King of Gods

King of Gods

King of Gods
Chapter 1351 - Spatial Shift

Chapter 1351: Spatial Shift
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Chapter 1351 – Spatial Shift
Zhao Feng followed the Spacetime Sacred Land team as it flew into the distance.
“Ancient God Luo Ling, who is this person?” a member of the team finally couldn’t help but ask.
Zhao Feng was young, and yet he was already a Rank Eight Ancient God. Moreover, even without an Eye of Spacetime, he was extremely accomplished in Spacetime Intent. Even in the Spacetime Sacred Land, it would be difficult to find a disciple as outstanding as Zhao Feng.
“I got to know him while infiltrating the Heavenly Demon Hall. He was also an infiltrator, and it’s only because the two of us worked together that we were able to survive!” Ancient God Luo Ling shot a glance at Zhao Feng before saying.
In the Heavenly Demon Hall, she never saw Zhao Feng’s true appearance. She was only able to determine through his voice that Zhao Feng was not that old.
Earlier, when she saw Zhao Feng’s true appearance, she was slightly stunned. Zhao Feng had a handsome appearance and excellent bearing. Together with that mysterious left eye and dreamy silver hair, he appeared even more enigmatic and bewitching.
“An infiltrator?” The members of the Spacetime Sacred Land were all taken aback.
They hadn’t expected for this to be Zhao Feng’s identity. They were also interested to hear that Ancient God Luo Ling and Zhao Feng had assisted each other to survive.
Ancient God Luo Ling was now a Rank Nine Ancient God, and anyone who could help her out was definitely not simple.
“What faction is Good Sir a member of?” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament directly asked.
Someone of Zhao Feng’s talent probably belonged to a major faction, perhaps even a God Realm Sacred Land. But if Zhao Feng belonged to a major faction, why did he infiltrate the Heavenly Demon Hall alone?
In addition, he was also interested to hear what Zhao Feng’s objective was in infiltrating the Heavenly Demon Hall. What sort of goal would be worth him venturing alone into such danger?
“Spiritual Race, Zhao Feng,” Zhao Feng directly said.
With his appearance revealed, it would be extremely easy to find out who he was, so there was no need for him to hide it.
“Spiritual Race?” The members of the Spacetime Sacred Land began to think.
“This Zhao will bid farewell first. In the future, when I have the opportunity, I will personally pay a visit to thank all of you!” Zhao Feng immediately bid farewell.
He only borrowed the hand of the Spacetime Sacred Land to escape the Heavenly Demon Hall, but he did not intend to travel with them back to the Spacetime Sacred Land.
“Then goodbye.” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament did not try to keep him.
“Goodbye!” Zhao Feng said his farewells to Ancient God Luo Ling and left.
But after going a little distance, he suddenly stopped.
Let’s try out Spatial Shift.
Spatial Shift required Level Six Space Intent, and long before achieving that, Zhao Feng started trying to comprehend it. At this time, he had already grasped seventy to eighty percent of it.
To increase the chances of success, Zhao Feng put on the Spacetime Robe.
Bzzz! Thwish!
A spatial vortex began to spin around Zhao Feng. Gradually, the spatial vortex shrank, but the spatial ripples intensified.
A moment later, Zhao Feng’s body plunged into the small spatial vortex.
More than ten million li away:
Bzzz! Swoosh!
A spatial vortex suddenly appeared, and Zhao Feng’s figure slowly emerged from it.
“One shift can cover more than ten million li!?” Zhao Feng was stunned. This distance was dozens of times greater than the distance covered by Instant Movement.
Of course, this was the first time Zhao Feng used Spatial Shift; he still had room to improve. In addition, although Spatial Shift could cover much more distance than Instant Movement, this art required more time to prepare, time in which he could easily be interrupted.

