Legend of the Mythological Genes

Legend of the Mythological Genes

Legend of the Mythological Genes
Chapter 235 - Beast King Gene

Chapter 235: Beast King Gene

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Gene: Beast King Gene
Grade: High-grade transcendent gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: King of Hundred Beasts, Power Over Mountains and Forests, Submission of Beast Herd, Commanding at Will.

As it turned out, this was a transcendent gene.
According to the introduction, it seemed powerful. The possessors could command hundreds of beasts to their wishes.
Feng Lin couldn’t help but be tempted.
This Beast King Gene’s abilities seemed rather decent, what was it composed of though?
Every gene had its own evolution set. One must start from the basic gene then evolved it in combination step by step.
Beast King Gene was a transcendent gene; two evolutions would be required for it to reach transcendence from the basic gene.
Feng Lin began to work, exhausting his genetic potential and using Beast King Gene as a target for the synthetic formula.
It was vastly different from before. The rate of genetic potential’s exhaustion increased greatly, like water pouring down in torrents.
Genetic potential -48%, -48%, -48%…
It shaved a total of 524% off his genetic potential before revealing a formula.
Beast King Gene lit up in the genetic map and extended down, linking three darkened nebulas as it formed into a completed genetic evolution route.
Beast King Gene = Bestial Gene x9 + Violence Gene x8 + Coercion Gene x6
Who would have expected that this was a gene that required three types of primeval genes in combination? Every single one of their power was extraordinary and had their own abilities. As long as he awakened one of them, he would become a powerful figure among primeval beings. Yet, this Beast King Gene would require all three types before it could be evolved.

Gene: Bestial Gene
Grade: High-grade primeval gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Law of the Jungle, Survival of the Fittest. Bloodthirsty Massacre, Devouring All Lives”

Gene: Violence Gene
Grade: High-grade primeval gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Brute Force countering all techniques, Myriad of Methods, Violence Suppression”

Gene: Coercion Gene
Grade: High-grade primeval gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Massacre, Power over Hundred Beasts, Submission without Exception

The impact of these three genes was distinctly different. Every one of them was a primeval gene and needed lower basic genes to synthesize, from up to the bottom, layer upon layer as it formed into an upside-down genetic tree. The evolutions were meticulous, fitting in with the mythological genetic theory.
At a higher cultivation level, the number of genes involved would increase exponentially as well. It would be even more complicated until finally, like the stars in the sky, they became countless.
Apart from that, every gene had its own set of awakening criteria. The pre-requisites were aplenty and depended on one’s exploration. There was a limit to a person’s abilities, and one wouldn’t be able to take everything into consideration. This was also the reason why getting a complete genetic cultivation art was increasingly difficult as one leveled up. It would even require several generations of people to search for it before it could become a mature genetic cultivation art.
It was evident that Feng Lin didn’t have it, but with the genetic equation, everything was possible.
A smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he continued exhausting his genetic potential!
Genetic potential -28%, -28%, -28%…
Genetic potential -16%, -16%, -16%…
Genetic potential -18%, -18%, -18%…
Once completed, three genetic formulas revealed themselves.
Bestial Gene = Bloodthirst Gene x10 + Beast Heart Gene x7
Violence Gene = Strength Gene x9 + Savage Gene x8
Coercion Gene = Pressure Gene x8 + Prestige Gene x6
Every single one of the genes was rare basic genes, with varying grades.
Gene: Bloodthirst Gene
Grade: High-grade basic gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Bloodthirsty Massacre, Law of the Jungle

Gene: Beast Heart Gene
Grade: Mid-grade basic gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Brutal personality, Decisive Slaughter, Ruthless Beast Heart

Gene: Strength Gene
Grade: High-grade basic gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Increase in Strength, Brute Force countering all techniques

Gene: Savage Gene
Grade: High-grade basic gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Berserk Temperament, Vicious Swipe

Gene: Pressure Gene
Grade: High-grade basic gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Corporeal Pressure, Heavy as a Mountain

Gene: Prestige Gene
Grade: High-grade basic gene
Strengthening Tally: 0
Abilities: Massacre, Formless Might, Intimidate

The six basic genes had their own abilities. Using three genetic formulas as the division, they formed into a genetic tree branch.
The huge genetic cultivation tree formed into a prototype state; the small detail in the grand scheme was now visible.
Feng Lin must build the path step by step from the basic genes. From the six basic genes, he would have to evolve them into three primeval genes then combining them into a transcendent gene. That would require a total of 48 free basic genetic points, 23 free primeval genetic points as well as 27800% genetic potential.
On top of that, evolving Monkey King Gene would require 20 free transcendent genetic points and thus 227800% genetic potential. That could be considered a huge amount.
He had more than 3000% genetic potential at first, but they had all been exhausted by the mere derivation of formulas. He no longer had enough.
A great sense of urgency flooded Feng Lin’s heart. With the increase in level, the speed of genetic potential exhaustion had increased greatly. He must store enough genetic potential or it would be a tough journey in the future.
It was addicting to upgrade the gene’s strengthening tally for speedy improvements; how could Feng Lin bear to give up on it this easily now?
Without stopping to rest, he began training again. His hand retrieved a piece of meat that was as big as a human head and took a bite.
The repulsive smell of blood gushed out and filled his mouth. It was incomparably spicy, and its essence flowed into Feng Lin. An abundance of nutrients was packed into it as it transferred into his energy-deficient body.
This was the small-scale aberration queen’s gene hypophysis. The smell was repulsive but for the sake of cultivation, Feng Lin bit it without hesitation. Feeling as though his stomach was on fire, he used the art of transforming energy into qi hastily.
It had an instant effect.
The aberration queen’s abundant vitality was transformed into nutrients in his body at an incredible speed.
Genetic potential +68%, +68%, +68%…
Feng Lin’s genetic potential soared, reaching 1360% and 13 free basic genetic points. Its speed couldn’t be considered slow, but in the light of the huge amount of genetic potential required, it was hardly enough.
Thereafter, Feng Lin realized wordlessly that he didn’t have the methods to awakening the various basic genes.
This was what made genetic cultivation arts valuable.
Without the guidance of the arts, it would be difficult to proceed.
Even so, Feng Lin didn’t panic much. Sun Wukong’s path was the paragon mythological path. Every step of growth had its own hereditary memory, and he would be able to gain the method to his next step of cultivation from there.
From the stone monkey’s memories back then, he had had to consume and absorb the pure essence of the sun and the moon from the surroundings to awaken the Spirit Gene. Now, using the memory art, he would be able to find out how to continue his cultivation from the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene.
The memory-scape was realistic; it was the remnants of the Great Sage’s Will. To submerge in it would require too much effort and he was running out of time. He could only do it at a later time.
Feng Lin sensed his surroundings and realized that the sky had brightened outside. With his mind, he manipulated the furnace to rise slowly until it was outside of the volcano.
Feng Lin’s body floated in the air as he used Heart Monkey Force to control the mist and form it into a carpet-style cloud. It lifted his body and spun in the air a few times before dashing forth in a hurry.