Invincible Kungfu Healer
Chapter 928 - The Fledging Stage of Profound Meaning for Water

Chapter 928: The Fledging Stage of Profound Meaning for Water
Yang Zonglin aside, even members of the Blood Evil Temple and the Eight Major Sects were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out from the sockets. Even in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm, it was rare to find an ancient martial arts practitioner who had yet to become immortal but was able to send Yang Zhonglin moving backward in a head to head blow.
Yang Zonglin’s almost three hundred years’ worth of cultivation was not to be trifled with. There were many Infinite Powerhouses around. However, those who were a match for Yang Zonglin were few.
“How is this possible?”
Lord Merciless was stupefied. He was secretly rejoicing when he saw that Mo Wen was going against the Blood Evil Temple. Lord Merciless couldn’t wait for the Blood Evil Temple to eliminate Mo Wen, who was a huge threat to him. Accidents occurred in the challenge rings all the time. It was no big deal for someone to be killed in the ring. They could always blame it on an accident.
No matter what, he had not imagined that Mo Wen could use his strength to knock Sect Elder Uncle Yang backward with his shockwave. How was it possible for him to have such terrifying power?
Who was Sect Elder Uncle Yang? Even in the Blood Evil Temple, he was an awesome strong practitioner that could rank among the top five. Aside from the few Blood Evil Temple Primordial Soul realm Elders, it could be said that Sect Elder Uncle Yang found it hard to find a match. Even when the Blood Evil Temple Primordial Soul realm Elders sparred with Sect Elder Uncle Yang, although Sect Elder Uncle Yang was no match for them, he could still hold his own.
Such a person had been knocked back by the shockwave of Mo Wen’s punch. Even in his dreams, he could not have imagined such a thing.
Lord Merciless’s expression was extremely ugly. For Mo Wen to dominate the young generation was one thing. How could he still be so threatening to the older generation of strong practitioners?
In the grandstand, the expressions of Water Deity, Wine and Meat Monk and the youth geniuses from the Peng Lai Mystery Dimension changed drastically. Their eyes were full of astonishment. How was it possible? After Mo Wen emerged from the Goddess’ World, how could he be so much more powerful?
Although Mo Wen’s previous ability was extraordinary, in the eyes of the older generation of Peng Lai Immortal Realm ancient martial arts practitioners, he was not worth mentioning. Could it be that Mo Wen had always been hiding his ability, or was it that he had a heaven-defying encounter in the Goddess’ World?
Water Deity, Wine and Meat Monk and the rest had conflicted emotions. They had also entered the Goddess’ World. Although their achievements were not paltry, they were not as unusual as Mo Wen. They would rather believe that Mo Wen had been hiding his ability all this while.
Sword Addict White Dust’s neck shrunk. He had a look of fear on his face. He hadn’t been thinking clearly when he offended such a fellow as Mo Wen. Fortunately, Mo Wen had no intention of seeking revenge upon him. Otherwise, he certainly would not have had an easy time.
“Who would have thought? Truly, no one would have imagined this could be so.” Yang Zonglin’s expression was extremely ugly. He had never foreseen that he would be knocked back by a junior’s punch.
“Is this all the Blood Evil Temple can amount to?” Mo Wen said plainly. During the fight with Yang Zonglin, he was just trying his hand. He had not used his full strength at all.
“Arrogant brat! Did you think that this is all I’ve got? I was just testing you before. I did not believe you had any capability.”
Yang Zonglin’s face turned cold. He indeed had not used his full strength. After all, he was dealing with a junior. He had simply sent out a strike just now. However, for Mo Wen to be able to knock him back was enough to prove that he was faced with very frightening power. His expression turned serious. He would not dare to underestimate Mo Wen again.
He knew that he would need to make some effort to deal with this junior.
“Old man, don’t use the excuse that you are old. There is no seniority in martial arts teachings. The one who has the finest achievements is the master. You alone are no match for me. I suggest that the five of you all take me on together. Otherwise, you won’t stand a chance.”
