Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 47: Luo Hai Merchant House Contribution Points

Chapter 47: Luo Hai Merchant House Contribution Points
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The yellow dressed woman sneered, "Shao Feng, he has never cultivated, and his martial arts is also very weak. He was able to kill two Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles, depending desperately on his healing solution and his cruel ruthlessness. Do you think he could actually save your friend from two of those crocodiles?"
"Junior apprentice sister Wan'Er, I did not mean..." Shao Feng frowned and stuttered to explain himself.
The yellow dressed woman waved her hand, "Shao Feng, call me Qu Wan'Er. I am not your junior apprentice sister. You are from the Jade Net Sect, I am from the Heavenly Temple. We are from different sects. Since that's the case, I will talk to you as a friend. As a talented disciple from a big sect, you should be more lenient and tolerant. In this aspect, Senior Hou Yucheng is a lot better than you."
Shao Feng's face turned angry, "Don't compare me to that b*astard."
The yellow dressed woman did not continue speaking. Mo Wuji was about to thank the Immortal Master Qin and the yellow dressed woman, but a burst of shouting came over. Mo Wuji subconsciously looked back, and saw that the dense crocodile and toad horde had been pushed back.
On the deck, only a heavy scent of blood and several corpses all over the place remained. Some of these corpses were the crocodiles, some were the passengers.
The dead passengers were all charred lightning. On the other hand, only a few of the lightning crocodiles were actually killed by stabs to the throat. Most of them were actually cut into two halves.
Mo Wuji did not need to ask to know that most of them were killed by immortal masters.
"Wuji, are you alright?" After the lightning crocodiles were forced to retreat, Yuan Zhenyi immediately ran to find Mo Wuji. Previously, he was forced to separate from Mo Wuji. It was already hard for him to protect himself, much less divert his attention to look out for Mo Wuji.
"I'm okay. How about Bu'Er?" Mo Wuji asked with a hint of worry.
"Wuji, Brother Zhenyi, I'm fine," Ding Bu'Er called over. His body was also charred black. It looked like it really wasn't easy for him to have survived that attack.
"Immortal Masters, thank you for helping us," Seeing that both Yuan Zhenyi and Ding Bu'Er were alright, Mo Wuji turned and bowed to Immortal Master Qin and the yellow dressed woman.
The yellow dressed woman nodded her head, but did not say a word.
On the other hand, the immortal master surnamed Qin stared at Mo Wuji for a while, and said, "Your performance just now was not bad. You can apply for a single room."
Mo Wuji quickly replied, "Thank you immortal master, but I'm living well in the shared house."
Mo Wuji had somehow offended that Shao Feng. Mo Wuji had no means of protecting himself against an expert like Shao Feng. If he stayed by himself in the single room, he might be killed and no one would even know what happened. At least it would be safer in the large shared house.
Immortal Master Qin did not press on. Instead, he asked, "How are your spiritual roots?"
Mo Wuji said self-deprecatingly, "I had it tested once before. My spiritual roots are very weak, they are no better than mortal roots."
Mo Wuji was definitely lying. He did not test for his spiritual roots once, but twice. Furthermore, his spiritual roots weren't weak, they weren't there at all. He was a plain mortal with mortal roots.
Mo Wuji did not say that to impress Immortal Master Qin so that he would be invited to join Immortal Master Qin's sect. He was afraid that he might actually have spiritual roots now that he had opened three meridians. Thus, he said that to leave himself a backdoor.
When Immortal Master Qin heard Mo Wuji's words, a trace of disappointment flashed in his eyes. He shook his head before he turned and jumped away, instantly disappearing without a trace. With Mo Wuji's perseverance and determination, he would have been a good seedling to nurture. However, a good seedling still needed to cultivate. Without spiritual roots, Mo Wuji was just a mere mortal. His perseverance could only get him so far.
The yellow dressed woman's eyes also revealed a trace of regret. Afterwards, she also turned and left. Shao Feng did not stay to trouble Mo Wuji. Instead, he quickly followed the yellow dressed woman.
The whole deck was filled with fresh blood. Some people have already started cleaning the bodies. Mo Wuji roughly estimated, there were at least two thousand people who died.
