It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Chapter 687 - It’s Them!

Chapter 687: It’s Them!
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Chen Yifan scolded them. “You’re sorry? If you really are sorry, just please take care of yourself!”
Chen Yifan was afraid of Chen Yi’an’s simple-mindedness. He was afraid that he would lose his life because of it. His parents were busy with work so he spent most of his childhood with Chen Yi’an. To his parents, he might be a capable and strong-willed child. However, he would also meet setbacks and feel depressed too. At that time, Chen Yi’an was the only person who cried with him. They supported each other all those years until he went to the Third Men’s Military Academy.
Compared to his parents, Chen Yifan felt closer to his brother. This was why he was willing to enter the military with him although he had lost his confidence and trust in it.
Chen Yi’an shrunk back his neck when he saw how angry Chen Yifan was. Sob, his older brother is too fierce.

Zhao Jun saw that Chen Yifan was Qi Long’s old opponent so he stopped attacking. He brought Zhou Yu and Chen Yi’an to the side so that they could watch Qi Long’s and Chen Yifan fight each other.
Qi Long rubbed his hands excitedly when they moved aside. He cracked his knuckles loudly. He had been tormented by Ling Lan all these while so he wanted to torture someone back. His team members were much weaker than him so he couldn’t bear to fight with them. The other members of Lingtian knew what Qi Long was like so no one would agree to battle with him. It was hard for him to find an opponent nowadays.
Unexpectedly, Chen Yifan appeared. He was someone who was on par with him during the Grand Mecha Tournament. Finally, he had the chance to have a good fight.
“Chen Yifan, if you beat me, I will let you passed the test.” Qi Long enticed Chen Yifan.
“No need. I admit defeat,” Chen Yifan replied decisively.

Qi Long’s heart dropped. “You, what did you say?” He must be dreaming. He must be having a dream.
“I said, I admit defeat!” Chen Yifan replied back clearly.
“What?” Qi Long screamed sadly. Why couldn’t he admit defeat after fighting him?
Chen Yifan looked at Qi Long. Do you think that I’m stupid?
“Don’t you remember that you are on par with me in terms of skills.” Qi Long tried to persuade him. “Victory is unpredictable. Don’t you find it a pity to give up now?”
“That is mecha piloting skills. I know that your physical skills have reached the peak of Qi-Jin. I will not torture myself needlessly,” Chen Yifan replied calmly. He had investigated all his opponents who participated in the Grand Mecha Tournament. Thus, he knew Qi Long’s physical skills level. Chen Yifan was at the early stage of Qi-Jin. He was not Qi Long’s match. Also, his little brother had failed the test. There was no point in him passing the test anymore.
Qi Long didn’t understand Chen Yifan well. If Qi Long said that he would let Chen Yifan’s little brother pass the test if he could withstand his attacks for five minutes, Chen Yifan might have fought with him.
Qi Long’s hope was broken. He leaned against the door and knocked his head against it. The door opened after he knocked it two times.
He didn’t knock the door opened with his head. The person inside opened it.
“If you continue knocking your head like that, the door will break.” Han Jijyun stopped Qi Long from knocking his head with his hand as he glared at him. He didn’t understand why Qi Long was destroying public property. Was he not afraid that Boss would punish him?
Qi Long pointed behind him with a pitiful face. “Chen Yifan doesn’t want to fight with me.”
“Chen Yifan?” Han Jijyun was stunned. This name sounded familiar. Where did he hear it before? He followed Qi Long’s finger and saw a familiar face.
Han Jijyun thought for a moment. He remembered who he was. “Chen Yifan, why did you become a logistician?” Han Jijyun asked in shock. He couldn’t maintain his composure anymore. Chen Yifan was an ace operator. No ace operator would become a logistician.
“Someone you know?” Li Lanfeng asked with a smile.
“Erm, we participated in the Grand Mecha Tournament at the start of the year when we were still in the military academy. He is our opponent from the Third Men’s Military Academy. Ace mecha master, Chen Yifan.” Han Jijyun managed to calm himself down quickly and introduced Chen Yifan to Li Lanfeng.
Li Lanfeng narrowed his eyes. Was there some kind of plot behind this? Why did an ace operator become a logistician? Li Lanfeng was used to scheming so naturally, he would think there was some kind of scheme going on here.
Chen Yifan was shocked to see Han Jijyun here too. Qi Long’s appearance already surprised him. Now, even Han Jijyun was here… why were they in 250 Mecha Clan? From what he knew, recruits who didn’t have a battle team would be allocated randomly by the mainframe. Did they choose to enter 250 Mecha Clan so that they would stay together?
No, any battle team that could take in the two of them must be a four-stars battle team or above. A four-stars battle team wouldn’t appear in this forsaken mecha clan. Chen Yifan felt confused. 250 Mecha Clan didn’t appear like a useless mecha clan but to have the most powerful mecha master from the First Men’s Military Academy as well as the best strategist, this was definitely not a forsaken mecha clan.
The mainframe did place recruits randomly but it would place them in a mecha clan that fitted their capability. This was to ensure the strength of the battle teams. The best cadet would go to the best mecha clans.
Of course, there were people who offended someone high ranked and got assigned to a low-level mecha clan out of spite.

