Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 44: Surrounded By Sea Beasts

Chapter 44: Surrounded By Sea Beasts
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"Now, you have paid what you owed her. There's nothing on you right now," Yuan Zhenyi laughed and said, after they left Han Ning's room.
Mo Wuji laughed but did not speak. He saw Cao Hao and Yang Junsong hurriedly walking in their direction. But Mo Wuji could see through the anxiousness in their eyes, and tell that they were only putting on a show.
Cao Hao looked at Mo Wuji, and his eyes fleeted with killing intent. On the other hand, Yang Junsong was full of smiles as he greeted Mo Wuji, "Drug Refiner Mo, long time no see."
Mo Wuji had no interest interacting with this venomous snake and this smiling tiger. He was too lazy to respond to them as he said to Yuan Zhenyi, "I do not owe her anything; she owes me. The person I owe my life to is her father. He entrusted her to me, so I would try my best to help her on this path to Chang Luo."
Yuan Zhenyi laughed, "Wuji, this is one thing I appreciate about you. Perhaps it's due to your personality that we can become such good friends."
In the shared house, a monkey faced man walked in and said in an exaggerated manner, "You guys are all wrong! Indeed, it was that Bi Hui from Yin Han State who acted. But the people who ran out with their tails in between their legs weren't the people who left the shared house but Bi Hui and his men. I even saw them carrying two unconscious men. They were probably overwhelmingly defeated."
"Those two people are so strong? But Bi Hui is a state prince,” the golden haired youth from before said in shock.
As a state was a level higher than a prefecture, the state prince's guard should naturally be better. With just two people, they managed to defeat their opponents?
"Maybe after they went in, Bi Hui's men were outnumbered..."
The voice stopped abruptly. This was because, at this moment, the door opened, and Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi entered.
Although the two of them were clean, but the people in the shared house felt something different about them. People stopped talking and people started whispering.
Over the next few days, the shared house was extremely quiet. Except for the occasional restlessness whenever the women entered a tent to change their clothes, everyone minded their own business and there were no conflicts.
Initially, the shared house was really noisy. However, the shared house had become rather quiet which made Mo Wuji quite satisfied. He met a few good people in the shared house. Besides the gentle Qin Xiangyu, he also made friends with the talkative golden haired youth, Yuan Zhi, and a man called Tang Boxian. Tang Boxian looked like a scholar, just that he did not wear glasses.
Half a month quickly passed. During this time, Ding Bu'Er frequently came to visit. Han Ning's maidservant, Shao Lan also came once to thank Mo Wuji.
In addition, there were no longer any calls for help. Mo Wuji spent the days in an extremely relaxed manner; he was either inquiring about all kinds of knowledge about cultivation or trying to learn about the lightning essence in his meridians.
However, he never felt the lightning essence again. He even tried competing with Yuan Zhenyi but he did not manage to stimulate the lightning essence.
He even suspected that the previous flash was like the Six Pulse Holy Sword [1], and could only be used intermittently. Because there was no one here who understood cultivation, and his lightning attack was related to his channel opening solution, Mo Wuji could only bury this issue in this heart.
There was one thing, however, which made him dissatisfied. As everyone in the shared house got familiar with one another, the environment was no longer as quiet.
Some people started gambling and they often bustled for a long time. This made Mo Wuji feel really helpless. He understood that the other shared houses were noisier, but he was still not used to this noisy environment.
On this day, Mo Wuji still did not have any gains after working for half a day. Yuan Zhi hastily entered the shared house and cried, "Big Bro Yuan, Big Bro Mo, I just got some big news! I heard that there will be an auction on the second floor. Even some cultivation manuals are being auctioned..."
Mo Wuji who was concentrating on feeling the lightning essence within his body immediately opened his eyes. Cultivation manual? Wasn't this what he was dreaming for?
"Just a servant..actually coveting the things sold in the auction..." A red robed man walked in and said disdainfully.
