Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal

Immortal Mortal
Chapter 9: No Power, No Respect

Chapter 9: No Power, No Respect
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"Ha Ha..." the white bearded man laughed loudly."I did not expect that I, Li Yuanhua, would find such a qualified disciple while passing through this small place..."
The pretty woman who was silent all this while interrupted the white bearded man, "Li Yuanhua, she is not suitable for your Li Fire Sect. I've decided to accept her to be my last disciple."
Li Yuanhua was like a male duck that got its neck grabbed, his voice stopped short. After a moment, he cried out in anger, "Jing Feilan, what do you mean? You already have five disciples, while I don't even have one."
Jing Feilan stayed calm and said, "After taking her as my disciple, I will no longer talk about that incident... "
Li Yuanhua's whole face turned rose red, even his neck was red, but he did not argue.
Mo Wuji can see clearly that Jing Feilan had something on Li Yuanhua.
After a full 10 seconds, Li Yuanhua spoke, one word at a time, "Jing Feilan, I can promise you other things, but I must have this disciple. You cannot be unreasonable. If I did not suddenly discover her spirit quality, would you even know of her existence?"
Jing Feilan said lightly, "She has never cultivated but her eyebrows are surrounded by spiritual charm. Even if you did not bring her in for the test, I would."
Finishing this sentence, Jing Feilan did not explain further, taking out a red paper bird. As if she was talking to herself, she said, "Let me first send a message to the Li Fire Sect."
Li Yuanhua saw this action, stomped forcefully and bitterly said, "How ruthless."
Finishing this sentence, he turned around, rushed out, and soon disappeared without a trace.
After Li Yuanhua left, Jing Feilan tenderly looked at Yan'Er and said, "What's your name? Be my disciple and cultivate with me, ok?"
Yan'Er single-handedly cared for Mo Wuji for so many years. Her mind was far more mature than others her age. After that scene, how could she not know that she has spiritual roots, and her roots are so good that this woman wants her to be her disciple?
Despite her happiness from having good spiritual roots, Yan'Er was clear that once she becomes this woman's disciple, she would have to leave the young master.
Rao Zhou City rarely saw people with spiritual roots. She has never even heard of people being brought away to learn the spiritual arts.
"I'm Yan'Er. I cannot go with you to cultivate as I want to be with my young master," Without hesitation, Yan'Er shook her head.
"Have you heard of immortals? Do you know many people yearn for such an opportunity but do not get it? Let's not talk about them, even your young master probably wishes to cultivate, right? Once you enter realm of being an immortal, you will have a long life, and dominate over the mortal world," Jing Feilan still patiently explained.
Yan'Er did not respond to Jing Feilan's words. She simply shook her head.
Jing Feilan could see the key person here is Mo Wuji. Her eyes fell on Mo Wuji, and although they looked warm, they held deep contempt which could not be covered.
"Yan'Er's spiritual roots are very good. Having her stay here will only delay her. If she follows me, one day, she will become one of the immortals of legend. Staying with you will only hurt her. I believe, you do not want to force her to stay. If you know what's good for her, tell her what she should do.
After finishing this sentence, Jing Feilan stared straight at Mo Wuji.
Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. He was very unhappy with the way this woman looked at him. Yan'Er has good qualifications; she can cultivate anywhere she wants. Didn't that Li Yuanhua desperately want to have Yan'Er to be his disciple? Moreover, this woman has unknown origins. Who knows what she will do to Yan'Er.
If it was detrimental to Yan'Er, Mo Wuji would rather have Yan'Er stay with him. He believed that with his knowledge and abilities, he would not waste Yan'Er's spiritual roots.
Actually he would not mind having this woman as Yan'Er's teacher as long as she brings them to see the school, and convinced him that Yan'Er would not be cheated. However, this woman acted very aggressively, and had no intentions to explain her identity. Naturally, Mo Wuji did not want Yan'Er to leave with a stranger.
