Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 48: The Royal Capital Chang Luo

Chapter 48: The Royal Capital Chang Luo
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After obtaining 200 contribution points, Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi returned to the shared house.
When Mo Wuji returned, he found that out of the original 50 inhabitants, there were at most 30 people left. In just one sea beast attack, 40% of the people in this room were gone.
The atmosphere in the room was tense. The moment Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi entered, almost everyone stood up. Their faces revealed an expression of respect and awe; they clearly knew about Mo Wuji's wildness and ruthlessness.
Single-handedly killing two lightning crocodiles: This was a feat which, besides the immortal masters, only the extremely powerful martial artists could do.
"What does this mean?" Mo Wuji looked puzzledly at everyone.
"Brother Mo, you really killed two Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles?" The refined and gentle-looking Tang Boxian stepped forward and asked. He had a trace of disbelief in his eyes. He only took the initiative to ask as his relationship with Mo Wuji was not bad.
Mo Wuji laughed, "That was just luck. Oh right, where's Yuan Zhi?"
Tang Boxian's expression immediately sunk, "Yuan Zhi will not be coming back."
Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. People really needed luck. In terms of wit and agility, Tang Boxian could not compare to Yuan Zhi. Alas, Yuan Zhi was gone, but Tang Boxian returned safe and sound.
Initially, when the people in the shared house heard of the news on Mo Wuji, they were all discussing in disbelief. However, after hearing Mo Wuji personally confirming the news, the room quietened down again.
"Thank you Big Brother Mo..." Qin Xiangyu, who was already in her tent, suddenly came out and bowed towards Mo Wuji; her tone held deep gratitude and admiration.
Mo Wuji knew that she must have seen his plot on the red robed man. He nodded towards her, before facing and speaking to the crowd, "I need to rest. I believe all of us do. Please try your best not to make so much noise."
In the shared house, Mo Wuji's words were like the imperial edict. After hearing his words, everyone went back to their own spots to rest. The whole room became quieter than before, and whenever people spoke, they would choose to whisper.
Everyone knew, that this was not due to the 20 less people in the share house, but it was due to Mo Wuji's preference for silence.
It might be due to Qu Wan'Er's warnings, or the fact that Mo Wuji was not even worth his time, that Shao Feng did not come to cause trouble for Mo Wuji.
After understanding the price of cultivation manuals, Mo Wuji no longer intended to take part in the auction. The tens of thousands of gold coins he had on him might seem like a lot, but it was far from purchasing cultivation manuals and other items of the like.
Throughout the journey, the ship encountered several sea beast attacks. However, it wasn't attacked by the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile horde, nor were the attacks in as large a scale. Mo Wuji did not cultivate, but his lightning essence occasionally appeared to help him deal some critical, killing blows. Together with Yuan Zhenyi, they were not at an advantageous position, but they were able to hold their ground.
The two of them were able to kill quite a number of sea beasts. However, these beasts could not be compared to the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile; Mo Wuji only managed to add 50 contribution points to his orange card.
After two months, only 20 people in Mo Wuji's shared house survived when the Spring Sea finally arrived at Xing Han's Royal Capital, Chang Luo.
As the Spring Sea approached the shore, everyone within the ship flocked out to the deck. Even the immortal masters could not control the rush.
After two consecutive months of suppression, and constantly facing the threat of death, the sight of land really excited everyone.
Fortunately, the immortal masters did not try to control the crowd. Due to this mad rush, there were some incidences of people falling down and got were eventually trampled to death. However, no one really cared or stopped.
In just half an incense of time, more than half of the ship had departed. Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi did not squeeze with the crowd. Instead, they walked slowly at the back. They were already at Chang Luo, why the need to rush?
"Wuji, you don't need to follow us anymore. After arriving at Chang Luo, you are free to do what you want. On the other hand, I will be stay with Ji Xing and attend the Spring Immortal's Gate a month from now," Yuan Zhenyi knew that Mo Wuji did not have spiritual roots, and would not want to join him and wait for the start of the Spring Immortal's Gate.
Indeed, Mo Wuji did not intend to stay with Yuan Zhenyi and Ji Xing. He needed to find a place to stay before secretly testing for his spiritual roots. Now that he had opened three meridians, it was still unclear whether he would have spiritual roots. Furthermore, even if he did not have spiritual roots, he still wanted to try all means possible to acquire a cultivation manual, and attempt to stimulate the lightning essence within his body.
At the same time, Mo Wuji would still participate in the Spring Immortal's Gate. After all, the sects would be looking for some service disciples. He might not be able to be a true disciple of the sect, but being a service disciple wouldn't be too bad.
"Then we'll go our separate ways. If I need to, where can I find you?" Mo Wuji knew that Yuan Zhenyi and Ji Xing would not be like him, they would definitely have a fixed place to stay.
"Brother Wuji, Zhenyi and I will be staying at Faraway Inn. If you need Zhenyi, you can find him there," Ji Xing took the initiative to reply Mo Wuji.
After two months aboard the same ship, he had seen how strong Mo Wuji could be. Among all the house attendants and personal guards, there were very few who were able to singlehandedly kill two Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles like Mo Wuji did. If Mo Wuji had spiritual roots, he would have lowered his status and made friends with Mo Wuji.
Unfortunately, Mo Wuji did not have spiritual roots. It didn't matter how strong he was, he would always be destined to be a mortal. The moment Ji Xing enters a sect and cultivates for a year or two, he would definitely be stronger than Mo Wuji. In his eyes, smiling and laughing with Mo Wuji was already a great sign of respect.
Mo Wui did not know the thoughts in Ji Xing's mind. Even if he did, he would not care much about it. After waving goodbye to Yuan Zhenyi, he soon disappeared within the crowd.
He did not need to bother about Yuan Zhenyi and Ding Bu'Er. Yuan Zhenyi had his own plans while Ding Bu'Er would be following Han Ning to the Spring Immortal's Gate. There, Ding Bu'Er would also have a chance to be a service disciple.
It was only Mo Wuji who did not have anywhere to go to. However, he was still in a pleasant mood.
In Rao Zhou, he was constantly in fear, and did not dare to go out. Now, he had finally gained his freedom. Every breath he took felt extremely fresh to Mo Wuji.
Mo Wuji glanced back at the vast ocean he just came from. One day, he would definitely return.

Chang Luo - the royal capital of Xing Han Empire.
Mo Wuji had yet to enter the city itself but he could feel and bustle and the distinguished aura. Several spacious bluestone roads were cobbled together, from afar, the roads looked like a long blue dragon.
Each road was filled with an endless flow of people. Rao Zhou could be already be considered bustling, but it was like a small town compared to Chang Luo.
The majestic city tower and the huge and spacious city gates filled Mo Wuji's heart with fervour. Chang Luo - this was where Mo Wuji would go big.
Mo Wuji quickened his footsteps as he followed the crowds on the bluestone roads into Chang Luo.
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