Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss
Chapter 515 - Gambling stones (2)

Chapter 515: Gambling stones (2)

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Sima You Yue lifted her head and saw it, the two words “Stone Pavilion’ were written powerfully. It’s just that the sides that were embedded with gold looked a tad tacky.
“Stone Pavilion. This should be the place.” Sima Lie said.
They had asked the manager before they headed out that day, which stones were the best and had the highest chances of producing spirit stones. The manager had thus introduced them to this place.
“That Stone Pavilion has the biggest gambling stone sign, and the rate of producing spirit stones is the highest. There is even a high ranked spirit stone produced every few days. It’s just that the prices are a bit steep. The other gambling stone stores aren’t bad either, but if you want to produce the best spirit stones, it’s best to come to the Stone Pavilion.” The manager had said this.
As such, the group decided to come here.
“The Stone Pavilion isn’t bad, I’d gone to a Stone Pavilion in the inner regions before, and opened a rare spirit stone from the ancient times.” Third Mo said.
“Let’s go in, then.” Sima You Yue said.
Fatty Qu and the others were also excited as they followed them in. They had already understood a little bit more about gambling on stones as they were on the way. Also, they found out about Third Mo’s identity, so were even more interested towards gambling stones.
The moment they entered, they saw that the place was filled with people. The shopkeeper was already beyond busy, and had no time to attend to everybody. Those people would just look around for stones on their own, and just pay for it when they chanced upon one that they liked. After that, they would cut it open.
Sima You Yue looked on for a bit and saw that there was a group of people on the periphery who stood watching in a semicircle. That place should be the place where they cut open the stones.
“Whoa- I see green!”
“It really is! Great Master, please continue to open it!”
“He’d just cut down two layers of the stone before seeing green. It’s such a large stone as well, the spirit stone would definitely be a large one this time!”
“Ha ha, Young Master really chose a good piece of stone!”
The hubbub of opening stones attracted a few people, and everyone wanted to see what kind of spirit stone would appear.
Fatty Qu and the others had gone to spectate as well. Although they knew that there was a mine on the second level of the spirit pagoda and had gone there to dig for crystal stones before, they had never seen a scene like this. For a moment, they felt like newbies.
Even Sima Lie couldn’t help but go over to look as well.
Sima You Yue, Wu Lingyu and Third Mo didn’t go over. This was not the first time they had seen something like this. Furthermore, it was jam packed with people, so they couldn’t be bothered to squeeze with others.
A short while later, cries of joy were heard from inside.
“Whoa, that’s a huge Bright Cloud Spirit Stone. It’s my first time seeing one!”
“Exactly, it’s such a huge bright cloud spirit stone, it’s definitely worth a few tens of thousands of middle ranked spirit stones.
“Hello, young Lord, I’m willing to pay fifty thousand middle ranked crystal stones to buy your spirit stone. How about it?”
“I’ll give you fifty five thousand, how about it?”
“Hey hey hey, Young Lord, I’ll give you seventy thousand. Why don’t you sell it to me?”
“Get lost! Young Lord, I’m willing…”
Fatty Qu was shoved out of the way by the horde of enthusiastic people. When he saw how crazy they were, he quickly retreated out.
“They’re really too crazy!” Sima You Le wiped the sweat off his forehead as he sighed.
“This is the way it is. You’ll get used to it after seeing it a few more times.” Sima You Yue said with a laugh.
After this, the bright cloud spirit stone was sold off at a price of ninety thousand middle ranked crystal stones. Furthermore, the raw stone that he had bought was only worth a thousand middle ranked crystal stones. This price was more than ten times its original!
“Come and see, come and look! That bright cloud spirit stone was chosen from this place!” The shopkeeper saw that the people in front of him had all walked away, and shouted.
At a glance, the raw stones were rather lower in rank. It would be difficult for one to choose a stone that would produce any spirit stones from this pile just by looking at it. However, the prices were lower, so if one were really able to produce a spirit stone, they would also earn many times over what they paid!
As such, everyone went to this pile of raw stones, and the initially cold and empty area was once again bustling with life.
“You Yue, are we going to buy some stones as well?” Fatty Qu said excitedly.
Sima You Yue knocked Fatty Qu on the head, saying, “This stone pile is full of white stones. There’s no point even if you go over.”
White stones- this was the term used to describe stones that did not produce a bit of spirit stones. The inside of it would be a white and smooth stone, so they were called white stones.
Third Mo heard what she said, and asked, “You Yue, you learnt how to appraise stones?”
“I learnt a little. I’m not that great, otherwise, I wouldn’t ask you to help me choose.” Sima You Yue didn’t hide it.
“Damn, how do you know that the stones over there won’t produce spirit stones? Don’t spit nonsense if you don’t know!” That shopkeeper scolded Sima You Yue when he heard what she had said.
“Watch how you speak!” Sima You Le saw how he had scolded Sima You Yue, and wanted to go forward and teach him a lesson.
Sima You Yue pulled him to a stop, and said, “We’re not here to fight. Let’s go, head inside.”
The raw stones on the outside of the houses were the lowest in ranks. Their prices were rather low, and the deeper you got inside the house, the better they got. The rate of the spirit stones they could produce would also increase. However, it increased along with the price. Most people would choose the ones outside and try their luck. Those with more money would prefer to choose the ones inside the shop.
They walked in from the main hall and the inside did not look like a house, but a courtyard with an open roof. The spirit stones were placed in twos and threes around the courtyard.
There were obviously fewer people here than there were outside, so it didn’t feel that crowded. Also, the people here had dressed up nicely. It couldn’t be compared to the people outside at all.
“You Yue, how much do you want to earn?” Third Mo asked.
Sima You Yue blinked in confusion. She had no idea what he meant.
“If you want to earn a few million, this place is good. However, if you want to earn a few tens of millions, we should go even deeper.” Third Mo explained, “This place is good too, but the things inside are better.”
Sima You Yue looked around and said, “Let’s start here. In any case, we have two days. When the time comes, we can just choose again. The prices here aren’t too high, everyone can play together.”
“Why not.”
“We can play as well?” Fatty’s eyes shone.
“The average ranked ones are fifty thousand and below. I’ll give you each two million to go and play. If you get any spirit stones, you can keep them for yourselves or exchange them for crystals.” After speaking, she took out two crystal cards and each one had a million intermediate ranked crystal stones.
She was left with three million, which she left for herself. She believed that with Third Mo, she would definitely be able to earn back much more.
“Hurray, we can play as well!” Fatty Qu and the others took the money and went off. They went to take a few for themselves, leaving Sima You Yue, Wu Lingyu, Third Mo and Qin Mo behind.
“Let’s go, we’ll choose some as well.” Sima You Yue said.
The four of them came to an area where there were less people. There were also less raw stones here, which looked average in comparison. There wasn’t anything apparently special about them, but they were priced rather steeply. Most people wouldn’t dare to pick them. They would choose those stones that appeared more obviously special.
“You better not choose the stones from here. A few people came here yesterday and chose a few, but not a single one of them got a good stone.” A middle aged male saw that Sima You Yue and the others had gone to pick those stones, and couldn’t help but utter those few sentences. He had chosen a raw stone himself and had gone to pay for it.
Sima You Yue looked at the shop keeper that just came over and asked, “Is what he said true?”
The shopkeeper didn’t keep it from her and said, “It’s true, they didn’t get good ones yesterday. They only obtained two watermelon stones.”