Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1384 - Nine Swords Of Heavenly Tribulation

Chapter 1384 - Nine Swords Of Heavenly Tribulation
Zhou Wen's forehead was covered in cold sweat as his face contorted in pain.
The lightning that surged out of the Heavenly Tribulation Sword wasn't ordinary lightning. If it were ordinary lightning, it would at most electrocute a person to death. However, this lightning seemed to be able to penetrate deep into his cells, making Zhou Wen feel as though every cell in his body was being stabbed by needles. The pain that seeped into his soul was indescribable.
The claim that the first bolt would destroy his body wasn't the destruction of a body in the traditional sense. Instead, it meant that the pain one suffered would make one embark on a path of self-destruction.
Ordinary people would probably commit suicide if they were struck by the first bolt.
Zhou Wen didn't commit suicide. His body trembled as he gritted his teeth. However, as he continued circulating the Chaos Egg, he circulated the Human Sovereign Sutra and continued using Sky-Stealing Sun-Swapping to transmit a portion of the solid crystals in the Chaos Egg to Tyrant Behemoth.
Perfect Sword Immortal could hear Zhou Wen's tragic cries in the beginning, but he stopped hearing them after some time. He couldn't help but frown slightly.
"To be able to withstand the pain of the Heavenly Tribulation without screaming, you do have some backbone." Perfect Sword Immortal believed that Zhou Wen was doomed. Even a Terror-grade creature with great perseverance could at most hold through the first three tribulations. The fourth tribulation spelled almost certain death.
Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Zhou Wen was lucky enough to survive the fourth tribulation, there were still the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth tribulations ahead. Each tribulation was more terrifying than the last. It was definitely not something humans could withstand.
However, every tribulation lasted for a period of time. Since Perfect Sword Immortal had possessed Jiang Yan's body, he naturally couldn't wait that long.
Without any hesitation, Perfect Sword Immortal condensed another sword beam. It streaked across the sky like a white beam as it charged at the Chaos Egg.
The Chaos Egg was drowned by the sword beam as though it had melted into it.
The column-like sword beam continued without end. As for the Chaos Egg amid the sword beam, it was being penetrated from every angle.
From Perfect Sword Immortal's point of view, Zhou Wen was suffering the ravages of the Heavenly Tribulation Sword, so he definitely couldn't put his all into withstanding the sword beam. Furthermore, the sword beam had a very powerful penetrative ability. Even a defensive skill at the Calamity grade couldn't withstand it for long.
The Chaos Egg around Zhou Wen would definitely be pierced quickly. When that happened, Zhou Wen would die.
However, under the continuous impact of the sword beam, the Chaos Egg remained intact despite being distorted.
Inside the Chaos Egg, Zhou Wen endured the pain brought by the Heavenly Tribulation and constantly sent solid Essence Energy crystals to Tyrant Behemoth. A large number of solid Essence Energy crystals were devoured by Tyrant Behemoth.
Of course, there were two preconditions. Firstly, Tyrant Behemoth was Zhou Wen's Companion Beast. It was equivalent to a part of Zhou Wen's body, so it could devour the solid Essence Energy crystals condensed from the Chaos Egg.
Secondly, although Tyrant Behemoth was in its tattoo form, it was still inside the Chaos Egg. If these two conditions couldn't be satisfied, even if Zhou Wen had the Sky-Stealing Sun-Swapping technique, he couldn't move the solid Essence Energy Crystal out.
Perfect Sword Immortal's attack made large amounts of solid Essence Energy condense. Its speed was several times faster than before.
If Zhou Wen hadn't teleported a large number of solid Essence Energy crystals to Tyrant Behemoth, the Chaos Egg would have long exploded.
However, Zhou Wen was still very worried. This was because after Tyrant Behemoth devoured a large number of solid Essence Energy crystals, the tattoo began to glow and burn like a red-hot brand.
Hold on! Zhou Wen could only hold on. If he were to leave the Chaos Egg, death was almost certain.
However, Tyrant Behemoth was only at the Mythical stage after all. It hadn't reached the legendary realm of eating a thousand mountains daily. And the solid Essence Energy crystals it ate were not as simple as one or two mountains in terms of energy.
Just as Zhou Wen was worried that Tyrant Behemoth would explode, the Tyrant Behemoth tattoo began to change.
This fellow… is evolving while eating? Zhou Wen was surprised and delighted to discover that Tyrant Behemoth had begun evolving. Furthermore, it was directly evolving. It didn't have the inoculation process that ordinary Companion Beasts needed when evolving.
As expected of Glutton Behemoth. It evolves as it eats. Awesome! Zhou Wen was delighted as he teleported more solid crystals over.
He had no choice. Perfect Sword Immortal's offensive strength was just too potent. If he didn't teleport the solid Essence Energy crystals out as quickly as possible, the Chaos Egg would explode at any moment.
Even with the constant teleportation, the Essence Energy crystals in the Chaos Egg remained in a state that occupied most of the space.
This was because the energy of Essence Energy crystals was so high-level and pure. Tyrant Behemoth—which was only at the Mythical stage—completed its evolution because of the high purity and high-level Essence Energy.
The Tyrant Behemoth tattoo was a little indiscernible now. It used to be black, but now, it was the color of a black hole that absorbed all light. One's gaze was sucked in upon landing on it, making it impossible to see what the Tyrant Behemoth tattoo looked like.
After completing its evolution, Tyrant Behemoth's devouring capability increased greatly. The solid Essence Energy crystals that Zhou Wen teleported over couldn't make Tyrant Behemoth glow like before.
This change made Zhou Wen, who was enduring the pain of the Heavenly Tribulation, feel much better.
Although the Heavenly Tribulation lightning made him suffer, Zhou Wen's willpower was just too tenacious. Such pain couldn't make him waver.
Zhou Wen reached out to pull the Heavenly Tribulation Sword out of his chest, but when his palm touched it, it passed through it as though it didn't exist.
Instead, when his palm passed through the Heavenly Tribulation Sword, the pain intensified several times.
What the hell is this? Zhou Wen circulated several powers but failed to produce any alleviating effects. He could only rely on his willpower to resist it.
Three minutes later, the pain of the lightning piercing through his body suddenly vanished. It receded like the tide.
Before Zhou Wen could take a deep breath, lightning suddenly surged out of the Heavenly Tribulation Sword. However, this time, it was different from before. The lightning didn't cause Zhou Wen any pain. It didn't even hurt.
However, in the next second, Zhou Wen felt something worse than pain.
The bone-chilling itch felt as though thousands of ants were crawling under his skin. It made Zhou Wen's body tremble.
Sometimes, pain could be endured, but not itchiness.
The Perfect Sword Immortal outside was no longer just surprised. His Destruction Sword Flash, which had the strongest destructive power, still failed to shatter the Chaos Egg.
It's already time for the second Heavenly Tribulation. The present him shouldn't be able to focus.. It will be difficult for him to resist the Major Destruction Sword Flash, right? Perfect Sword Immortal thought.