“Ancient God Luo Ling, how did you get to know Zhao Feng?”
“What was his goal in infiltrating the Heavenly Demon Hall?”
Quite a few members of the team immediately began to question Ancient God Luo Ling.
“I ran into him while trying to infiltrate the secret hall. His goal was to rescue his pet,” Ancient God Luo Ling directly replied.
“Rescue his pet? Ancient God Luo Ling, you were tricked by that kid, weren’t you?” An elderly blue-haired Rank Eight Ancient God faintly smiled.
In his view, although Ancient God Luo Ling had impressive talent and formidable strength, she was still too young and lacking in experience.
Ancient God Luo Ling coldly glanced at this person, but she did not reply.
“Right, Ancient God Luo Ling, with your strength, even if you ran into any danger, that Zhao Feng shouldn’t have been able to help you with anything,” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament suddenly said. Earlier, with Zhao Feng present, it was too awkward for him to say anything.
“I was able to break into Rank Nine entirely because of him!” Ancient God Luo Ling left it at that, not going into too detailed of an explanation.
“What?” The members of the Spacetime Sacred Land were all stunned to hear this.
Zhao Feng was the one to assist Ancient God Luo Ling in breaking into Rank Nine? There were several people present who were still Rank Eight Ancient Gods, and they were all too anxious to know just how Zhao Feng had helped Ancient God Luo Ling break into Rank Nine.
But at this moment, oppressive Death energy suddenly descended, and the world went dark.
All the members of the Spacetime Sacred Land, including Ancient God Scarlet Firmament, turned solemn. They were all extremely familiar with this energy; it belonged to none other than God Lord Heavenly Solitude.
Suddenly, a black figure appeared before them. God Lord Heavenly Solitude’s sinister gaze swept over them, his expression grim and dour.
“Where is Zhao Feng?” God Lord Heavenly Solitude bluntly asked.
With Zhao Feng’s appearance exposed, the Heavenly Demon Hall had immediately identified him.
“Gone,” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament immediately said.
“Gone? Haha, your Spacetime Sacred Land is far too insincere. You actually brought out an outsider!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude coldly snorted, and invisible pressure immediately weighed down on the members of the Spacetime Sacred Land.
All of them grimaced, finding even breathing to be difficult, and some of them glared in discontent at Ancient God Luo Ling.
“It doesn’t seem like we took Zhao Feng with us, but rather that Zhao Feng followed us. And we never said that he was a member of the Spacetime Sacred Land!” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament fearlessly said.
He was confident that God Lord Heavenly Solitude would not do anything to them. After all, they had not done anything wrong, and the intimidating pressure of the Spacetime God was still present.
“Good, good!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude’s eyes bulged as he stared at the group, stifling Death energy spreading through the area.
If not for the fact that God Lord Heavenly Solitude was doing his utmost to restrain himself, all the ordinary Rank Eight Ancient Gods present would have already lost their lives. From this, one could see just how angry God Lord Heavenly Solitude was.
But this was completely understandable. His primary goal in visiting the Heavenly Demon Hall was to take away the Heaven’s Legacy Cat. Picking up the research results and other treasures was secondary.
Despite that, during his visit, he ran into the Spacetime God and was humiliated. Even more importantly, the Heaven’s Legacy Cat had been lost.
“I trust that all these members of the Spacetime Sacred Land are not intentionally deceiving me.” God Lord Heavenly Solitude gradually calmed down.
“That person plundered many treasures and precious resources from the Heavenly Demon Hall and killed many Ancient God experts…. In which direction did he leave just now?” God Lord Heavenly Solitude bluntly asked.
He no longer had a reason to target the Spacetime Sacred Land. Zhao Feng had probably just left and could probably still be caught up to.
The members of the Spacetime Sacred Land couldn’t help but sigh. Just what was so special about this Zhao Feng that God Lord Heavenly Solitude would personally go to capture him?
“That way!” Ancient God Luo Ling pointed a finger.