Chen Yifan looked at Han Jijyun. Did this happen to him?
However, when Li Lanfeng appeared, this thought was rejected. Li Lanfeng’s face reminded him of who Zhao Jun and he were.
“Li Lanfeng? Zhao Jun?” Chen Yifan said in shock.
Li Lanfeng raised his eyebrows. “You know us?” Since he was familiar with them, he must have a reason for coming to 250 Mecha Clan. But, why did he reveal himself so quickly… maybe he was trying to disguise himself and make them lower their guard around him. Li Lanfeng got vigilant.
Chen Yifan smiled bitterly. “You were the members who participated in the Grand Mecha Tournament before us. Our school lost terribly that year so we studied how you fought against us. You two left a strong impression on us.” He turned and looked at Zhao Jun. ” I found you familiar just now but couldn’t remember where I met you. However, when I saw Li Lanfeng, I remembered everything.” Chen Yifan glanced at Li Lanfeng.
“You remembered Li Lanfeng but you don’t remember me?” Zhao Jun touched his chin. He was depressed. Was he too average-looking? He was sure that he looked quite fierce.
Chen Yifan looked at Li Lanfeng cautiously. “Major Li’s mask is memorable.”
“Haha, so it’s the mask that you remembered, not the face.” Zhao Jun felt much better.
Li Lanfeng glared at Zhao Jun. This pighead. Why was he helping his opponent to scold him? I must end my friendship with him today!
Chen Yifan instantly pretended that he never saw anything when he noticed that Li Lanfeng was on the verge of exploding in anger. However, by now, he knew that 250 Mecha Clan was not a forsaken mecha clan. Two powerful recruits appearing at the same place might be a coincidence but three or four were not. This mecha clan was not as simple as it looked.
The designated time arrived. None of the recruits managed to enter the hut and complete the mission.
Li Lanfeng, Zhao Jun, Qi Long, and Han Jijyun brought Chen Yifan to the field where they laid their ambush. Very soon, the other teams brought the recruits that they caught and gathered them there too.
When Luo Lang came in with a bunch of badly bruised and half-dead recruits, some recruits rejoiced in their hearts. They were not the worse ones.
Chen Yifan saw Xie Yi, Li Yingjie, and Luo Lang appearing. The veterans called them team leaders. He had seen the information about these veterans. They were people who received many merits and achieve many achievements before. His heart stopped. He observed everyone and noticed that the 250 Mecha Clan was split into 10 teams. Seven of the team leaders came from the First Men’s Military Academy. Was the 250 Mecha Clan controlled by the First Men’s Military Academy?
He remembered that General Ling Xiao was from the First Men’s Military Academy too. Chen Yifan felt that his guess was correct.
At that moment, footsteps were heard. The field was really noisy but for some reason, Chen Yifan could hear the footsteps clearly.
No, everyone heard it too. The recruits were curious. They raised their heads and looked at the direction where the footsteps were coming from. The field instantly turned quiet. The footsteps became clearer and louder.
Chen Yifan looked up too. He saw a person properly dressed in military uniform. He had a short whip in one hand as he walked up the track along the hill. Chen Yifan felt his body tensed up. He could feel an imminent sense of danger. He straightened his back as though this action would give him more strength.
The person walked over naturally. Within a minute, he had arrived in front of them.
“Regiment commander!” The 10 teams shouted in unison.

Chen Yifan’s eyes almost popped out. He knew this person. Ling Lan, the real leader of the First Men’s Military Academy during the Grand Mecha Tournament last year. He was rumored to be the real king of the First Men’s Military Academy but he started his closed door meditation during this Grand Mecha Tournament so many people had forgotten about him. However, Chen Yifan had looked at the information of the members from the First Men’s Military Academy before. Ling Lan was someone he could never forget.
Ling Lan was the first person to break away from the conventional battle royale method and come up with a new battle strategy. No one had any advantage over their team so the results were predictable.
Such a legend actually appeared in front of Chen Yifan as the Regiment Commander of 250 Mecha Clan! Chen Yifan was dumbfounded. Ling Lan was in the same year as Qi Long. This meant that he was a recruit too. A recruit as a regiment commander… Chen Yifan felt that his world was turned upside down.
Chen Yifan blinked. Then, he saw the epaulette on Ling Lan. It was the epaulette of a major. A senior captain was the highest rank for a recruit. He was probably able to become a major because he was appointed as a regiment commander. The lowest rank requirement be a regiment commander was a major.
The military rank was not very important. The main thing was, he was a regiment commander. As someone who came from a military academy, Chen Yifan knew what this meant. Although Ling Lan had the same rank as Li Lanfeng, Ling Lan had actual military power.
As Chen Yifan was digesting what he saw, Ling Lan walked in front of everyone and started scanning the crowd.
She saw that the soldiers of 250 Mecha Clan were still energetic after the mission and nodded her head. She felt satisfied. The hellish training had made them more motivated.
Ling Lan didn’t know that these mecha operators were energetic not because they felt motivated, but because they wanted to torture the new recruits. They were like Qi Long. They needed to torture other people in order to feel better.
Hence, 250 Mecha Clan moved towards an unpredictable direction. All the mecha operators, as well as logisticians, became a bunch of psychopaths who got excited when they see their opponents. All their enemies were afraid of them. Their name spread far and wide.