King of Gods

King of Gods

King of Gods
Chapter 1294 - Acquaintance from the Continent Zone

Chapter 1294: Acquaintance from the Continent Zone

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Chapter 1294 – Acquaintance from the Continent Zone
Zhao Feng first tried the Eye-Shrouding Art.
As he circulated the technique, a strange ripple of energy came from his head. The luster of his eyes quickly dimmed a little. At the same time, Zhao Feng’s dazzling silver and dreamy hair began to turn black.
But this was the extent of the transformation. Nothing else occurred.
After a long time, Zhao Feng stopped using the technique and opened his eyes.
“The Eye-Shrouding Art can’t conceal the phenomena produced by the God’s Spiritual Eye,” Zhao Feng calmly said.
As he was familiarizing himself with this art, he had already guessed that this would be the result. After all, Zhao Feng’s eye was already at the Quasi God Eye level and even had a chance to become the Ninth God Eye. The low-level Eye-Shrouding Art was naturally incapable of completely dispelling the phenomena of his eye-bloodline.
Perhaps it would have been more effective when his God’s Spiritual Eye was still in the gold stage.
Zhao Feng then used the higher-level Eye-Sealing Art.
The Eye-Sealing Art was primarily meant for sealing off all or a part of the abilities of an eye-bloodline. However, given the power of the God’s Spiritual Eye, it was probably too much to seal it completely.
Thus, Zhao Feng decided to seal only one thing: the Origin energy in the ball of dream-like silver within his God Eye Dimension.
When Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye transformed into the eye of dream-like silver, the most quintessential change was the Origin energy that it could freely use. If he sealed this Origin energy, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye would suffer a large drop in strength. It would also be much more difficult for others to sense the special nature of Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.
A complicated rune formed from Chaos Origin Divine Power appeared in the God Eye Dimension, appearing like a talisman. Zhao Feng controlled this seal and attached it to the dream-like silver ball.
As the seal approached the silver ball, the silver ball suddenly began to put up significant resistance.
“It’s a little difficult….” Zhao Feng’s brow slightly creased. He was already doing his best to suppress his Origin energy.
He had expected the Eye-Shrouding Art to not work, but if the Eye-Sealing Art failed to work as well, then he was truly a loser in that trade.
“That’s right, I comprehended some Sealing Intent before!” Zhao Feng suddenly remembered.
He had dabbled a little with Sealing Intent before, and as his level rose to Ancient God, this Sealing Intent had reached Level Two. Although this was a rather weak Intent, if he fused it with the sealing art, it would probably have a substantial effect.
When he thought about this, Zhao Feng circulated his Sealing Intent and fused it into the seal. Immediately, the talisman of Chaos Origin Divine Power became stronger, the lines becoming more concentrated and condensed.
The power of the sealing art had clearly increased, so Zhao Feng continued the sealing process. This time, the sealing art succeeded in covering the silver ball.
Zhao Feng’s silver eye gradually began to lose its luster, slowly being drained of its vitality and spirit. The same was occurring to his dazzling hair that could wave in the air on its own.
Previously, Zhao Feng’s left eye and hair would appear strange to anyone who saw them. Now, they were no longer as conspicuous.
Zhao Feng spent some more time in seclusion.
Previously, for the sake of cultivating the Five Elements, Wind Lightning, and Spacetime Intents, he had given up on the extremely difficult Sealing Intent. But he was now cultivating the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique, which grew stronger the more Intents one cultivated. Moreover, Sealing Intent was extremely powerful in its own right, and Zhao Feng was rather interested in it.
Thus, Zhao Feng took out some of the God Sealing Stones and began to comprehend the Intent energy within them.
Thirty more days passed, and it was only after he received Xiahou Wu’s message that he ended his seclusion. But in the outside world, only four days had passed.
“The God Eye Assembly is only open for a month. We can’t waste it!” Xiahou Wu straightforwardly said.
The God Eye Assembly’s grounds were incredibly vast, and the two had only covered a single corner.
“Let’s go take a look at the battles between other eye-bloodlines,” Xiahou Wu suggested.
As an Eye of Life descendant, he spent most of his time in the Life Sacred Land and rarely saw other God Eye descendants. As for the strong ones, he could count them with one hand.
But the God Eye Assembly was different; this place gathered the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes and all other eye-bloodlines. There was also a restriction of cultivation.
“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded.
Currently, he had given up on body-refining and chose to focus on cultivating his soul and eye-bloodline techniques. By observing other eye-bloodlines fight, he could naturally comprehend many principles and perhaps even duplicate some eye-bloodline techniques.
Although his Origin energy had been sealed – restricting his God’s Spiritual Eye’s abilities – it didn’t have much effect on his duplication and analysis abilities.
The two didn’t need to travel for very long before arriving at a large square palace from which a great ruckus could be heard.
This was only a regular dueling ground. Inside, one could challenge whomever one wished in order to hone one’s strength, but one could also be challenged by anyone else.
“Let’s go to the large arena. We might be able to see true experts fight there!” Xiahou Wu appeared a little excited.
The large arena had a prize system. The more battles one fought, the greater the rewards one would acquire, so the battles taking place there were more exciting.
The two quickly found the arena, forged from black metal and surrounded by massive sculptures of demons and gods.
The arena had a sturdy boundary array around it. Zhao Feng reckoned that not even the green-spotted elder leading their group would be capable of breaking it.
A red-and-black light shot out from the arena and slammed into the boundary array in the sky.
“Let’s go in and take a look!” Xiahou Wu excitedly said.
