Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1069 - Speculation of the Strongest Companion Beast

Chapter 1069: Speculation of the Strongest Companion Beast
Translator: CKtalon
When Zhou Wen returned, he didn’t head to the Moon Goddess Temple. Instead, he circled around and came close to Moon Palace.
As Zhou Wen didn’t know how true the Moon Goddess’s words were, he wanted to head to Moon Palace to take a look.
With the Elixirs of Immortality in hand, and having lured Jade Rabbit over, together with the Seven Seas Dragon King and Demonic Neonate, he could greatly influence the battle. It wouldn’t be too late to make a move after figuring out who would be beneficial to humanity.
At that moment, there was almost no cold fog in Moon Palace. There were flames burning everywhere, and many jade buildings were aflame.
Amidst the flames, there was only a jade palace with a small amount of cold fog surging.
As for the huge osmanthus tree, under the remnant blasts from the battle, large numbers of petals fell and fluttered everywhere.
I’m rich. There are so many petals, and every one of them is equivalent to an Epic Companion Beast… Zhou Wen saw that there were copious numbers of petals. He didn’t know how long it would take him to pick them up if he were to pick them up one by one. Therefore, he summoned the army of Musical Notes and let them fuse with the petals.
Companion Beasts below the Mythical stage found it difficult to maintain their combat strength in space. However, there were a few low-level Companion Beasts that could survive in space.
Although Musical Note Sprites had virtually zero combat strength in space, surviving wasn’t a problem.
Thousands of Musical Note Sprites pounced at the falling petals. Every Musical Note Sprite immediately absorbed the petals upon contact, allowing them to enter an evolutionary state.
The scene of tens of thousands of Companion Beasts evolving together was spectacular.
Zhou Wen had almost 100,000 Musical Note Sprites and the number of petals that fell here exceeded 100,000.
He summoned the other Legendary and Epic Companion Beasts he usually gathered and got them to absorb the petals.
Those at the Legendary stage were directly promoted, but those at the Epic stage only had their stats boosted. When they used a second petal, the effects became much weaker.
Zhou Wen summoned the Evil Spirit King as well, hoping that he could absorb the petals and quickly advance. To his surprise, he didn’t even look at the petals. He had no intention of absorbing them.
Is he that picky? Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless.
Ever since the Evil Spirit King was born, it had only absorbed energy from Companion Eggs. Furthermore, they had to be at the same level—it ate nothing else.
There were still many petals falling from the tree, but they were all closer to the battlefield. Zhou Wen was afraid of being implicated, so he didn’t dare approach.
Just as he was hesitating about whether to pick up the petals, he suddenly heard a loud bang. The jade palace, that had emitted a cold fog, exploded and was instantly reduced to ruins.
All the cold fog vanished. At the same time, two figures appeared from the ice beam. Clearly, they were unable to maintain their Terror states.
Zhou Wen saw Ice Maiden land in a sorry state in the ruins of the palace. The huge dark-gold toad had fallen with her.
At that moment, the dark-gold toad’s body emitted layers of frosty gas. Its body seemed to be covered in frost, but some spots were already charred black by the flames. There was no protection from the frost.
It’s Ice Maiden and the toad. Why don’t I see Chang’e? Zhou Wen looked around but didn’t see the legendary Chang’e.
Just as he was feeling puzzled, he saw Wei Ge walk out of the flames one step at a time. He held nothing in his hand, but flames condensed into a battle axe that hung down to the ground.
“Chang’e, you can’t stop me. Give up,” Wei Ge said as he walked towards the dark-gold toad.
Who is he talking to? Who’s Chang’e? There’s only that toad over there… Zhou Wen widened his eyes in disbelief as he stared at the dark-gold toad.
He couldn’t believe his guess. The beautiful celestial maiden, Chang’e, was actually a toad. Wasn’t this too ridiculous?
However, the toad stirred up the frost again and stood in front of Wei Ge. It looked like it wanted to continue fighting, but it couldn’t even enter the Terror state. Its combat strength had greatly weakened. Even if it continued fighting, only death awaited it.
Ice Maiden was clearly seriously injured. She was also unable to maintain her Terror transformation, but she wasn’t as stubborn as the toad. She had already secretly retreated.
As Wei Ge walked towards the toad, he said, “Chang’e, why bother? Let me chop down the Tree of Immortality. Although you will lose the ability to live forever, you can regain your original appearance and no longer have to be an ugly toad. Isn’t this what you want? Or would you rather be an ugly toad in order to live forever?”
When Zhou Wen heard this, he was certain that the toad was the legendary Chang’e.
Chang’e is actually a toad. I wonder how those people who fantasize about Chang’e will react when they see her true appearance? Zhou Wen secretly rejoiced that he hadn’t immediately eaten the Elixir of Immortality after obtaining it.
So the Elixir of Immortality created using the Tree of Immortality actually had such negative side effects.
Zhou Wen would rather not advance to the Mythical stage than become a toad.
“Even if I’m ugly and despised by the world, I will still wait here for him.” The toad finally spoke. Indeed, it was a woman’s voice.
“He’s only an ordinary human. Even if he has the stunning Power of Sun Strafe, he’s only a speck of dust in the river of time. It’s already unknown where the dust has landed. That wait will be fruitless,” Wei Ge said.
“No, he’ll come, he’ll definitely…” Chang’e yelled in a frenzy.
“If you knew this would happen, why did you do it in the first place? I originally wanted to spare your life on account of our similar circumstances. Since you wish for death, I can only fulfill your wish,” Wei Ge said as he slowly raised the flaming ax in his hand, hoping to kill the toad.
Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before taking out an Elixir of Immortality. He summoned the Jade Rabbit and headed for Chang’e.
“Chang’e, let me ask you. If the Tree of Immortality is chopped down, will the Moon really be destroyed?” Zhou Wen asked the dark-gold toad.
“No.” Chang’e originally didn’t want to answer when she saw that it was a human youth, but when she saw Jade Rabbit beside Zhou Wen, she was slightly alarmed and answered his question.
Was Moon Goddess really lying to me? Zhou Wen frowned inwardly.
To his surprise, Chang’e continued, “However, the Tree of Immortality is connected to the Moon’s Companion Beast. The destruction of the Tree of Immortality means that when the Companion Beast inside the Moon appears, the Moon, which is the outer shell of the Companion Egg, will naturally shatter.
“What… You’re telling me that the Moon is a Companion Egg…” Zhou Wen looked at Chang’e in horror, almost unable to believe his ears.
He wasn’t shocked by the strength of the Companion Beasts inside the Moon, but the news made him think of something else.
If the Moon is a Companion Egg, what about Earth? If Earth is also a Companion Egg, wouldn’t the strongest Companion Beast that the dimension is seeking be inside the Earth?
If the Companion Beast broke out of its shell, Zhou Wen couldn’t imagine what Earth would become.