Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 8: Supreme Spiritual Roots

Chapter 8: Supreme Spiritual Roots
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Mo Wuji quickly went forward and greeted the man and woman respectfully, "The two of us were just curious. We heard that it costs a lot of gold coins to open the spirit. We don't have even have rice to eat, nor do we even have one silver coin, where can we find the gold coins? The two of will leave now."
The white bearded man had a terrifying gaze. Mo Wuji had an indescribable feeling that he should not continue to stay here.
The woman gave a cold snort, looking at the cloth bag in the hands of Mo Wuji, and a trace of disgust flashed in her eyes. Obviously, she knew that there were gold coins in the cloth bag, and felt both disdain and disgust towards the lying Mo Wuji.
Mo Wuji could also be considered to be experienced, and was able to tell the disgust in the woman's eyes. He even suspected that there was a hole in the cloth bag. Otherwise, how did this woman see through his bag?
"Don't be in a rush to leave. Since you're here, why don't you go in and test for your spiritual roots." The white bearded man hoarsely continued.
Mo Wuji calmed down. He naturally felt that the white bearded man was not targeting him, but Yan'Er who was beside him. But when it comes to Yan'Er's spiritual roots, they have not been tested, unless he has a way to see the spiritual roots? If he wasn't here for Yan'Er, then what was his purpose? Mo Wuji pulled Yan'Er behind him, cautiously said, "Sir and Ma'am, us siblings do not have gold coins, and do not intend to open the spirits. We will take our leave now."
The white bearded man said with a smile, “I’m not asking you to open your spirits, and the test does not cost much money, just go in..."
The test does not cost much money? Mo Wuji had some doubts, doesn't the test to determine the spiritual roots cost at least a few hundred gold coins?
"Senior, I heard that just the test alone would cost 500 gold coins. Some people with mortal roots have to spend tens of thousands of gold coins to open the spirits, and that is using the worst elixirs." If not for the two's extraordinary bearings, Mo Wuji would have suspected that they were human traffickers.
The white bearded man laughed, "Normally, people only decide to whether to open the spirits when they are determined to have spiritual roots. But whenever people are determined to have mortal roots, they will say that the Spirit Opening Tower is unable to detect all kinds of spiritual roots, and confuse people to directly open the spirits. Either way, the people with mortal roots suffer."
Mo Wuji completely understood. Opening the spirits will need tens of thousands to millions of gold coins? All this is a scheme by the Spirit Opening Tower. They say they are unable to determine all kinds of spiritual roots, and convince those tested to have mortal roots to truly determine it by opening their spirits.
And to open the spirit will require gold coins. Some people have the same thoughts as them, believing that the elixir they used the first time was not good enough to arouse their "undetermined spiritual roots", and they spend more money to open their spirits for a second time.
At this moment, Mo Wuji was a 100% sure that his poor father must have been cheated the first time around.
He did not have spiritual roots, and the schemers at the Spirit Opening Tower still wanted to earn the spirit opening fee. In addition, with Mo Guangyuan's desperate desire for Mo Wuji to cultivate, Mo Guangyuan spent a large sum of money to open the spirit. Of course, all those who got cheated like him were rich lords.
"Stop," The guard of the Spirit Opening Tower did not know the man and the woman, and stopped them accordingly.
The white bearded man snorted, "Who's in charge here, get out here right now."
The white bearded man's snort did not sound loud, but Mo Wuji still felt as though his eardrums were about to be shattered, panic filled his heart.
In just a few seconds, an obese middle-aged man rushed out. He went to open the entrance to the tower, giving the man and the woman a puzzled look. Apparently, even he did not recognise them.
The white bearded man lifted a jade medallion and said, "Take me to the best spiritual test room here."
When the obese man saw the jade medallion, his hands trembled slightly, and quickly said respectfully, "Yes, yes, I am Deacon Liu Chunshan. Please follow me."
Mo Wuji felt a powerful force pulling him, causing him to involuntarily follow the man and the woman into the tower.
Mo Wuji's face turned black. He did want to test for his spiritual roots, but to be forced in without being able to resist, made him feel very uncomfortable.
The Spirit Opening Tower could be considered spacious. Mo Wuji saw a few people paying gold coins, evidently they were here to test for their spiritual roots or open their spirits.
Liu Chunshan soon brought them to the second floor. Once on the second floor, Mo Wuji saw a crystal column which was about ten feet wide.
"You can go and be tested first. Just stand behind that," The white bearded man pointed to the space behind the crystal column and said half-heartedly.
Mo Wuji was clear about his intentions. Letting Mo Wuji test was for the sake of Yan'Er. By this time, Mo Wuji could guess that the white bearded man was optimistic about Yan'Er's spiritual roots, though he did not know how the white bearded man was able to casually see it.
Even though he had been tested before, and he knew that he did not have spiritual roots, Mo Wuji was still apprehensive. He wished that the previous test was wrong, and he actually had spiritual roots. At this moment, he even desired that those who cheated his poor father had let him test for a second time.
Mo Wuji was also clear, that the possibility was low.
"Young master, please go for the test," The words which Mo Wuji said yesterday made it very clear to Yan'Er that her young master was very eager to have spiritual roots.
Mo Wuji nodded, taking in a deep breath, went to the testing platform and stepped up.
The crystal column flashed a gray light, and it stopped moving.
Mo Wuji did not know what the response should be like, but seeing how slightly the crystal column responded, he definitely knew that was not what a person with spiritual roots would see.
Sure enough, the white bearded man impatiently said, "The most common of mortal roots. You're destined to be a mortal, come down."
Mo Wuji's whole body turned cold, and he felt faint. Using his strong self control, he walked down the testing platform as though nothing had happened. His trembling hand showed how disappointed he was at the moment. Even the worst grades of spiritual roots would be good. Why did it have to be mortal roots?
"Young master, it’s okay to not have spiritual roots. Old master also did not have them," Yan'Er quickly came and hugged Mo Wuji.
Mo Wuji pretended to be calm, and smiled, "it's okay. Even without spiritual roots, I still have my hands. In the future, we can still eat and feast."
He sighed in his head, not saying another word. It was because his old father did not have spiritual roots that he was eaten up by the scammers at Rao Zhou.
The beautiful lady was too lazy to despise Mo Wuji. Eating and feasting, only ant-like mortals have such ideals.
The white bearded man did not care about Mo Wuji, and said smilingly, "Little girl, now's your turn."
Yan'Er quickly shook her head. "I do not have to take the test. I don't want to practice. I want to leave with my young master."
"Since you're here, just take it," Following the man's words, Yan'Er involuntarily landed on the testing platform.
Mo Wuji secretly clenched his fist. He did want to have Yan'Er take the test but seeing how forcefully she was made to do so, make him feel extremely uncomfortable. Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. Even if he was uncomfortable, in front of this man and woman, he was as small as an ant.
As Yan'Er landed on the platform, in just a few seconds, the crystal column suddenly released a burst of green light. Soon, the green light rushed to the top of the crystal column. Just in about a foot more and it would reach the very top. The soft shine of the green light, was like a light green rainbow.
"Supreme Spiritual Roots!" The white bearded man and the beautiful woman called out at almost the same time. Mo Wuji saw a crazed look in their eyes.
Sure enough, they were here for Yan'Er. Mo Wuji could not help but feel powerless.