Legend of the Mythological Genes

Legend of the Mythological Genes

Legend of the Mythological Genes
Chapter 486 - Somersault Cloud

Chapter 486: Somersault Cloud
A single somersault could travel 108,000 miles!
The Monkey King Domain could control everything in the universe.
In an instant, Feng Lin comprehended the method of using the somersault cloud. He used his all-invasive Heart Monkey Force to control the most basic particles of the universe and transform them into a ready-to-erupt state. He then made use of the rebound force to produce a large amount of energy to soar into the air, reaching cosmic speed in an instant.
For a time, his figure vanished instantly from his original location. He transformed into a golden shadow, zooming across space and leaving behind after-images.
The energy flow formed from the ejection of ions left behind a long trail of flames. From afar, it was as resplendent as a cluster of nebulae.
“What?” The sword silhouette speeding through the gaps in space let out an exclamation. Lu Zhenyang was filled with disbelief.
But even before he could react, a cudgel blow instantly struck down, dispersing his sword light.
The attacks of Feng Lin arrived before he knew it!
The somersault cloud’s speed was also known to be at the extreme level within the three realms. It wasn’t in any way inferior to the Sword Evasion skill his opponent was using.
What was known as lightning arrived before the ears could hear?
This was precisely it.
Right now, Lu Zhenyang was encountering the situation Feng Lin faced earlier.
The ion ejection of his somersault cloud instantly boosted Feng Lin’s speed to sub-light mode.
Under such speed, even an ordinary cudgel strike would become terrifying to the extreme.
The vast might contained within his cudgel seemingly enveloped this entire space. Pressure akin to a giant mountain bore down, causing the entire space to tremble.
Even for Lu Zhenyang who could control his sword and soar into the air, now that this attack was targeting him, he wasn’t able to evade in time.
Sky Evasion Sword Art – Sword Control Lightning Shock!
Sword qi gushed forth, crackling like lightning. His speed abruptly increased by three times, rushing to the side, instantly evading the sure-kill attack from Feng Lin.
However, the cudgel force converged together and swept outward, sweeping aside the sword qi. A moment later, a crack appeared in the sword light as a figure appeared. This figure’s countenance was pale and his aura was ice-cold.
But he didn’t have the time to say anything. At the next moment, another cudgel attack slammed down at him. He could only instantly transform back into the beam of evasive sword light once more.
The space cracked and a white scar suddenly appeared.
A figure brimming with lighting-imbued sword qi suddenly appeared behind Feng Lin and directly shot forward, aiming to pierce Feng Lin’s back.
Feng Lin was in a situation of imminent peril. He just so coincidentally did a somersault backward and evaded the attack, preventing his vital part from being stabbed. He turned his head and unleashed another blow instantly.
The sword and cudgel collided, causing sparks to emit. The powerful shockwaves swept through the surroundings, causing scars to appear on the ground.
The two of them separated at the instant of the clash and rapidly moved away.
After that, one pursued while the other fled. They were dodging to the left and right and launching surprise attacks at the other.
For a time, everyone only felt their vision being dazzled.
The two of them had reached the absolute limit of speed in the human world. They each transformed into a beam of light and broke through the binding of space. They disappeared and appeared again in different locations instantly, clashing with each other and separating again and again.
Even the most advanced observing equipment would find it tough to capture their movements clearly. There were only after-images.
One person was within a ball of sword light, flickering in and out of space.
The other kept somersaulting, causing a particle storm. He was so fast that he was shadowless.

(What a quick speed, but why does this Feng Lin only know how to do somersaults? He resembles a monkey doing circus trick!…)
Everyone glanced at each other, feeling extremely puzzled in their hearts.
What sort of powerful divine technique required one to keep somersaulting to execute it?
Most probably, only Feng Lin knew why.
As for why he kept somersaulting, there was only one reason. It might not look glam but…the speed of using the somersault cloud was simply too fast!
Extreme speed would cause extremely powerful inertia, making the possessor have an extremely hard time to change direction and not to mention the immense burden on one’s body.
By somersaulting, he could adjust his body and shift directions, minimizing the inertia to the maximum.

Bang, bang bang!
Their speed reached a realm that surpassed the human vision. From everyone’s view, the two of them had already clashed countless times in an instant.
One was a sword immortal with a tyrannically sharp flying sword that could slash through everything.
The other was a stone monkey riding on a somersault cloud, wielding his metal cudgel with a terrifying force.

In just the blink of an eye, they had exchanged several hundreds of blows.
Although they were only two people, their speed made it so that there were thousands of afterimages clashing against each other at the same moment. Sparks flew everywhere from the collision of sword and cudgel.
It was like both Feng Lin and Lu Zhenyang had millions of clones. The fight between the two of them was like two armies of equal power clashing with each other.
From the view of the spectators, it looked like a fight between a dragon and a tiger. However, only the two combatants knew how dangerous things truly were.
As their speed increased, reaching extreme speed, the flow of time would also be reduced. An instant of time in the view of spectators had become extremely long and drag-out in the eyes of the two combatants.
That ethereal beam of sword light earlier finally revealed its true form before Feng Lin’s eyes.
Right now, the two of them were evenly matched!
Wreaking havoc in the heavenly court!
Feng Lin chased after the beam of light. His body hung upside down and the cudgel in his hand weaved a circle, surrounding Lu Zhenyang with countless cudgel shadows. Feng Lin exuded an invincible might as though he could break through everything. At this moment, he truly felt like that stone monkey in the legends. His cudgel covered an impossibly vast area, brimming with the aura of destruction.
Lu Zhenyang was no longer as calm as before. He could clearly sense a killing intent strong enough to destroy the heavens and devastate the earth from the cudgel attacks.
If he got hit by this move, his body would instantly become a paste.
The second stance of the Sky Evasion Sword Art, Formless Wind Evasion!
The sword qi became endless, transforming into countless shadows that gushed forth with the sword qi.
The loudest sound is silence, the largest object has no form!
For a time, the surging strands of sword qi maximized his speed, converging together into formless sword qi that was so tightly packed that it was like a torrential rainstorm flooding over.
Swish swish swish~
Sword qi and cudgel force collided with each other and were neutralized a moment later.
The two of them separated directly after their clash.
Feng Lin instantly reacted.
Great Sage Stirring the Seas!
His cudgel swept out, stirring the space. The boundless air flows transformed into spatial vortexes from his actions, wanting to engulf everything in the surroundings into them.
The third stance of the Sky Evasion Sword Art, Cloud Evasion Lightning Melody!
The sword qi spread out, becoming like clouds and mist. Humming sound of electricity and the sharpness of the sword qi could be felt.
A sea of clouds churned. And a moment later, the space trembled from the impact as chaos reigned supreme.

Breaking the furnace open!
A thick fist as straight as a heavenly pillar completely smashed apart the heaven and earth furnace.
The sky cannot cover my eyes, the earth cannot cover my heart!
The seventh stance of the Sky Evasion Sword Art – Billions Sword Heart!
Swish, swish, swish~
The immortal sword whistled, producing billions of billions of strands of sword qi. It continued to split apart, one into two, two into three, three into countless strands.
This was an extremely tyrannical art.
The other was a direct attack powered by brute force.
These two methods of extremes collided together, instantly causing countless sparks to manifest. The sparks were as resplendent as starfire.

For a time, the two of them unleashed all their techniques and moves, causing the spectators to be dazzled.
Unknowingly, the spectators were all already in a daze. Their mouths were wide open, but they didn’t say anything. It felt like they were watching a mythological battle.
What a great battle!
As they continued battling, the final decisive moment soon came
It was the moment to decide victory and defeat!