Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1179 - Give it some Oomph

Chapter 1179: Give it some Oomph
Translator: CKtalon
On An Tianzuo’s side, many people looked over. They also wanted to know if Zhou Wen and Li Xuan could really handle the sawing.
After all, this type of torture that could saw a person into two wasn’t something ordinary self-healing abilities could withstand.
Furthermore, they also wanted to know how Zhou Wen and company would resolve the problem of insufficient time.
After all, An Jingyu had used the Guardian’s temporal ability to accelerate the saw’s speed to finish the punishment quickly. Otherwise, the saw’s speed wasn’t fast. If the sawing was done slowly, it would probably take ten minutes for the punishment to end.
“Ah! It hurts!” Just as the saw touched Li Xuan’s body, Li Xuan cried out when the saw tore through his skin.
“Ah… Ah… Ah…” With every slice, Li Xuan let out a tragic cry.
The officers couldn’t help but frown. Although they knew that such a sawing would definitely be painful, Lu Bushun had endured it all without even letting out a grunt. It wasn’t very manly to shout like that.
As Li Xuan hadn’t entered the military and instead traveled around, he had spent most of his time in the South District. Therefore, they didn’t know much about him. All they knew was that Li Xuan was the third scion of Luoyang’s Li family, Zhou Wen’s good friend and classmate.
Seeing Li Xuan scream so tragically, Zhou Wen comforted him. “Li Xuan, bear with it. It’ll be fine in a while. I’ll get them to saw faster so that you won’t have to suffer for so long.”
When An Jingyu and company heard Zhou Wen’s words, they found it odd. What did he mean by asking them to saw faster? Was such a matter negotiable?
They originally imagined that Zhou Wen was only joking. He would probably use abilities similar to Time Acceleration or abilities with similar functions.
To their surprise, Zhou Wen stood outside the door and shouted into the torture chamber, “Saw faster.”
If this works, why would I be needed? An Jingyu muttered. He didn’t believe that this would work.
However, as soon as Zhou Wen said that, the steel saw that was pulling back and forth suddenly became like a connected electric saw. Its speed instantly increased.
However, despite the steel saw rapidly pulling back and forth, it couldn’t split Li Xuan at the waist despite the tremendous amount of blood on the saw. It looked terrifying, but the saw just didn’t go any lower.
Li Xuan cried out even more tragically, but his self-healing ability wasn’t inferior to Lu Bushun’s. When the steel saw stopped, he had already healed himself and cleared the round.
“It really f*cking hurts. It nearly killed me. Old Zhou, it’ll cost ya!” Li Xuan gritted his teeth as he walked out.
An Jingyu and company looked at Zhou Wen and Li Xuan with odd expressions.
This matter was negotiable? An Jingyu’s face was filled with puzzlement. He couldn’t help but look at the second torture chamber and hesitate. Should he try Zhou Wen’s method?
The second torture chamber was Oil Pot Punishment. There was a huge pot in the torture chamber, and the oil inside was atboiling point. Anyone who entered would probably be cooked instantly.
Lu Bushun had already been thrown in. The fats were sizzling and he was turning golden-brown. He even emitted a fragrance.
This punishment took at least ten minutes. An Tianzuo and company definitely couldn’t wait that long, so they needed An Jingyu to use Time Acceleration to make the ten minutes pass quickly.
But now, An Jingyu was a little suspicious. Could he negotiate with the oil pot in the torture chamber and get it to fry Lu Bushun faster?
Since Zhou Wen could negotiate, there was no reason why they couldn’t. If they could negotiate, he could save a lot of Essence Energy to deal with any subsequent problems.
If they really experienced all the punishments and entered the true Netherworld, they would definitely encounter many problems.
With this in mind, An Jingyu mimicked Zhou Wen’s actions and attempted to shout into the torture chamber, “Fry him faster.”
After he shouted, An Tianzuo and company stared at the pot of oil inside. They were also very curious if this matter was negotiable.
However, after waiting for a while, they realized that the pot remained the same. Nothing had changed.
An Jingyu’s face couldn’t help but turn red as he secretly spat in his heart. I must have been bewitched. There’s no room for negotiation regarding such matters. It would be a miracle if the negotiation succeeded.
“An Jingyu, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and use Time Acceleration.” Inside, Lu Bushun urged An Jingyu. The feeling of being fried didn’t feel good.
Although Lu Bushun had been enduring it, the terrifying pain nearly made him crush his teeth to pieces from all the gritting.
An Jingyu hurriedly used Time Acceleration to accelerate the punishment time. After two minutes, the Oil Pot Punishment was completed. Lu Buyu was teleported out of the oil pot.
His golden-brown flesh had already recovered, but his forehead was covered in cold sweat. It looked like he had been in excruciating pain.
Just as he walked out, Li Xuan walked in slowly. As he walked, he said, “Old Zhou, you’re really mean. You didn’t mention any of these while we were coming over. This will definitely cost ya!”
“Definitely.” As Zhou Wen spoke, he thought to himself, This isn’t a problem. When it’s time for the Wooden Horse Punishment, you can ask for as much as you want.
When Li Xuan entered the torture chamber, an invisible force immediately lifted his body and threw him into the boiling pot of oil.
“Ah!” Oil splattered everywhere as Li Xuan screamed tragically.
However, after a while, An Jingyu and company realized that Li Xuan’s body hadn’t been fried golden-brown by the oil pot. Apart from some red spots, there weren’t many changes.
Li Xuan also seemed to realize that the temperature of this thing wasn’t as high as he imagined. Therefore, he calmed down and leaned back against the pot. He placed his hands on the edge of the pot as though he was bathing in a bathtub.
Lu Bushun was dumbfounded. One had to know that the punishment here ignored defensive skills. One could only rely on their bodies to withstand it. After all, he had attained a Mythical body through the use of the Mythical Serum. Furthermore, his body was especially strong; yet, he couldn’t withstand the frying and was nearly fried into crispy pork.
As for Li Xuan, he was completely fine and even had a bath inside.
How strong is this fellow’s body of flesh and blood? An Jingyu and company were secretly alarmed.
“Old Zhou, get them to give it some oomph,” Li Xuan shouted at Zhou Wen.
He wasn’t showing off, but he wanted to use the Oil Pot Punishment to temper his body. The more his body endured, the stronger he became.
“Give it more heat,” Zhou Wen shouted.
If this works, I might as well go home, An Jingyu thought.
However, with Zhou Wen’s words, the flames under the pot suddenly intensified, nearly enveloping the entire pot. The temperature in the pot rose sharply.
An Jingyu’s eyes nearly popped out. The other officers were also dumbfounded.