The duo paid an enormous entry fee and walked into the huge arena.
The moment they entered, Zhao Feng heard deafening cheers and roars.
On a massive gray stone stage, two people were fiercely battling. One of the fighters was a short-haired middle-aged man, a Rank Seven Ancient God with dark silver eyes that rippled with profound Space Intent. His opponent had an ordinary eye-bloodline, but he won out in experience and level of cultivation.
“Extreme Space Blade!” The short-haired man’s eyes unleashed powerful Spacetime Intent and Metal Intent. The two combined into a sharp blade of silver.
The silver blade suddenly blinked out of existence. A moment later, the muscular man on the other side had his chest stabbed through in a splash of bloody light.
He was already covered in wounds, and this grievous blow left him with no more strength to battle.
In the end, the referee declared that this muscular man had been defeated.
“So fast!” Zhao Feng’s heart thumped.
This short-haired middle-aged man’s Extreme Space Blade was even faster than his Void Eye Slash, though it was a little weaker. A fighter on the same level would find it impossible to dodge unless they were already watching out for it.
Of course, this person had the Eye of Spacetime, and the mastery of his two Intents had surpassed even Zhao Feng. Thus, it wasn’t too surprising that he was capable of using such an eye-bloodline technique.
“Lin Chengwu’s Eye of Spacetime is very powerful. He’s already won fourteen battles in a row!”
“Look over there! His fifteenth opponent is coming!”
It wasn’t long before the arena staff arranged for the next competitor.
This was a fierce and tall Ancient God expert with the head of a lion. His eye-bloodline was rather mediocre, but he was a peak Rank Seven Ancient God.
The moment he stepped onto the stage, the stifling killing intent of one who had killed countless people began to permeate through the air.
“It’s Meng Wu!”
“Meng Wu originally had one bloodline, but after a fortuitous encounter, he obtained an eye-bloodline. Moreover, he’s extremely powerful – almost invincible among Rank Seven Ancient Gods!”
Those who had been to a God Eye Assembly more than once all had some impression of this lion-headed man.
“It seems like Lin Chengwu is going to lose!” a somewhat joyful voice came from nearby.
The nearby spectators turned to look. It appeared that the speaker had some sort of quarrel with Lin Chengwu.
Zhao Feng also looked over and saw that this was a young man with white skin and a rather bewitching face. His two black eyes glimmered with white specks of starlight.
However, Zhao Feng’s gaze instantly fell on the black-armored middle-aged man with a single curled horn on his head standing next to the young man. This person also happened to be scanning the crowd, and when he saw Zhao Feng, he immediately called out in surprise, “Zhao Feng!”
“Long time no see!” Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.
He hadn’t expected that the first acquaintance he would meet in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods would be Demigod Destruction of the non-humans.
Back then, Zhao Feng felt that the non-human with the greatest potential was Demigod Destruction. As expected, this person had quickly come to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and was already a Rank Three True God.
“I didn’t think I would run into you here!” Demigod Destruction coldly smiled, hostility in his eyes.
“Zhao Feng…! True God Cloudbreaker, you know him?” The bewitching youth was surprised at first, and then he turned in confusion to Demigod Destruction.
It seemed like Demigod Destruction had changed his name to Cloudbreaker after coming to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. In the Continent Zone, he was the number one descendant of the Eye of Destruction, so him being called Destruction wouldn’t cause too much of a fuss. But in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, there were too many experts with the Eye of Destruction. If he insisted on the name of Destruction, he would end up being madly hunted down by Eye of Destruction descendants.
“Yes, Young Master Hai. We both came to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods from an outer dimension,” True God Cloudbreaker deferentially said.
“Oh? So the Ziling Zone’s Zhao Feng actually came from a low-level outer dimension?” A playful smile appeared on Young Master Hai’s face as he spoke in a jeering tone.
Zhao Feng was somewhat taken aback. He didn’t seem to know this person, but they were already being rather hostile toward him.
“I heard that you directly broke through into Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm, but for you to so quickly reach Rank Seven Ancient God is probably a lie made up by the Ziling Zone,” Young Master Hai continued.
The Antian Zone and the Ziling Zone were neighbors, so he had heard rumors of Zhao Feng. He had never believed that such a genius existed, and from what he could see now, it was all fake. There was no such thing as a person who could directly break through into Rank Six True God and then almost immediately become a Rank Seven Ancient God.
And from what True God Cloudbreaker said just now, Zhao Feng had come from a low-level outer dimension, making this rumor even more unlikely to be true. In fact, he even viewed Zhao Feng with some disdain now.
“What… Rank Six, Rank Seven…?” True God Cloudbreaker was immediately struck dumb.
Just now, he was planning to ask for a duel with Zhao Feng. After all, in the Continent Zone, the two were in opposing dynasties, and Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was extremely mysterious, even suppressing his Eye of Destruction.
Upon arriving in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, he quickly attached himself to a five-star faction, where his cultivation rose by leaps and bounds. He was already a Rank Three True God.
But Zhao Feng was an Ancient God!? True God Cloudbreaker’s face went slack. He had clearly been dealt a heavy blow.
At this moment, Zhao Feng sensed something strange from his Interspatial Dimension. Sending his mind inside, he found that it was coming from the message token he had obtained from the Secret Exchange Castle.
“First, I need to see your strength. If you are too weak, you have no right to be my teammate!” A deep voice came from the token.
Zhao Feng thought for a few moments, and then he shot a glance at Young Master Hai and smiled. “Whether it’s true or false, how do you know unless you see for yourself?”