Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss
Chapter 1976 - Undertake

Chapter 1976 - Undertake
Hai Xi cried for a long time, but Sima You Yue and the others did not comfort him, letting him cry out all the negative emotions that had been accumulated in his heart. When his throat became hoarse and no longer had any more strength, he gradually stopped.
Only when he was silent and lying motionless on You Yue's lap, everyone realized that he was asleep.
Wu Lingyu glanced at Huan and Huan stepped forward and carried him away.
"Then our next step is to go to Zhao Clan?" Yan Ya asked.
"No." Sima You Yue shook her head, "What we have to do now is to get rid of those tails."
Yan Ya paused for a while before saying: "It's so slow to catch up. I thought they wouldn't come!"
"The Zhao Clan won't let the Zhou Clan get away so easily." Sima You Yue's mouth raised a mocking smile.
Zhou Ni thought that he would not be involved in this matter under the banner of repaying his kindness, and he was too naive in his thoughts. If he did go against them when they were still in the Zhou Clan, the Zhao Clan might not say anything, but now, the Zhou Clan can't get off the boat anymore.
"I'll do it." Fei Yi stepped forward.
"Alright." Sima You Yue was very happy that he took over, "I just happened to want to see how powerful Soul Domain's No. 1 is!"
Fei Yi didn't speak, but took out the array stones and arranged them casually. Although this action seems random, it was actually filled with profound mystery.
Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows and said, "Once the Master makes a move, it's really different."
Fei Yi smiled rarely, and there was a little shyness in his smile, "It's just a piece of cake for you."
Yan Ya looked at them in surprise: "Are you shy? No way!"
"You've got it wrong." Fei Yi said lightly, but his eyes were a little evasive.
"You derived this from the ancient array, right?" Sima You Yue asked.
No wonder she felt that his previous use of the array technique was a bit familiar, but now that she looked closely, she finally understood it.
"If you can tell, it shows that you have a deep research on ancient arrays." Fei Yi did not deny it, and all that can be seen are extraordinary strengths.
"It can't be counted as deep research, but I have learned a little." Especially when studying the fragments of the ten ancient arrays, Wu Lingyu and her did research some ancient arrays.
She had to say that the power of the ancient arrays was much more powerful than the current arrays. What she learned was the array of the Hundred Changing Doors, and the current array was much more powerful, but compared with the real ancient array, there was still a gap.
"The Zhou Clan is here." Huan reached over and carried Hai Xi. He was really tired and had just found hope, so he slept soundly and showed no sign of waking up.
"Then we will see your effect." Sima You Yue said.
Zhou Clan chased them, and their expressions were ugly when they saw the empty valley.
"It seems that they have already left. Are we a step too late?"
"Guess so."
"I didn't expect them to run fast. We chased them when we got the news, but we still didn't catch up tp them."
"She took so many of our things, how can we let them go like this?"
Thinking of the things Sima You Yue had taken away from their clan over the past few months, they felt distressed.
"Zhou Ni, what's the matter with that kid?"
"Since this matter is not revealed, let's not ask." Zhou Ni was also in the chasing team, thinking of Sima You Yue, he frowned, "All we have to do now is to catch them up and bring the child back. The Patriarch said that except for that kid, the life and death of the rest don't matter."
"We don't care whether or not they are dead or alive, as long as we get back the things she took from us."
"The child is the key." Zhou Ni said, "If something happens to him, we can't explain to the Zhao Clan, so if you die, he can't die! Understand?"
"We understand!"
"Let's go, since the news has only just been delivered, they couldn't have gone far."
They walked a few metres ahead, and the scenery in front of them suddenly changed. The green hills and turquoise waters turned into a scorched ancient battlefield. One by one, ancient battle souls crawled out of the ground and walked towards them staggeringly.
"Heavens, what are these things? Who are these people?"
"Where are we now?"
The thunder in the gloomy air started to startle them.
"Heaven, it's the lightning tribulation, why is there lightning tribulation here?!"
"Don't panic, everyone, these are not true, we are now caught in an illusion!" Zhou Ni shouted, so that his clansmen would not panic.
"Yes, we are now in the illusion. These battle souls and this battlefield are all illusions, there are not real." The elder who was in charge of leading the team affirmed.
"It turned out to be an illusion array, who arranged the illusion array here?"
"It must be Sima You Yue and the others!" Someone said bitterly, "I didn't expect them to cause such trouble for us before they fled. It was a waste that we treated them so well before, and treated her like a benefactor!"
"That is, if I catch her, I must cut off her limbs and peel off her skin to make bone noodles!"
"Alright, don't say all these irrelevant things now. Let's find a way to get out first." Zhou Zhou scolded.
The person being reprimanded was very upset, but now he did not dare to talk back. But he still thought about the suggestion just now. He must not let her die so easily.
Wu Lingyu was standing outside the array, hearing what they wanted to do to You Yue and also skinning her till her bone surfaced. The anger was escalating, but the air pressure around his body was getting lower and lower.
Very good, they chose their own way of death. If Fei Yi's array didn't kill them all, he had already figured out how to deal with them.
Fei Yi stood beside him, as if he had guessed what he was thinking, and said, "They won't survive."
In the array, the Zhou Clan didn't know that Sima You Yue and the others were outside. They saw these ancient battle souls in front of them.
"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, these are all fake. Don't worry, just treat it as if you didn't see it." The timid man muttered with his eyes closed when he saw the ancient battle souls coming towards him.
The figure with the spear inserted into his body interrupted his prayer. He looked down at the spear inserted into his chest and saw his blood drip down the spear.
"How come..."
Until the moment he fell, he didn't know how this happened. Aren't these people illusory, how could they really die?
"This is an attacking illusion array!" Zhou Ni cried out.
"How can it be an attacking illusion array? There is no spirit power fluctuation like an attacking illusion array at all!"
Another person was attacked by the ancient battle souls and died, and his screams made those doubts meaningless.
This was the attacking illusion array!
Although they don't know why this is different from the others, they have no time to think about it now. Since these are true, they have to deal with so many ancient battle souls!