Chapter 2615: Deputy Mansion Master!

Chapter 2615: Deputy Mansion Master!
By the time the barrier formed, Hei Luo had raised his head to roar at the heavens. A horrifying amount of devil corpse qi emerged, and it quickly gathered to form a sea.
As the sea of devil corpse qi slammed into the barrier, the barrier started to lose its lustre.
Yuan Wangfeng and the higher-ups of the Otherworldly Mansion couldn’t contain their shock when they realized that Hei Luo wasn’t as weak as they thought.
Even though there were nearly forty guardians, they gasped in shock as they poured holy energy into the formation without holding anything back.
The barrier finally regained some strength as it started to shine once again.
Yuan Wangfeng and the others finally heaved a sigh of relief.
However, their sense of relief didn’t last for long as Hei Luo’s body started to tremble inside the barrier. Dark corpse light pierced into the skies as he transformed into his original form. Stomping into the ground, Hei Luo’s head touched the heavens as he raised his head to release a deafening roar.
As soon as he transformed into his true form, the barrier that the guardians had painstakingly formed with all their holy energy popped like a bubble. The diagram shattered and disappeared as though it hadn’t existed, and the guardians felt like they were hit by a truck as they retreated with pale faces.
No one could believe their eyes.
“This…?” Yuan Wangfeng stared at Hei Luo’s true form, and he screamed in terror, “Primal Ancestor’s corpse!”
Previously, he had felt that there was no way Hei Luo could be a Primal Ancestor. No matter how strong he was, he had expected him to be in the Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm. However, Hei Luo’s transformation revealed his origins immediately!
With the aura he emitted, anyone could tell that he wasn’t a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor, who was turned into a corpse puppet. He was definitely an existence stronger than a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor when he was still alive!
After noticing his origins, no one else cared about the fact that he was a Primal Ancestor corpse. Instead, they were more curious as to who had killed the man! Who in the world had the strength to kill a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor?!
“Primal Ancestor Corpse!” Feng Jiu, Feitian Longpeng, and every other disciple who were knowledgeable enough, screamed in fright. Their bodies trembled under the terrifying might Hei Luo emitted.
When everyone was still stuck in a state of shock, Hei Luo’s palm came crashing down. It was as though a massive mountain had appeared in the skies as his palm blocked off all light from the sun.
The ground trembled as the plaza shattered into a million pieces. A giant abyss was formed in the plaza and no one could see the bottom of it.
A miserable shriek rang through the skies as Yuan Changyao’s body started to wither up in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.
“Senior Brother Changyao!”
Yuan Wangfeng and the other disciples of the Myriad Origin Race screamed in terror.
“Everyone, kill Huang Xiaolong! Kill him now!” Yuan Wangfeng screamed.
Soaring into the skies, the disciples of the Myriad Origin Race charged towards Huang Xiaolong in unison.
However, only those of the Myriad Origin Race moved. The disciples from the Twin Dragon Race and Golden Buddha Race retreated hastily.
Before they could touch him, over forty giant figures appeared around Huang Xiaolong.
As soon as they appeared, corpse qi filled the skies. With a wave of their arms, the giant figures sent the disciples of the Myriad Origin Race flying.
“What?! Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirits?! Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm ghosts?!” several experts screamed in fear.
Most of the experts present had been to the Ancient Battlefield in the past, and they were no strangers to undead spirits and ghosts.
“Are those the pets of the Purple Spider Race’s Young Patriarch? Did Zi Dongping send them over to protect him?!” Feng Tianwei gasped in shock.
“Who would have thought that the Young Patriarch of the Purple Spider Race would be hiding his true strength? It’s no wonder he dared to kill over twenty True Saints of the Golden Buddha Race in the past…” Feitian Longpeng revealed a complicated expression, and he continued, “I wonder, where Lord Zi Dongping found the Primal Ancestor Corpse? Why would he allow it to follow Huang Xiaolong?! Isn’t he going a little overboard?”
“With the amount of experts in the Purple Spider Race, they can match up to the Golden Buddha Race even with Lord Zi Dongping’s injury!” Feng Jiu sighed.
Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated look.
It was worse for the members of the Chen Luo Sect as their minds went blank as they stared at the undead spirits and ghosts.
“The heavens didn’t abandon our Purple Spider Race!” The disciples of the Purple Spider Race cried out in joy as hope filled their hearts.
As Hei Luo was about to unleash his second round of attacks, two giant dragons descended from the heavens and stopped him. Hei Luo retreated, and he only managed to stabilize himself after several miles.
The sudden change shocked everyone present.
Looking towards the skies, where the two dragons came from, a figure slowly descended. Dragons filled the skies, and brilliant rays of light illuminated the Otherworldly Mansion.
“Deputy Mansion Master, Long Shengtian!”
“The Deputy Mansion Master is here!”
Yuan Yue, Long Cheng, and the disciples of the various races were relieved by his appearance.
It was rare for Long Shengtian to appear before the disciples, but Hei Luo’s actions had indeed disturbed the peace of the Otherworldly Mansion.
Sweeping his gaze across those present, a trace of suspicion flashed across his eyes when he looked at Hei Luo. It was clear that he was extremely shocked that someone had managed to kill an existence at Hei Luo’s level.
“Are you Huang Xiaolong?” a frown formed on Long Shengtian’s face as he asked.
“Disciple Huang Xiaolong greets the Deputy Mansion Master.” Huang Xiaolong bowed slightly towards Long Shengtian.
“What audacity!” Yuan Wangfeng exploded when he saw that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t on his knees. “Huang Xiaolong, why aren’t you kneeling when you greet the Deputy Mansion Master?! Deputy Mansion Master Long, Huang Xiaolong is extremely arrogant because of that bodyguard by his side! He killed the disciples of the mansion, and he should be punished accordingly! Deputy Mansion Master Long, please kill Huang Xiaolong to uphold justice for all of us!”
Long Zhenyang who was hiding somewhere in the crowd after witnessing Huang Xiaolong’s might stepped out and screamed, “Grand Hall Master Wangfeng is right! Huang Xiaolong made a move on me on the Chaos Essence Holy Peak, and if I had failed to escape, he would have crippled my cultivation base! Fourth Uncle, please do justice on my behalf!”
Long Shengtian shook his hand casually and replied, “Enough. I know what to do.” He turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong and a rare praise left his lips. “Huang Xiaolong? Very nice.” A trace of admiration appeared in his eyes when he said that.
Very nice?!
What the f*ck did that mean?!
The hearts of those who hated Huang Xiaolong to the core sank when they noticed the look of appreciation in Long Shengtian’s eyes.
Long Shengtian continued when everyone was still baffled by the meaning of his words. “Zi Dongping accepted an amazing person as his foster son!”
Yuan Wangfeng’s expression sank even further.
Huang Xiaolong was taken aback when he heard Long Shengtian’s evaluation. It seemed as though his relationship with Zi Dongping wasn’t too bad!
“Release him. Huang Xiaolong, you can leave now,” Long Shengtian declared all of a sudden.
A declaration that shook the hearts of everyone present rang through the skies.
Yuan Wangfeng and the others couldn't sit still when they saw that the Deputy Mansion Master was planning to release Huang Xiaolong without dealing with the matter of Yuan Changyao’s death. “Deputy Mansion Master, he sinned greatly by killing a fellow disciple! He…!”
“ENOUGH!” Long Shengtian glared at Yuan Wangfeng as his gaze turned sharp. “Yuan Wangfeng, do you think I’m stupid and old because I hid myself from the world? Do you really think that you can rewrite the rules of the Mansion because of my seclusion? How dare you deploy the guardians without asking for permission?!”