Ancient God Scarlet Firmament’s expression flickered, but he remained silent.
Ancient God Luo Ling was naturally pointing in the wrong direction, the exact opposite direction in which Zhao Feng had left.
God Lord Heavenly Solitude was stunned and also said nothing. When investigating Zhao Feng, he had naturally learned that Zhao Feng belonged to the Spiritual Race, and Ancient God Luo Ling was pointing in exactly the opposite direction of the Spiritual Race.
But Zhao Feng might have predicted that the Heavenly Demon Hall would pursue him, so for him to set off in the opposite direction was completely understandable.
A moment later, God Lord Heavenly Solitude vanished. The world regained its brightness, and a weight was lifted from everyone’s bodies.
“Ancient God Luo Ling, why did you do that? You’ve offended a God Lord!” the blue-haired old man immediately asked.
All of them felt yearning, respect, and fear toward God Lords.
“He helped me break into Rank Nine, so I will help him this once,” Ancient God Luo Ling was unperturbed as she softly replied.
In truth, Zhao Feng helping her break into Rank Nine was part of a deal, and both sides had already fulfilled their ends of the bargain.
“Let’s go!” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament barked.
Although Ancient God Luo Ling had deceived God Lord Heavenly Solitude, even if God Lord Heavenly Solitude failed to catch his target, he didn’t have any firm evidence to claim that the Spacetime Sacred Land had deceived him. However, if he came back to question them again, it would be rather problematic.
The members of the Spacetime Sacred Land rapidly left the area.
As for Zhao Feng, he was busy researching Spatial Shift, unaware that he had just dodged a lethal crisis.
Bzzz! Swoosh!
A silver-robed man appeared in the middle of a spatial vortex.
“Although it takes quite a lot of energy, it’s completely worth it, given the distance traveled!” Zhao Feng was extremely satisfied with Spatial Shift.
The Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods was immense, and every journey was long and boring. This was also why almost every True God and Ancient God would try to comprehend Space Intent.
Zhao Feng traveled with Spatial Shift, occasionally taking breaks. In less than ten days, he arrived at the outskirts of Black Devil Peak.
“I wonder how Ancient God Floating Spirit and the others are doing….” Zhao Feng mused.
His communication methods were blocked once he entered the Heavenly Demon Hall, so Elder Floating Spirit and the others wouldn’t have been able to get in touch with Zhao Feng. By now, the time period for the Spiritual Race’s trading mission was long over. The Spiritual Race team had probably gone back already.
Zhao Feng used his left eye to observe Black Devil Peak.
Ever since his God’s Spiritual Eye evolved, its range of vision had expanded, and it was able to see through even more. Moreover, while using his eye, he wouldn’t be discovered by anyone, but Divine Sense would cause him to immediately be detected by experts of the same level.
“They probably left.” Zhao Feng observed many areas, but he saw no signs of any Spiritual Race experts.
“I wonder how Kun Yun…” Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something and muttered to himself.
At the time, he was preparing to tell the Spiritual Race Elders to bring Kun Yun with them when they left, but midway, Zhao Hui was kidnapped, so he wasn’t able to relay this request. As long as Kun Yun told the Spiritual Race Elders everything, Ancient God Floating Spirit would undoubtedly extend a helping hand.
But when Zhao Feng observed Kun Yun’s residence, his gaze darkened.

In the outer peak, a house was surrounded by outer peak disciples.
“Kun Yun, come out and exchange some pointers with us!” A tall and skeletal youth loudly laughed.
“As long as you defeat me, you can take back the average-quality divine artifact you lost to me and become the number one disciple of the outer peak, bound to enter the inner peak soon!” The youth laughed as he continued to jeer.
“Hurry and come out, Kun Yun, you cowardly turtle!” Several dozen outer peak disciples joined in.
“Kun Yun, I’ve asked for instruction from you many times, but you don’t give me any face. Since that’s the case, I’m going to have to break down your door!” The skeletal youth put on a savage smile and charged at the door.
But suddenly, a dreadful pressure descended.
Boom! Bang!
The skeletal youth vomited blood as he was blown backward.