The man suddenly stopped talking abruptly, as he saw something which caught his eye. There was a a shirt hung by Qin Xiangyu's bed, and her bed was currently being covered by a small tent. Ostensibly, there was someone changing inside.
He did not hesitate; he rushed over and tore open Qin Xiangyu's tent.
"What do you want?" Qin Xiangyu raged. Fortunately, she had already finished changing her clothes.
"What a beautiful woman. This figure... I like it! You don't have to live here anymore, come with me..." The red robed man laughed cheekily as he raised his hands to grab Qin Xiangyu.
With a flick of her left hand, a gush of wind rushed by, followed by a purple blur.
The red robed man cried out in shock and quickly retreated.
He retreated towards the direction of Mo Wuji, and Mo Wuji did not hesitate to kick him fiercely.
The man was getting ready to pounce at Qin Xiangyu again but he did not expect that Mo Wuji would have acted against him.
This man was not bad; despite the momentum and inertia, he twisted his body to land in the open space between two beds.
He casually pointed at Mo Wuji and said, "Who are you?"
Mo Wuji's hand flashed as he quickly pulled out the knife tied to his leg. Yuan Zhenyi also stood up and stood beside Mo Wuji.
Qin Xiangyu also came over, in her hands, was a purple soft spear.
Was this really a shared house? The red robed man even thought he walked into the wrong place. These were all servants... Why are they all so aggressive? He had been to other shared houses and no one ever dared to treat him like this.
Just as he was about to call out for his subordinates, the boat started shaking violently. Everyone looked out the window in shock, forgetting about the current confrontation.
This giant ship had been sailing for a good half a month, and there had never been such a violent shaking.
Just as people were wondering about their predicament, a vigorous voice resounded in everyone's ears, "Our ship is currently being attacked! Members of the 'Spring Sea' Unit, please bring your weapons and report to the main deck immediately! There shall be no delays; anyone who reaches late will be thrown into the sea!"
Hearing this, the red robed man no longer cared to question Mo Wuji as he turned and rushed out of the shared house.
The boat's shaking got increasingly vigorous and forceful. Yuan Zhenyi anxiously said, "Wuji, we're probably being attacked by sea beasts. Let's go!"
At this moment, the shared house inhabitants all grabbed their weapons and rushed towards the main deck.
When Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi reached the main deck, their jaws immediately dropped; Mo Wuji had never seen such a large surge of sea beasts. The enormous 'Spring Sea' was surrounded by beasts from all directions. These sea beasts had six limbs, with short and sharp barbs growing on their backs. As the sun shone on their thick scales, a deep sea-blue colour was reflected, making them look thick and menacing.
What made Mo Wuji even more surprised was when these sea beasts started to spit out lightning, just like the electric eels on Earth. A few people failed to dodge the lightning, and their whole bodies start twitching spasmodically and they fell to the ground. If they were hit by a second lightning, they would be dead.
However, these six-footed beasts weren't their only opponents; there were also some toad like creatures attacking the Spring Sea. These creatures had extremely long tongues; one of them used its long tongue to wrap around a person's sword, pull it back into its mouth, and swallow it.
"We have encountered a Six-footed Lightning Crocodile horde! Do not let them set any of their six dirty feet on this ship! Remember, their weakness is at the bottom of their throats. Other parts of their bodies are as hard as iron, so only attack under their throats..." A robust middle man shouted out as he jumped out from the third floor. While he was speaking, his knife flashed about and two of the Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles were dissected into four pieces.
Mo Wuji saw what happened clearly; this dude did not attack the bottom of the crocodiles' throats. Looking at his abilities, he's definitely an immortal master.
A few agonised screams could be heard. Mo Wuji could smell a burning, charred smell. As he turned his head, he saw a Six-footed Lightning Crocodile pouncing towards him. At the same time, a lightning bolt quickly raced towards him.
[1] The Six Pulse Holy Sword was Duan Yu's killing move. Duan Yu is one of the MCs of Jin Yong's Demi-gods and Semi-devils.