The knife in his hand had pierced through his throat. In an instant, Mo Wuji understood what had happened. This guy pretended to kill himself and placed his knife on his neck. Little did he know that Ding Bu'Er would suddenly push the door open and that the door would strike the knife. The act actually became a reality.
Besides this guy, Mo Wuji also saw Peng Maohua lying on the ground, one of his arms had been cut off.
Han Ning and Shao Lan were also covered with blood, and they were forced into a corner by two men.
A handsome man, with a long moustache, looked at his dead underling in shock.
"Who are you guys? You dare kill my man?" The moustached man finally came to his senses and cried out.
Mo Wuji almost covered his ears. He did not think that this handsome man, who looked handsome and manly, would actually have such a shrill and sharp voice. From what he could make out, this man must be the State Prince Bi Hui.
At the same time, he did not see Han Ning's group mates, Cao Hao, Yang Junsong and Zhao Xu.
"Bang!" Yuan Zhenyi, who entered the room last, shut the door forcefully. Even though he knew that immortal masters would not pursue this matter, it was not something for people to know.
"Bu'Er, help bandage Chief Guard Peng's wounds," Seeing Peng Maohua struggling on the floor, Mo Wuji flusteredly instructed.
Ever since he killed a man, Mo Wuji was more cold and calm when facing these kinds of things.
Seeing Ding Bu'Er take out a healing drug for the struggling Peng Maohua, Mo Wuji walked to the front of the moustached man and said, "I'm Mo Wuji from Rao Zhou."
Mo Wuji did not need to continue speaking for the moustached man to know why Mo Wuji was helping Han Ning. From the looks of it, Mo Wuji was definitely Han Ning's guard.
"I am the Sixteenth Prince of the Yin Han State, Bi Hui. Are you sure you want to go against me?" THe moustached man calmed down and said with his shrill voice.
Mo Wuji laughed, "I've already killed one of your men. What do you think?"
"If you choose to leave now and ignore this matter, I will no longer pursue this matter. I could even invite you to join my Yin Han State," Bi Hui said quietly, trying to make his tone sound gentle and warm. He could determine that Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi were people he could easily deal with, especially Yuan Zhenyi who was standing at the back.
Before Mo Wuji could speak, Yuan Zhenyi blurted out, "Yin Han State is only a piece of sh*t! I can consider joining you if your state lord licks my feet."
Bi Hui's face instantly turned dark. He turned towards the two men cornering Han Ning and said, "Jody, teach them a lesson."
A man with a face full of black spots responded. He spun the knife in his hand as he walked towards Mo Wuji.
"Wuji, step back. I will teach this kid a lesson." Yuan Zhenyi had never seen Mo Wuji's abilities but he could guess that Mo Wuji was probably not strong enough to deal with Jody.
Mo Wuji's hand went into his pocket; a foot long knife appeared in his hand. "Zhenyi, let me go first. Only help me if I'm losing."
Ultimately, Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi would not always be together. Eventually, there would be things Mo Wuji needed to deal with by himself. Like for today, Mo Wuji would still save Han Ning even if Yuan Zhenyi did not follow him.
While Mo Wuji was speaking, Jody had already started pointed his machete towards Mo Wuji. In his eyes, these three additional people were simply three more people for him to kill, and he could probably kill them easily.
Mo Wuji did not cultivate, but he had some fighting experience. His knife was short; naturally, he needed to draw closer to Jody. As Jody was swinging his machete, Mo Wuji had already took a huge step forward and rushed towards Jody. He used his knife to parry Jody's machete and used his other fist to punch Jody's head.
"Dang!" When the two blades met, Mo Wuji could see a fine blue light flow from his palm to his knife, and then towards Jody's blade.
"Peng!" Mo Wuji's other fist struck at Jody's temple. Jody became like a lifeless piece of rock, crashing down heavily.
Mo Wuji shocked himself. He was so impressive? Mo Wuji was expecting Jody bring his head down to avoid Mo Wuji's fist, and Mo Wuji would then knee him fiercely in the face. But he did not need to do that much; Jody was already knocked down.
He subconsciously looked at his fist, and also saw that Jody's machete hand was a little charred. Mo Wuji suddenly remembered that flash of blue light, which actually reminded him if the lightning he encountered in the lightning lake.
Thinking about this, Mo Wuji instantly understood. After borrowing the power of the lightning bolts to open his meridian, there was some lightning essence left behind in his meridian. No wonder why Jody looked blank when Mo Wuji was punching him, and did not try to avoid Mo Wuji's fist. Jody probably got stunned by the lightning flash from Mo Wuji's knife. This was why Mo Wuji's attack succeeded.
"Zhu Teng, pick Jody and Ferguson up, We're leaving!" Bi Hui immediately called out. He knew that his remaining man was not enough to deal Han Ning's guards.
Mo Wuji did not block them. Yuan Zhenyi was here to help Mo Wuji. Seeing that Mo Wuji did not stop Bi Hui, he naturally did not do so as well. Bi Hui, who had the living daylight scared out of him, ran out of Han Ning's room at top speed.
"Wuji, I did not know you were so impressive. No wonder why you could survive a night in the Thunder Fog Forest," Ding Bu'Er cried out in surprise. He did not even remember to help bandage Peng Maohua.
Yuan Zhenyi also had a face of delight. He did not know that Mo Wuji was so strong. He knew that he could deal with Jody, but probably not with a single punch.
"Drug Refiner Mo, I am truly grateful. I am terribly sorry for what I've done before," Han Ning was ashamed. When she was in greatest danger, her companions who asked her to drive Mo Wuji out did not appear. Instead, it was Mo Wuji who appeared to help her.
Mo Wuji said calmly, "Old Duke Han saved my life before. You can regard my actions today as repaying my debt to him. Once we reach Chang Luo, we will each go our separate ways.”
"That Bi Hui was here to snatch our Two-leaved Fire Grass. How did he know that we have some Two-leaved Fire Grass..." Peng Maohua had already woken up, and said hoarsely.