Mo Wen spoke without emotion. He was not being arrogant. It was just that he felt that the pressure that Yang Zonglin generated was not enough. He even felt as though there was no pressure at all. It did not force him to use all his strength. There might be more of a challenge if the five of them attacked all at the same time.
“You cheeky brat. Die!”
Mo Wen’s words had just found Yang Zonglin’s ears when they immediately became insults. After all, Yang Zonglin looked down on Mo Wen with his body and soul. Even if Mo Wen knocked him back just now, it only made him slightly solemn.
What use was there if Mo Wen was very strong? Once one reached their realm, strength was not the key to victory.
Yang Zonglin took a step forward. Around him, waves of water appeared. The waves were like ripples on water that kept increasing.
In an instant, the entire square was covered in these waves of water. Waves of mysterious power subtly influenced everything in the surroundings.
“For ancient martial arts practitioners that have reached our realms, strength is no longer the key to victory. The true standard to determine one’s ability lies in one’s martial arts teaching realm. Do you understand the power of the path of profundity, little boy? If you haven’t yet comprehended the path of profundity, you can’t be considered an Infinite Powerhouse.”
Yang Zonglin laughed coldly. The waves of water flowed. He felt that the entire square was under his control. His power had merged with the Vital Qi of heaven and earth. It was as though his entire being had merged with the heavens and the earth and had become one. At this moment, it was almost impossible to purely rely on strength to defeat Yang Zonglin. Unless Mo Wen’s power could surpass that of the Vital Qi of heaven and earth, it would be impossible to defeat him once he had become one with the heavens.
For one’s power to surpass that of the Vital Qi of heaven and earth within a radius of a few miles, let alone ordinary ancient martial art practitioners, few Primordial Soul realm ancient martial art practitioners could even do so.
Once one reached that level, purely relying on one’s power would not determine the outcome of a contest. This was another reason one had to understand the path of profundity and have the ability to merge with the heavens to be considered an Infinite Powerhouse.
Being so young, this was not possible, no matter how Mo Wen cultivated his strength. If his realm had not reached that level, Mo Wen still could not compare to Yang Zonglin. How could such a youth possibly have any such high achievement at this level? It was already very impressive that he comprehended profound aura. As for the path of profundity, that would be unthinkable.
On the other hand, Yang Zonglin had comprehended the fledging stage of profound meaning fifty years ago. His control over the surrounding Power of Heaven and Earth was far superior to that of the path of profundity ancient martial arts practitioners.
“The fledging stage of profound meaning for water!”
In the grandstand, Water Deity narrowed her eyes slightly. She also comprehended the esoteric rule for water. Right now, she had barely managed to reach the profound aura realm. She was still very far from reaching the path of profundity. As for the fledging stage of profound meaning, she did not even dare to think about it. As expected, Yang Zonglin was an Infinite Powerhouse among Infinite Powerhouses. Even in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm, there were few Infinite Powerhouses that could comprehend the fledging stage of profound meaning.
“Yang Zonglin is still a strong practitioner of the older generation. With his many years of experience, for Mo Wen to want to challenge him, it will most likely…”
Wine and Meat Monk sighed. Mo Wen’s power was indeed powerful, but if he could not keep up in terms of realms, it was useless.
In reality, once one’s cultivation reached the Martial Arts Grandmaster third realm, their power would almost reach the limit below that of becoming immortal. Even if they became more powerful, it would not be by much. Yang Zonglin had lived for three hundred years, but in terms of pure Inner Qi, he would most likely not be much stronger than a new third realm Martial Arts Grandmaster.
For instance, if a cup was already filled with water, it was naturally impossible to fill it up any further. Once one reached this bottleneck stage, the importance of the martial arts teachings realm was vital.
He also did not understand how Mo Wen’s power was so strong. However, if he was not able to match Yang Zonglin in terms of realm, Mo Wen would not be a match for him.
“I never imagined that this little fellow could be so powerful. It’s a pity that he is so young and therefore so difficult for his martial arts teachings realm to be able to compete with Yang Zonglin. Otherwise, he would not necessarily need to fear old Yang Zonglin.”
