Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 50:

Chapter 50: <Immortal Mortal Technique>
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Having rested for only a day, Mo Wuji left his accommodation and headed towards Luo Hai Merchant House.
There was still a month to the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference, so Mo Wuji decided to look around for his much desired cultivation technique. It’s all right if he couldn’t afford it, there’s no harm in taking a look.
As to the brewing of the channel opening solution, Mo Wuji was surprisingly not anxious. Even if he managed to brew the solution, the absence of lightning would render it ineffective.
The austerity of Luo Hai Merchant House contrasted greatly with the opulence of Tian Luo Hotel. Two statues of an unknown beast stood menacingly at its entrance. The wide doors of the merchant house thronged with people, and as Mo Wuji followed the crowd into the house, he instantly smelt the aroma of drugs.
The lobby on the first floor was packed with a myriad of drugs, arranged neatly into clean and transparent cabinets. With a cursory gaze, it appeared as if nothing was missing. The names of the drugs along with their functions, grades, together with their ingredients, the names of their brewers and even the main herbs that went into making them, were all clearly labelled.
Mo Wuji had previously explored the pharmacies of Rao Zhou City. However, it was only at that moment did he realise that the drugs of the pharmacies of Rao Zhou were merely supplements.
Behind every counter sat an attendant. As long as the customers did not enquire about the prices, the attendant would sit motionless. However, once the customers made an enquiry of any sort, the attendant would promptly reply with his recommendations and suggestions.
Mo Wuji took it all in appreciatively. He hated entering a shop where the attendants swamped him with questions even though he didn't express any desires to make a purchase. How could one make an observation of the products of any sort under those conditions?
After walking a round, Mo Wuji did not purchase any drugs. The only drugs he could use here were the healing pills, the cheapest of which cost at least hundreds of gold coins. The efficacy of these drugs was unlikely to surpass his penicillin.
After looking at those drugs, Mo Wuji began to have a newfound appreciation of the revolutionary properties of his penicillin. Once penicillin entered mass production, it would only cost a few silver coins, perhaps even bronze coins. The difference between penicillin and these drugs could not have been greater.
Mo Wuji went up to the second floor, which contained pills like the first. Judging from their packaging and appearance, they appeared to be a cut above those on the first floor. He did not browse any further, as he could not afford any of them.
On the third floor, Mo Wuji saw cultivation manuals. Immediately, he made a beeline for them.
“The Sagittarius Book of Life Energy, Normal Mortal Grade, is going for 8000 contribution points or one million gold coins. The Qi Circulation Longevity Scroll, Elite Mortal Grade is going for 50 000 contribution points or six million gold coins. The Whirlwind Power Punch, Elite Mortal Grade, is going for 76 000 contribution points or eight million gold coins…”
Mo Wuji made a round, with his heart growing heavier as he walked. All the money that he possessed could not even purchase the cover page of the cheapest cultivation manual.
“May I ask what are you seeking, friend?” Noticing the change in Mo Wuji’s eyes after he lifted up his head again, an attendant hurried towards him.
Mo Wuji quickly composed himself, forced a smile and asked, “May I ask, why are all the techniques here Mortal Grade? Also, what is the difference between Normal Mortal Grade and Elite Mortal Grade?”
Upon hearing Mo Wuji’s words, the attendant realised that the prospects of a deal were shattered. How could he purchase cultivation manuals if he couldn’t even understand the grading system?
Fortunately, the attendant hadn’t been here for long. He patiently explained, “The techniques are divided into 3 grades: Heaven, Earth and Mortal grade. The Heaven grade is naturally the highest. Every grade is then subdivided into Normal, Elite and Treasured tiers. The techniques of the Earth grade are considered too high leveled, so we don't sell them here.”
The attendant deliberately did not mention that the shop did not even sell many techniques belonging to the Treasured Mortal Grade, let alone those of the Earth grade.
“So the techniques of the Heaven grade is the highest,” Mo Wuji muttered to himself. If it were possible to purchase Heaven grade techniques, how much money would be required? The combined wealth of the planet was unlikely to be sufficient to purchase one.
The attendant took the chance to show off his knowledge and said laughingly, “Normally you can find the techniques from these three grades in most marketplaces. But I’ve heard of techniques belonging to a grade above the Heaven Grade. It's called the Immortal Grade. Those are the true ways of immortality.”
Mo Wuji pointed questioningly at the Qi Circulation Longevity Scroll and asked, “Can’t this technique prolong your life and also allow you to achieve immortality?”
The attendant, patient as ever, replied, “This is a technique to absorb the spiritual energy from the heaven and earth to cultivate the body. Of course one could obtain longevity, but it’s different from living forever. How should I put it…?”
The attendant thought for a long while before realising that he had no suitable analogy. Finally, he thought of something. He pointed to a cultivation manual in a corner and said to Mo Wuji, “For example, that book…”
Mo Wuji rushed over to take a look, “Immortal Mortal…”
Mo Wuji felt his heart beat faster. What an arrogant name! How could a mortal be immortal?
Almost immediately, his gaze fell upon the price. 1000 contribution points or 110 thousand gold coins…
“Why is it so cheap?” Mo Wuji asked immediately.
The attendant chuckled and replied, “Take a look at its grade and you shall know why is it so cheap.”
Mo Wuji felt as if he had just seen his crush, sitting next to him. It’s almost as if he could smell her fragrance. His heart thumped uncontrollably as his body shook.
“The , Mortal Grade technique…” Looking at that statement, Mo Wuji exclaimed with disbelief, “How is that possible?”
How could it be? Even if it’s Mortal grade, why is it so cheap?
The attendant looked at Mo Wuji’s stunned appearance, and suddenly felt like adding a few more sentences. Perhaps that guy would eventually fork out the money to buy it.
Just as the attendant was prepared to coax Mo Wuji into buying it, a gentle voice said, “This technique can be found everywhere, and the price here is the most expensive. A street vendor or a small shop would probably sell it to you for 20 or 30 thousand gold coins. You might even get one for just 10 thousand gold coins. Because this technique could only be practised until Channel Opening Stage Level 9 before the user is forced to change techniques. Furthermore, the method of practising it is extremely difficult. Also, to reach Channel Opening Stage Level 9 with this technique would take up considerably more energy and resources compared to other techniques.”
The speaker turned out to be a smiling man of average stature. The words of this man splashed upon Mo Wuji like a bucket of cold water. He thought he finally found a bargain, when in actual fact the whole street was selling it.
“Thank you mister for your advice,” Despite the aching disappointment in his heart, Mo Wuji raised his hands in an appreciative gesture.
The attendant said sheepishly, “While the whole street is selling this, at least our store is selling the complete version. The versions of the technique sold by the street vendors have missing content, and are made from coarse materials. I promise you, I sell at least 10 copies of this technique here.”
The man nodded his head and said, “That’s true, you can trust the brand of Luo Hai Merchant House.”