In just one attack, so many had died. If there continued to have more attacks, then less than half of the passengers on this ship would actually reach Chang Luo. Mo Wuji suddenly understood why no one carried out their private vengeances on this ship. If there were more people on this ship, then their chances of surviving a sea beast attack would also be higher. Except for the strong immortal masters, everyone here could die at any moment.
"Wuji, your injuries aren't light ah," Yuan Zhenyi worriedly said the moment Immortal Master Qin and co. left. He saw that Mo Wuji's body was drenched in blood, and Mo Wuji's body was also charred all over. As a result, he thought that Mo Wuji was heavily injured.
However, Mo Wuji knew that his injuries weren't actually very heavy. This was due to spiritual pill which Immortal Master Qin gave him.
"Zhenyi, I'm fine. We'll talk when we get back."
At this moment, a brown robed man called out to Mo Wuji. "Please wait! May I ask, are you Mo Wuji from the 32nd Shared House from Chang Yan State?" [1]
Mo Wuji looked at the brown robed man in surprise; he did not even know this person. However, this brown robed man was different; he had a book in his hands, which he seemed to be looking at for details.
"Yes, I'm Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji nodded his head and answered doubtfully.
The brown robed man looked up from his book, as he smiled and said, "That's good. I am a personnel from the Luo Hai Merchant House. Just now, you killed two Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles. I believe that it will not be convenient for you to always be carrying their corpses with you wherever you go, right? Our conpany is actually interested in buying them. Would you prefer your payment in gold coins, or in our Luo Hai Merchant House contribution points?"
What? The lightning crocodiles belonged to whoever killed them? Not the immortal masters of this ship? Oh right, the immortal masters probably wouldn't care much about low-leveled beasts like the Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles.
"Wuji, you actually killed two of those lightning crocodiles? Yuan Zhenyi looked at Mo Wuji in short. Ever since Mo Wuji defeated the guard from Yin Han State within a single exchange, Yuan Zhenyi knew that Mo Wuji had some moves under his sleeves. However, even when he overestimated Mo Wuji, he would never have expected Mo Wuji to kill two Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles.
Mo Wuji nodded his head, "That's right, I killed two of those lightning crocodiles just now."
Mo Wuji then turned to the brown robed man and asked, "Senior, may I enquire more about the Luo Hai Merchant House contribution points?"
The brown robed man quickly said, "Luo Hai Merchant House's customers are either individual or regular customers. There 5 grades for regular customers, which are orange, green, blue, indigo and purple, in an ascending order. As long as you purchase anything from Luo Hai Merchant House, you can sign up for our orange card. These cards can accumulate points, and when you get sufficient points, you can upgrade your card. Brother Mo killed two lightning crocodiles. We are willing to pay you 20 thousand gold coins. Alternatively, we can also offer you 200 Luo Hai Merchant House contribution points."
20 thousand gold coins was considered a large amount for an average person. However, it did not mean much to Mo Wuji. He immediately asked, "What can the contribution points be used for?
The brown robed man laughed and said, "Our contribution points can be exchanged for anything within our store. Cultivation manuals, pills, even spiritual tools can be exchanged..."
"I want contribution points!" Mo Wuji did not wait for the brown robed man to finish talking. The moment he heard 'cultivation manuals', he did not hesitate to choose contribution points.
He continued to ask, "How many contribution points would it take to exchange for a cultivation manual?"
The brown robed man's tone became serious, "Well, that would depend on the grade. The lowest graded ones could be around a thousand or even ten thousand contribution points. The highest graded ones could not even be bought even if you had a million contribution points."
Mo Wuji sighed. He desperately fought to kill those two lightning crocodiles, but they were only worth 200 contribution points. Even getting the lowest grade cultivation manual would be a pipe dream.
"Then may I ask how I can earn more contribution points?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.
The brown robed man answered, "There are many ways. You can exchange spiritual ingredients, ores, pills, or even complete assignments. All these can be exchanged for contribution points."
[1] Please note that Mo Wuji is currently acting as an attendant of Ji Xing who was from the Chang Yan State.
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