"I do not want bother you, Yan'Er and I have a good life here. Little girl, let's go... "As Mo Wuji finished, he pulled Yan'Er's hand to leave.
There was a killing intent in Jing Feilan’s eyes for a brief moment. She immediately sidestepped and stopped in front of Mo Wuji and Yan'Er. "You keeping Yan'Er is a selfish act."
Mo Wuji sneered, "Who are you to care about my family's business?"
Yan'Er was not clueless about what was happening. She felt that Jing Feilan was about to erupt in anger, and quickly said, "Sister, is it possible to transfer my spiritual roots to my young master? If that's possible, I ..."
"Come..." Without waiting for Yan'Er to finish, Jing Feilan grabbed her arm and took off.
"Master..." Yan'Er screamed out. Mo Wuji felt as though someone dug his heart out, and momentarily blanked out.
By the time he rushed out, the shadows of Yan'Er and Jing Feilan could no longer be seen.
"Bang!" Mo Wuji forcefully punched a wooden frame beside him. Fresh blood flowed down the wooden frame but he did not feel the slightest of pain.
This was his first day in this world, and he could not help but feel weak and powerless. The strength he felt from negotiating with Lu Jiujun was now gone. Here, without power, there would not be respect.
The next day, Mo Wuji hid his grievances deep in his heart, and decided to go to Dan Han Drug Refinery.
Dan Han Drug Refinery was once the number one drug workshop in Cheng Yu State. Now, there's only one store and one workshop.
Mo Wuji had to ask a few people, before finding Dan Han Drug Refinery hidden away in a remote street.
Lu Jiujun was waiting for a long time. Seeing Mo Wuji come over, he quickly laughed and welcomed Mo Wuji into the workshop.
"Old Lu, your Dan Han Drug Refinery is really not small, ah. I almost couldn't find it." Seeing the abject state of Dan Han Drug Refinery, Mo Wuji felt disappointed.
Because of his powerlessness, he had to hide what happened yesterday deep in his heart. From the bottom of his heart, Mo Wuji still had an immense desire to cultivate. The previous he was able to concoct a solution which can even expand the meridians. Who dares say that those with mortal roots cannot use elixirs and solutions to form spiritual roots?
It is precisely because of this idea, Mo Wuji hoped to have a better research lab to let him create a drug to open spiritual roots. With the condition of Dan Han Drug Refinery, it probably would not have a good laboratory.
Lu Jiujun smiled embarrassedly, "Brother Mo, besides this workshop, my Dan Han Drug Refinery also has a store. Although the store is not big, business can be considered to be busy. Also, this workshop may look small, but there is a large courtyard at the back.
Mo Wuji nodded, and did not continue to speak on this matter. In fact, he was also clear that he would not be able to find another person like Lu Jiujun who believes in him and was willing to give him 50% of the shares.
"Old Lu, you know my previous situation. Although I know how to refine drugs, I'm unclear about the market demands. Can we talk about that first?"
Lu Jiujun said in a forthright manner, "Brother Mo, even if you did not ask, I will still discuss with you about that. Please come in first."
Following Lu Jiujun to the second floor of the workshop, Mo Wuji saw more than a dozen fairly new machines on the work table. Mo Wuji did not come into contact with the technology from this world, and was unclear about the how these machines worked.
Seeing so many machines in this small space, Mo Wuji had a better impression of Lu Jiujun. Obviously, Lu Jiujun also believed that discovering new drugs was the only way to revive Dan Han Drug Refinery. From the second floor window, Mo Wuji could see the backyard. It turns out Lu Jiujun was right about the size. Furthermore, the backyard was surrounded by houses, providing a quiet environment. Mo Wuji was satisfied about these conditions. This is a good place for him to research a new drug.
Lu Jiujun looked at these machines, his eyes flashed a trace of disappointment, but he cheered up and said, "Brother Mo, these machines are the most valuable things in Dan Han Drug Refinery."
Mo Wuji nodded, "I can see that."