Chu Yunli pondered on this. As Lin Qing’s master, she had observed Mo Wen from the very beginning. This little fellow Mo Wen was most proficient in creating miracles. However, stuff like laws of heaven and earth and the realm of profundity could only show results after years of studying them. Mo Wen was just in his twenties. If he could compare with Yang Zonglin in terms of realm of profundity, wouldn’t that be heaven-defying?
Chu Yunli herself was very talented. She had cultivated to the Infinite Powerhouse realm before she turned one hundred. In the Goddess Cult, she was one of the ‘youths’ that was under two hundred years of age. She had comprehended the path of profundity by the time she was fifty. Right now, she was approaching a hundred years old, but she had yet to comprehend the fledging stage of profound meaning. She understood clearly the difference between the path of profundity and the fledging stage of profound meaning.
No matter how talented Mo Wen was, understanding the path of profundity at the age of twenty was already heaven-defying. As for mastering the fledging stage of profound meaning? It was almost impossible!
Gu Jingman crossed her arms and frowned. She did not see eye-to-eye with this old fart. What was he so proud of? She couldn’t wait to kill the old man. However, when she remembered Mo Wen’s words forbidding her from joining the fight, she suppressed her urge.
“Brute! With your level of ability, how dare you challenge the Blood Evil Temple? Do you think that you are invincible just because you have some brute forces? I can kill you with my little finger.” A husky fellow from the Blood Evil Temple team said with a cold laugh.
It was laughable for the callow youth to think that he was a match for Elder Yang. Not only Elder Yang but most likely even the husky fellow could kill the youth off easily.
However, the next moment, the smile froze on his face and he could smile no more.
Ripples actually started appearing around Mo Wen too. They were no different from the water ripples around Yang Zonglin, except even more mysterious.
As soon as the ripples appeared, the Water Vital Qi in the air gushed towards Mo Wen in a frenzy. Suddenly, 80 percent of the Water Vital Qi within the radius of a few miles was controlled by Mo Wen. As for the water ripples that covered the entire square that Yang Zonglin had formed, they instantly disintegrated, retracting up to five meters around him before they stopped. However, the Water Vital Qi power that Mo Wen controlled caught up and enveloped the entire square.
“The realm of the fledging stage of profound meaning for water! And he has surpassed me! How is it possible?”
Yang Zonglin felt as though he was dreaming. How was it possible? How could such a thing possibly happen? A twenty-year-old brat had comprehended the fledging stage of profound meaning for water! Also, his comprehension of the esoteric rule for water was even above that of his own!
“No way…”
“Am I seeing things?”

The entire square was dead silent. All the ancient martial arts practitioners from the Eight Major Sect stared at Mo Wen as though they had seen a ghost. Mo Wen had unleashed the fledging stage of profound meaning for water, and it was far superior to that of Yang Zonglin!
“What a freak…” Water Deity was shocked beyond words. Wasn’t Mo Wen cultivating the esoteric rule for fire? He had mastered the profound aura for fire? Since when did Mo Wen cultivate the esoteric rule for water as well? Moreover, he had achieved the fledging stage of profound meaning realm!
“Realm? Do you think that your realm is that high?” Mo Wen stared indifferently at Yang Zonglin. The corner of his mouth lifted as he revealed a mischievous look.
“You…” Yang Zonglin was at a loss for words.
“At first, I wanted to use you to test my ability. But you are too weak.” Mo Wen shook his head. With a flick of his fingers, a fire cloud suddenly gathered in the sky. The fire cloud billowed and enveloped the entire square. That little bit of Water Vital Qi left around Yang Zonglin vaporized instantly when the Fire Vital Qi gathered.
“The fledging stage of profound meaning for fire! How is it possible?” Among the Eight Major Sects, an elder leaped up as though he had seen a ghost. This person had a head of red hair and had a weird looking appearance. However, among the Eight Major Sects, no one dared to look down on him. It was because he was an Infinite Powerhouse that could be compared to Yang Zonglin. The esoteric rule he had comprehended was the esoteric rule for fire.