Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1180 - Repeated Punishments

Chapter 1180: Repeated Punishments
“Faster,” Zhou Wen continued.
Time was limited, so there was no time for Li Xuan to slowly temper his body.
From the point of view of the average person, the Oil Pot Punishment seemed to obey Zhou Wen’s orders as though time was being accelerated.
However, An Sheng was naturally different. He could see some ethereal creatures—white-robed ghosts that were carrying out the punishments.
When he first saw them, they were slowly throwing in chopped wood that ordinary humans couldn’t see into the fire. However, when they saw Zhou Wen, the two white-robed ghosts immediately trembled in fear. At Zhou Wen’s order, they quickly added more wood to the bottom of the pot.
It was the same in the saw torture chamber. This left An Sheng very surprised, unsure how Zhou Wen had done it.
It was indeed right to wait for Young Master Wen to come. With him and Li Xuan around, the chances of safely rescuing Madam Lan are much higher. I hope Madam Lan and company can last until we arrive, An Sheng thought to himself.
A minute later, Li Xuan, who had completed the Oil Pot Punishment, came out. As An Jingyu and Lu Bushun had been watching Li Xuan , Lu Bushun hadn’t entered the third torture chamber to be punished.
“If you aren’t going, I’ll go in first.” Li Xuan smiled at Lu Bushun before entering the third torture chamber—Nail Chamber.
There were 108 foot-long steel nails in the Nail Chamber. One had to have all the nails nailed through their bodies to complete the punishment.
After Li Xuan entered, his limbs were immediately confined to the wall. Then, a nail flew towards his left hand. On the other side, a hammer slammed into the back of the nail, smashing through Li Xuan’s palm.
“Ah!” Li Xuan let out a tragic cry and couldn’t help but curse. “It f*cking hurts!”
“Just bear with it.” As Zhou Wen consoled him, he told the torturing ghosts to be faster.
Nails flew up one after another as the hammers brandished repeatedly, rapidly stabbing into Li Xuan’s body. Li Xuan kept screaming in pain.
In just a minute, all 108 steel nails were nailed into Li Xuan’s body. One of them was nailed to his manhood, causing Li Xuan’s face to turn green from the pain.
Thankfully, although he screamed miserably, none of his injuries looked serious. His injuries automatically healed and there were no signs of any injuries when he came out.
Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be envious. Although he had some self-healing abilities, he was far inferior to Li Xuan.
Without any time to daydream, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan continued heading for the next torture chamber.
“Overseer, do we continue?” An Sheng asked carefully.
Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were faster than them. If they could pass all the punishments, there was naturally no need for Lu Bushun and company to continue.
An Tianzuo looked at Lu Bushun. Before he could say anything, Lu Bushun took the initiative to request an order. “Overseer, although Li Xuan’s self-healing ability is strong, he might not be stronger than me. Furthermore, it’s hard to say if he can withstand all the punishments with the way he is. If he fails, we won’t have the time to do it ourselves. Please let me continue.”
After Lu Bushun said that, he looked at Li Xuan’s back with eyes filled with determination.
“Alright, let’s continue.” An Tianzuo nodded slightly.
“Overseer, don’t worry. If things don’t go well, I will definitely not embarrass our Sunset Army.” With that said, Lu Bushun walked towards the Nail Chamber.
Li Xuan and Lu Bushun suffered tortures at the same time, experiencing the torture chambers one by one.
The two of them had terrifying self-healing abilities. Others would experience tortures that spelled certain death every time if they were in their shoes, but the latter made one attempt after another. Their bodies didn’t suffer much damage.
The only difference was that Li Xuan kept crying out in pain, but Lu Bushun endured it quietly from beginning to end. No matter how painful the punishment was, he didn’t grunt.
Everyone watched as they walked down the torture chambers one after another. When the torture chambers closed, the two of them had experienced almost thirty punishments. However, every time they came out, their injuries were almost healed. People believed that there wouldn’t be any major problems and that they would definitely be able to withstand all the punishments in a day.
However, Zhou Wen knew very well that things weren’t as simple as they imagined.
The physical damage of the punishments here was only one aspect. Another aspect was the soul and psyche. Furthermore, such damage would constantly accumulate, eventually causing a mental breakdown. Li Xuan and Lu Bushun’s abilities to recover physically were fine, but it was still a question if they could last to the end.
However, Zhou Wen was still very confident in Li Xuan. Although this fellow looked frivolous on the surface, his perseverance far exceeded that of the average person.
Back when he was in extreme rage, Li Xuan had managed to hold back from killing Li Mobai. Zhou Wen believed that he could hold out.
As the torture chamber would open again every hour, Zhou Wen and company stood on the long street to rest.
While Zhou Wen was resting, his eyes subconsciously glanced at the torture chamber behind him. It was the Wooden Horse Punishment torture chamber. According to his current progress, Li Xuan should enter the room in the next hour.
“Old Zhou, shouldn’t you do something considering my great sacrifices?” Li Xuan said to Zhou Wen.
“What should I do?” Zhou Wen asked.
“I don’t lack anything but a useful Companion Beast. My requirements aren’t high. Just get me a Terror-grade Companion Beast.” Li Xuan was actually joking. He wasn’t even taking himself seriously.
“Alright.” Zhou Wen agreed immediately.
“Really? You have a Terror-grade Companion Egg?” Li Xuan was slightly taken aback before he laughed, believing that Zhou Wen was joking.
A Terror-grade Companion Egg wasn’t something that could be obtained easily.
Ignoring the fact that the Terror-grade dimensional creatures were in the terrifying dimensional zones, it wasn’t easy to kill them. Even if one could kill them, they might not have a Companion Egg drop.
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll definitely get you a Terror-grade Companion Beast. However, we have an agreement. You have to help me complete this trip through Netherworld City,” Zhou Wen said.
“Why? Don’t you have confidence in me? Why are you using this trick to encourage me?” Li Xuan said unhappily.
“Just tell me if you can complete it.” Zhou Wen knew that as long as Li Xuan could complete the trip, he would definitely do so. He also wanted to take this opportunity to give Li Xuan a Companion Beast.
“There’s definitely no problem,” Li Xuan said confidently.
Lu Bushun and company found his words unbelievable. Li Xuan’s tragic cries were still ringing in their ears.
“Alright, give me your hand,” Zhou Wen said.
“What? You want to read my fortune?” Li Xuan extended his hand and looked at Zhou Wen in puzzlement, unsure what he was up to.
Zhou Wen pressed his hand on Li Xuan’s hand and circulated the Sky-Stealing Sun-Swapping Art.